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April 2022
Message from Margaret...
Dear friends,

As we head toward Holy Week and the sacred mysteries of our faith, we give thanks for the love that transcends death. How will we express that love in this place and in this time? Bill McKibben recently advised, “If you want to stand with the brave people of Ukraine, you need to find a way to stand against oil and gas.” Together, we can pray, learn, act, and advocate for a cleaner and more peaceful world.

Just in time for Earth Day (April 22) and Earth Sunday (April 24), the Creation Care webpages for the Diocese of Western Massachusetts have been updated. The newly updated Creation Care webpage for the Diocese of Massachusetts also has a new look, and its resource list, “Sustainable Life: Suggestions for Responding to the Climate Emergency,” has been thoroughly revised. Do take a look!


• I will pre-record an Earth Sunday (April 24, Second Sunday of Easter) sermon that will be available to the Episcopal dioceses in MA and to Southern New England Conference, UCC. Whether you include my sermon in your worship service or preach your own climate justice sermon, I hope you will register your event with GreenFaith’s Sacred Season for Climate Justice (see below)!

Join nationwide prayer on Earth Day
Friday, April 22
12:00pm • Everywhere
Across the U.S, people of all faiths will join their voices on Earth Day at 12 Noon, local time, to pray for action on climate change. Sign up to pray and you will receive Interfaith Power & Light’s National Climate Prayer.
Saturday, April 23
10:00am – 1:00pm • Weymouth Compressor Station, 50 Bridge St., Weymouth
Clergy and lay faith leaders are invited to join the Red Rebel Brigade, the Boston Area Brigade of Activist Musicians (BABAM) Band, elected leaders, musicians, and others in support of closing Enbridge’s compressor station. This event is hosted by Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station.

Saturday, April 23
10:30am – 1:00pm • Online (free)
The best-selling Catholic writer Joan Chittister has written, “What this world needs most right now is a new generation of prophets.” This is especially true as we confront the climate crisis today. Yet we can no longer wait for others to be the prophets that were needed yesterday. We have to find the prophet in each of us. We are the ones who can make a profound difference right now. To answer the urgent call for prophetic action today, this event will focus on what the Hebrew Prophets can teach us as well as what current prophetic leaders have to say. 

Keynote: “Why Prophets Matter Today,” by the Rev. Dr. Brooks Berndt, Minister of Environmental Justice for the United Church of Christ (10:30 - 11:30am); Panel discussion, “Prophetic Action Today” (11:45am - 12:45pm); Local Action in Your Own Community.
For more information and to register, visit here.

In the 48 days between March 19 and May 6, 2022, the world will mark five major sacred days or seasons, plus an Equinox, Earth Day, and World Water Day. Together, these days collectively draw billions of people of many faiths to worship, pray, listen to sermons, reflect, and commit to act on what matters most. To honor this unusual confluence of holy days, GreenFaith is organizing a season of sacred observances in support of climate justice. During this sacred season, people of faith around the world will devote a sermon or public ritual to call for climate justice and will then tell the world about it.

In 2022, please consider holding a special Holy Week, Easter Season, or Earth Day Sunday service that focuses on God’s urgent call for climate justice and healing. Offer a climate justice prayer or sermon and be sure to register your event, so that it is counted among the events being held around the world. For more information and to host an event, please visit here. A collection of Sacred Season resources is available here. Please join in calling for no new fossil fuel projects, a phaseout of current fossil fuel projects, and an investment in a just transition.
Faith Climate Action Week, with Interfaith Power & Light (April 22-May 1): The theme of this year’s IP&L Faith Climate Action Week is “Sacred Trust: Our Children’s Right to a Livable Future.” IP&L provides a kit that includes faith-based discussion materials, a climate change fact sheet, suggested short films and a Youth and Children Blessing ceremony. You can also screen “Youth v Gov,” a climate change “superhero” movie. Register now through April 5 to screen the film for your group for free by streaming from April 11-May 1 to an in-person or virtual audience. For more information and to order supplies, click here.

