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Banana Sauce   
For a sweeter twist on ordinary ketchup, try Jufran Banana Sauce. A hugely popular condiment in the Philippines.

Adzuki Bean
These tiny reddish-brown beans have a thin white ridge that runs down their side, giving them their own special style. Traditionally used in Japanese and Chinese cuisine, they are a popular food for festive occasions. Unlike most other beans, adzuki beans are often sweetened and used in desserts. But don't be fooled, they are definitely dual purpose and equally delicious in savory dishes. 

Cambozola is a triple cream, brie-style blue cheese made from pasteurised cow's milk in the German region of Allg?u. The cheese invented in 1900s, is still made in Germany by Kaserei Champignon since 1970s. In English speaking countries, it is often symbolized as blue brie.
55/75 Jumbo
Lump Crab

55/75 Jumbo Lump Crab Meat from Handy

55 to 75 lumps per can
Sweet white meat from large crabs
From steamed live crabs
Year-round production
Black light inspected for shells
Color coded lids


Marcona Almonds 
marcona almonds  
Spain's most prized possession in the form of a smooth, tan almond. Known as the "Queen of Almonds", the Marcona is the most precious in Spain and is indigenous to the country. It is sweet and softer than most almonds. This item adorns pastries rather than being an ingredient. Our almonds are peeled, fried in sunflower oil, and salted to highlight the almond's flavor, not overpower it. This is the most traditional way Marcona almonds are prepared. They are commonly eaten in Spain as an appetizer or to complement the meal.  


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