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Now available on is Creation Gospel Workbook Six: Hebrew Prayer and Worship Traditions.  The workbook is the study guide and companion work to Standing With Israel: a House of Prayer for All Nations. It is written for those who want a deeper examination of the text of the Amidah prayers.

Section One analyzes the prayers of the Shmonei Esrei in the context of the Creation Gospel study paradigm of the Seven Days of Creation, the Seven Spirits of God, the Seven Feasts of Israel, and the Seven Churches of Revelation.

Section Two is Review and Study questions for each chapter of Standing With Israel. This section is great for personal or small group Bible studies. 

Section Three is a deeper survey of Jewish customs in Hebrew prayer, focusing on the sample feast of Passover to trace the transformation of prayer and seder customs from the First Century to the Mishnaic period.

Ever wonder about foot-washing? The egg on the seder plate? Why Yeshua was called a Nazarene, but there is no scripture reference for it in the TANAKH? Did they sing "Dayeinu" at Yeshua's seder? The answers to these questions and many more are here!  Click Here to Order.
The Seven Shepherds of Israel

Is Hanukkah over with for the year?  Not if you're interested in the lost sheep of the House of Israel!  This newest BEKY Book is slightly more advanced than beginner level, but it traces the deep roots of Hanukkah from the Torah to the Prophets to the Gospel of John and Revelation. 

Yeshua could not have been clearer in his response to his challengers during the Feast of Dedication in the Temple.  "Tell us plainly, are you the Messiah?"  Yeshua's liturgical answer was plain to Jews, but it has been concealed from the nations.  Yeshua's identity as a Shepherd Messiah was Good News, but its full impact is still largely obscured from both Gentile and Jew in the celebration of Hanukkah.  The Hanukkah prophecies are still revealing uncircumcised hearts today.

What do Enoch, Methuselah, and the Church at Sardis have to do with Hanukkah? This is a Hanukkah like you've never read about it before! 

To pre-order the Kindle version of The Seven Shepherds: Hanukkah in Prophecy, CLICK HERE or the image below.  The paperback will be available on by late April. 

The Table of Contents includes:


Introduction: Leading and Feeding

The Short Story

The History of Chanukkah

Talmudic Paganism?

How Alexander's Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Became a Chanukkah Celebration

Great Lights


Chaggai and Chanukkah Roots

Two Messiahs: A Parable

Twin Prophets

Pray that Your Flight be not in Winter

Enoch: The Seventh from Adam


Questions and Challenges for Review