This year’s Earth Day Sunday (April 24) resource theme from Creation Justice Ministries, “Weathering the Storm: Faithful Climate Resilience,” discusses the importance of churches being hubs for resilience in the climate crisis. Sign up here to receive this resource.
Please join me in a simple body prayer for peace – with Earth and among nations – that I recorded for the opening session of National Faith and Climate Forum, American Climate Leadership Summit 2022 (March 31, 2022). A video is available here. The text is available here.
Thursday, April 7
9:00am - 4:00pm • Online
Sponsored by The BTS Center, this retreat will be led by Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes and will explore practices to renew our hope. In gathered activities and in solitude, in online sessions and times apart, we'll engage in some contemplative practices, creative exercises, re-imagining some biblical texts, and small group conversations. We'll explore practices of lament, ‘divine mindfulness,’ gratitude, reframing, and reconnecting, to discover trust and courage. Even when times are hard, the future looks bleak, and the air is murky, we can find joy — yes, joy, even! — and shine with light in the shadows, and lead with hope, helping others recover their hope and bear light.
Thursday, April 21
7:30 - 8:30pm • Online (free)
Sponsored by The BTS Center, the fourth Lament with Earth, presented in partnership with The Many, will offer a time of ritual, music, and prayer as we ground our grief in community. We will come together to lament and celebrate the transformative power of water, holding space for mourning and discovery, sorrow and inspiration.
Last month I co-led with my friend and colleague Rev. Dr. Jim Antal a one-hour webinar on climate preaching. This 30-minute video of our presentation focuses on moral responsibility (“Is climate change my fault?”) and hope (“Given the stark climate news, what does hope look like?”). I hope (!) you enjoy watching our presentation (we didn’t record the Q&A).

This is the text of a keynote address I gave last week for Creation Justice Ministries in a webinar hosted by CJM’s Co-Director, Avery Davis Lamb. I talked about nine things I try to do when preaching about climate emergency: push back against helplessness, enable people to face hard facts, offer a positive vision of the future, provide a moral framework, encourage reconciliation, provide opportunities for emotional response, build hope by encouraging action, deepen reverence for nature, and encourage love.
A video of the conversation, along with CJM’s other workshops on climate resilience, is available on their YouTube channel. How do YOU preach about climate justice and resilience? Please share your ideas!
5 Tuesdays, April 5, 12, 19, 26, May 3
8:00-9:00pm (Eastern) • Online ($100) 
Rev. Jerry Cappel will lead this exciting 5-session series, sponsored by Center for Religion and Environment (Sewanee). It is common for creation care ministry to operate disconnected from the larger community life of prayer, worship, fellowship, and faith. How might faith communities embody a more full inclusion of all creation in their lives of faith, worship and witness? For more information and to register, visit here.

Wednesday, April 27
3:30-4:30pm (Eastern) • Online (free) 
What are the connections between Easter and Ecology? Between the Church's celebration of Christ's Resurrection and the rest of the earth community? How do microbiomes, biological mutualism, and St. Irenaeus interconnect? Come find out!
This free, Thursday afternoon webinar hosts a conversation between the Anglican scholar Hannah Malcolm, and the Center for Religion and Environment (Sewanee's School of Theology). For more information and to register, visit here.

Hannah Malcolm is a fascinating theologian. I hope you’ll join me at this event.
Ecological Spiritualities Conference
April 27-30
Harvard Divinity School’s Program for the Evolution of Spirituality will host its inaugural conference on Ecological Spiritualities, exploring the evolution of earth-based spiritual traditions and highlighting innovative spiritual practices that are emerging in response to climate change, mass extinction, biodiversity loss, and the disruption of local and global ecosystems. Registration is open.

• Save the date!
Eco Preacher Workshop
Thursday, May 19
12:30 – 3:00pm • Online
In these times of accelerating climate change and devastating losses, we need spiritual leadership that is strong enough to speak prophetically to the challenges at hand, yet tender and nuanced enough to allow the message to resonate. Those of us who preach regularly, or even occasionally, can feel at a loss as to how to incorporate climate change into our sermons and reflections, complex and painful as these subjects are. And yet, the need for preaching in a climate-changed world is profound. Knowing the importance of ecological preaching, The BTS Center is pleased to partner with Rev. Dr. Leah D. Schade and Rabbi Yonatan Neril for an Eco Preaching Workshop in which participants will gain tools to become “EcoPreachers” in their contexts.

• Read Bill McKibben’s latest in the New Yorker: “In a World on Fire, Stop Burning Things” 
• Solar for Houses of Worship Open Forum
Thursday, April 7
1:00- 2:00pm • Online (free)
Did you know that Massachusetts is second in the nation in the number of houses of worship that have installed solar panels? Hosted by Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light, this "open forum" will answer your questions about how your congregation can join this growing list. Registration is open.
• Climate Disasters, Faithful Resilience: Preparing your congregation for climate disasters
Thursday, April 28
6:00-7:00 p.m. • Online (free)
The question around disasters is not if a disaster will happen here, but when – especially as we see climate change increasing the severity and frequency of severe weather events. When disasters occur, congregations can offer vital care and resources for their members and wider communities. Advance preparation and planning can position churches to respond well.

As we enter another season of climate-driven disasters, it is time to step back and ask: How can our congregations be hubs of climate resilience, helping our communities weather the spiritual and physical storms of the climate crisis?

