Creation Kids Newsletter
February 2020

Happy Valentines Day!

In this month which is all about LOVE , remember who our TRUE Valentine is!
John 3:16

2020 is off to a great start!
Jesus Rebel Force:
Stand Against the Dark Side!

Our Creation Kids are exploring God's Galaxy with a new planet and bible story each week!

With the wisdom of Yoda, and the swoosh of their light sabers, they are learning the importance of staying close to God, and are reminded of why we should always "use the force" that God gives us to avoid the dark side!

Check out footage from our Moon Bounce Race!
Creation Kid of the Month

Our Creation Kid of the Month for February, is....

Richard Rukaya!
 Come see Ms. Rachel on Sunday, Feb. 2nd for your prize!
Richard is one of our brightest Creation Kids! He is always polite to his teachers, always a great friend to others, and shows great participation! Richard is a sweet older brother, and a sweet friend, always thinking of how he can pray for his peers.

We love you, Richard!
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