Caring for Creation
a regular a communication from St. Paul's Creation Care Committee
What Can I Do?
Parochial Creation Care Committee member, Mike Dunham, reflects on a local situation
and how we might be moved to consider
our place in helping to care for the planet and each other.
It seems that recently we have been inundated with news about the changing of our climate. It can all be a bit daunting. Drought, wildfire seasons that keep getting longer, floods, and the list goes on.

Realistically none of us can do much on our own. Even as a community our efforts amount to a drop in the ocean. How do we lessen the effects of climate change may not be the correct question. How do we live our faith may be better. Looking through the lens of faith does not mean that things will be easy or that we do not bear responsibility for one another. As the scriptures teach us following Jesus is not easy.

A week ago, I thought I would write something that dealt with the drought and ways to conserve water. On Friday I saw a headline in the Californian about Pesticide activists and the county Ag. Commissioner. As I read, I found the activists were requesting the same information the farmers are given, which seems like a reasonable request. Farmers are opposed afraid that the information would be used against them. The Kern County Ag Commissioner is willing to post notices at any home within 200 feet of the application, but not provide the requested information. It seems the farmers are afraid of lawsuits if the information gets out. The Ag. Commissioner is doing his bureaucratic best to split the difference and make both sides happy. My first reaction was that the Ag. Commissioner made a good compromise.

If I look at it as a spiritual concern it's not so easy to split the difference, even though I understand the desire to do so. It seems Jesus had many opportunities to “split the difference” and live a less troubled and longer life.  I realized I would want to have the same information as farmers if they were spraying next to my home.

With so many issues in our country and world, we all have to make decisions about our level of personal involvement with any one issue. Many people who worship the same God and read the same scriptures come to vastly different ideas about many of the issues that affect our lives.  I do hope that each of us can spend some time in thought, prayer and conversation to discern where and how God wants us to respond. If we can respond with God’s love and not self- righteousness we will be walking with God.
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