Caring for Creation
a regular a communication from St. Paul's Creation Care Committee
Pause and Reflect
Parochial Creation Care Committee member, Mike Dunham, offers resources of reflection and consideration.
Hope you all are well. I was reading Richard Rohr’s daily meditation this morning and it included the quote included below. It made me stop and think about how important it is to slow down and appreciate all the life around us.

We have also including a link here to a web site that has some graphs concerning our changing climate and some practical information about plastics and possible replacements.

Look at the animals roaming the forest: Gods spirit dwells within them. Look at the birds flying across the sky: Gods spirit dwells within them. Look at the tiny insects crawling in the grass: Gods spirit dwells within them…Look at the great trees of the forest; look at the wildflowers and the grass in the fields; look even at your crops. God’s spirit is present within all plants as well. The presence of Gods spirit in all living things is what makes them beautiful; and if we look with God’s eyes nothing on earth is ugly
-Pelagius, Celtic Christian theologian

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