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July 2019
Promoting Diversity and Equity
University of Delaware’s College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) is committed to diversity and inclusion, reflecting UD’s mission for Inclusive Excellence. Diversity and excellence go hand in hand, and CEHD faculty take seriously their responsibility to influence thinking and practice to increase access for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Our faculty are leading the field with research and interventions designed to overcome persistent systemic inequalities. From elementary schools to university classrooms, our researchers are in the field, working to support and promote the rich diversity within our communities. 
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Elizabeth Soslau is partnering with  Need in Deed , a Philadelphia nonprofit, to develop professional development on culturally responsive pedagogy for teachers at Warner Elementary School in Delaware . Soslau and her colleagues were awarded a Spencer Foundation grant to continue studying this model in Philadelphia public schools.

Encouraging a Brave New Community
Through her research, Janine de Novais has developed a new theory of “brave community,” encouraging universities to develop a classroom community that allows students to respectfully interact with one another as they engage in difficult discussions regarding race and racial tension.

Reclaiming Black Boyhood
The challenges facing Black and Latino boys as they move through the education system are daunting, says Roderick Carey , whose interdisciplinary research in urban education draws from sociology and developmental psychology. "We need far more precise interventions to help these kids."

Reflections on Black Girlhood
School of Education doctoral student Nefetaria Yates is studying the K-12 schooling experiences of Black women to provide a nuanced view of Black female identity development. Her research explores notions of double consciousness, experiences of micro-aggressions, oppositional identity, school discipline, sexuality and family relationships. 

Teachers for Tomorrow
For the past two years, CEHD has invited Delaware high school students, primarily from underrepresented backgrounds, to attend classes, workshops and mentoring sessions on UD's campus as part of a new  Teachers of Tomorrow program. This UNIDEL-funded program is designed to encourage diverse populations to major in teacher education.

Food Challenges in Urban Settings

Allison Karpyn , associate director, CRESP, discusses the advantages and pitfalls of consumers conducting the majority of their grocery shopping at convenience and drug stores such as Wawa, Royal Farms and Rite Aid.   

Baseball Helps Boy With Autism

In this article profiling a 10-year-old boy with autism who learned to form friendship on his little league team, Brian Freedman , associate director, Center for Disabilities Studies emphasizes the importance of supportive, inclusive communities.

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