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December 2018
Message from Margaret...
Dear friends,
• Advent begins with imagery of distress and disruption. As the Rev. Dr. Leah Schade observes in her latest blog post , these ancient biblical images of upheaval coincide almost eerily with the latest National Climate Assessment, released on the day after Thanksgiving. The report warns of catastrophic weather events and other disruptive consequences of humanity’s ongoing assault on the life-systems of our planet, and pays particular attention to the effects of climate change on the United States. Leah’s new essay is an unusually insightful reflection into how to preach and pray about the climate crisis during Advent – and at any time. I encourage you to read her essay, The climate crisis is coming and is already here. So is Jesus .”

• Last month I preached on All Saints Day about our generation's current task: to be good ancestors. I described how Alice Walker received strength from her ancestors, and – because of recent dire news from the World Wildlife Fund and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change about the health of Mother Earth – I spoke about how much we need to take hold of the bonds of love that stretch from our ancestors to us, and through us to those who come after us. My sermon, “All Saints: On being good ancestors,” is   here .  
Holding an icon called "Compassion Mandala," Margaret speaks about honoring our inner world as we struggle to protect the world around us at the "Tackling the Climate Crisis NOW" forum in Cape Cod
• I also participated in a lively conference on Cape Cod that brought together faith and science communities in a joint effort to tackle climate change. A scientist, Dr. Phil Duffy of Woods Hole Research Center, spoke about climate science. I spoke about the vital role that faith communities can play in addressing the climate crisis, and the need to keep our inner selves alive as we take action to protect the web of life. 
My opening remarks, “Tackling the climate crisis: Clear mind, open heart, strong hands,” are  here Cape Cod has a strong and growing interfaith climate action network, and this event was inspired by the new coalition of faith leaders and scientists that was launched in Boston last February by Cardinal Sean O’Malley.

Two newspapers covered the conference, and if you'd like to read their summary of how science and religion can work together to mobilize climate action, the articles are:

To accompany your celebration of Advent and Christmas, I commend to you my small book of daily meditations, Joy of Heaven, To Earth Come Down , published several years ago by Forward Movement. These meditations consider how Jesus’ birth changes our relationship to ourselves, to God, and to the living world around us. The book is a good companion for prayer – and it makes a good stocking stuffer, too!

• I am happy to follow my friend and colleague Leah Schade (who broke the news in her blog post mentioned above) in announcing that we are co-editing a book called Rooted and Rising: Voices of Courage in a Time of Climate Crisis . Rowman & Littlefield will publish this collection of essays early in 2020, in time for the 50 th anniversary of Earth Day. The volume’s chapters, written by environmental activists from a range of faith traditions, reflect on the spiritual values, beliefs, and practices that renew our strength as we struggle to stabilize the climate and to build a more just and sustainable society.

I wish you a peaceful Advent and a joyful Christmas. In Jesus’ name and presence, we take heart. And we take action.

(The Rev. Dr.) Margaret Bullitt-Jonas
Missioner for Creation Care
Opportunities for engagement
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How to participate
  • Follow the delegation on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using #EpiscopalClimate:
  • @EpiscoClimate on Twitter will provide the most up-to-date tracking at COP24.
  • @EpiscopalUN on Facebook and Twitter will provide more UN-specific updates.
  • The Episcopal Public Policy Network will highlight opportunities for action around policy. Find them @TheEPPN on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • The Episcopal Church primary accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will share videos, Facebook Live feeds and periodic summary updates about the conference.

  • When engaging on social media, submit your prayers for climate action and stories about what your faith community is doing to protect the environment.

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