In this workshop sponsored by Creation Justice Ministries, participants will learn about the domestic and global context of climate disasters, get connected with resources for disaster response and recovery, and engage in conversations and activities for developing context-specific disaster preparedness and response plans. Facilitated by Avery Davis Lamb, Co-Executive Director of Creation Justice Ministries.  Visit here to register.
Rev. Margaret supports #FastingForAFuture.
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Across Massachusetts, people are fighting local fossil fuel projects and demanding an immediate transition to clean energy. On March 15, six Massachusetts activists began what turned out to be an 8-day hunger strike to protest a planned gas-fired power plant in Peabody. To express their support, 80 people fasted from food or fossil fuels for various lengths of time and took other symbolic actions. 
• Rally to Stop the Springfield-Longmeadow Eversource Pipeline
Saturday, April 9
1:00-2:30pm • Federal Courthouse Building, 300 Main Street, Springfield 
You are invited to join me at this lively, family-friendly event to ramp up the campaign against the proposed Springfield-Longmeadow pipeline. This high-pressure pipeline would originate at a new point of delivery (POD) station in Longmeadow, travel under major roads, through environmental justice residential neighborhoods in Springfield, and connect with the Bliss Street Regulator Station in downtown Springfield.

Our diocese’s Social Justice Commission and several of our churches are among the many organizations co-sponsoring this rally, which is being organized by Springfield Climate Justice Coalition. Check the SCJC Facebook page and the StoptheToxicPipeline website for more information.

The rally will be held on the day before Palm Sunday, the day when we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his non-violent confrontation with the powers-that-be.
I hope that many Christians will join me at the rally as we stand together for climate justice in our local community.

Many current climate advocacy efforts relate to stopping fossil fuel financing – the flow of money that funds the flow of oil. Green Anglicans, GreenFaith, World Council of Churches and many other faith groups are calling on asset managers to adopt, implement, and ensure compliance with 5 moral standards for climate finance. Financial institutions play a vital role in the transition to clean energy because they bankroll all new energy projects - for good or ill. A faith-based delegation will deliver these to BlackRock and Vanguard, the two largest asset managers, at the Annual General Meetings in April. Please add your name and affirm these moral standards.

Bank customers! Tell your bank to stop funding climate chaos! Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citibank are the largest funders of fossil fuels and deforestation in the world. We need your help to demand that these banks stop funding these industries for good.
These banks claim to care about their customers, which means that you have special leverage to push your financial institution to live up to the ethics they claim to uphold. Together, thousands of customers can demand that these banks face the consequences of a business plan that funds the destruction of their customer’s homes, communities, and livelihoods.

Sign on to the Customers for Climate Justice Open Letter to CEOs demanding they stop financing fossil fuels and deforestation.

Banking on Our Future
Check out the new Banking on our Future Toolkit from Third Act that includes everything you need to help recruit your friends, family, and networks to sign the Banking on Our Future Pledge: talking points, sample emails, letters to the editor, letters to your Bank’s branch manager, starting points for finding a better credit card and bank, and much more.

• Interfaith Power & Light is launching its 2022 Faith Climate Justice Voter Campaign to reach out to people of faith and conscience to make sure they are registered and ready to vote, and to mobilize them to vote their values of caring for our common home and loving our neighbors.
Saturday, June 18Washington, D.C.
This will not be just a day of action, but a declaration of an ongoing, committed moral movement. Led by Bishop William Barber and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, the Poor People’s Campaign march will focus on voting rights and economic justice as part of their intersectional understanding that climate justice depends on racial justice and a healthy democracy.


Members of Creation Care Justice Network (CCJN), a network of Episcopalians in Massachusetts, are hard at work crafting an Episcopal version of the UCC Green Congregation Challenge. We’re redesigning this challenge to match our Pray, Learn, Act, and Advocate approach to climate justice, updating some of the options, and coming up with a new name for what we hope will be an exciting way for congregations in Massachusetts to step up their climate ambition and accomplishments. If all goes well, maybe we can launch the project later this year!

If you’re interested in joining our work, please contact us at We’d love to welcome you.

• If you have suggestions or wish to be in touch, feel free to drop me a note at

(The Rev. Dr.) Margaret Bullitt-Jonas

Missioner for Creation Care (Episcopal Diocese of Western Mass. & Southern New England Conference, UCC)

Creation Care Advisor (Episcopal Diocese of Mass.)
Sharp-shinned hawk. Photo: Robert A. Jonas
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Worlds Without End: Easter Ecology

April 27, 3:30pm EDT - What are the connections between Easter and Ecology? Between the Church's celebration of Christ's Resurrection and the rest of the earth community? How do microbiomes, biological mutualism, and St. Irenaeus interconnect?

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The Faith Climate Justice Voter Campaign is a nonpartisan campaign led by Interfaith Power & Light.

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