January 17, 2018

Please note the new Unfolding the Mystery of Self workshop & special VIP option for you under Additional Events at the bottom.

Topics Include: I am infinite. I am an eternal luminous being. I am found in the quiet within. We are one.Features guidance, meditations, topics for contemplation, discussion and downloads.
The new VIP Option:  4 hours with Dr. Lynne to include two guided meditations, ThetaHealing: a reading, a body scan, downloads, change of limiting beliefs and ending with a future reading. 

Creating through Gratitude
Are you tired of talking about the new year yet? Or are you feeling enthusiastic about the potential and possibilities?
Remaining in hope of life improving is one of the attributes that keeps people going. With as challenging as life was last year we do need inspiration to not just face this year but to embrace it.
One trick that places the focus on the positive is gratitude.  As soon as you wake up think of three things you are grateful for. Mine usually starts with a comfy bed and warm blankets. After you have the three things you are grateful for in mind decide on an intention for the day. Today mine is writing and that can be this newsletter and/or my next book.
Also, I make a gratitude list when I'm cranky or out of sorts. The practice improves my perspective. And each night before I go to sleep I do another one.
Focusing on gratitude is a healthy habit that creates more of what we are glad for in our lives. We know form follows thought. That means what we dwell on, we create more of. I'd much rather dwell on what I am happy for in my life and create more of that than the events or people I allowed to make me unhappy. Gratitude is one way to create our own happiness and our lives in a most fulfilling way. 



ThetaHealingĀ® Seminars schedule:

Learn, Empower, Change, Heal


Basic DNA ThetaHealing         January 24 - 26

Basic DNA ThetaHealing         February 6 - 8

Advanced DNA ThetaHealing  February 21 - 23 (prerequisite basic theta)

Dig Deep ThetaHealing            March 10 - 11 (prerequisite basic & adv theta)

Rhythm to a Perfect Weight     March 21 (prerequisite basic & adv theta)


Offered in person, in Phoenix, AZ  Visit www.LynneCockrum-Murphy.com  for details.






Additional events:
Embrace Your Journey Expo @ Pointe Hilton 16 th Street
Phoenix January 28, 2018 Readings, Healing & Divine Guidance
Bonus:  Lynne will be speaking at 3:30 in the lecture hall!

  • February 5, 9, 12 & 16, 2018 - Mondays & Wednesdays 1:30 - 3 pm
  • Contact Lynne to register & for the address.
  • $98. for the 4 sessions. Price increases January 29, 2018 to $297.
  • VIP Option: A 5th session to follow the workshops - a personalized four-hour session - advanced Unfolding the Mystery of Self to include body scan, ThetaHealing, block removal, guided meditations, a future reading and more. Usually costs $2,000 but until January 29, 2018 yours for just $1,000.
  • Can't make it in February? Upcoming Unfolding the Mystery of Self workshop starts April 27 - 29, 2018 (Friday - Sunday) cost $297.
  • Register Today to take advantage of discounts!
Embrace Your Journey Expo At the Pointe Hilton 16th Street, Phoenix, April. 22, 2018 Readings, Healing & Divine Guidance      

Contact me if you have questions. I hope to see you at one of these events.  And please, let me know several weeks in advance if you are taking one of the seminars so I will have time to have all the materials prepared and delivered for you. Thanks
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