Jumping Into June!
Our Creation Kids Virtual Lessons continue each and every Sunday morning! Our "virtual ventures" will continue throughout all of June, and likely July as we continue to prioritize the safety of our children, families, and volunteers. We appreciate your understanding and support!
Sunday, June 28th will be the first Sunday that NFUMC is open for in-person worship! (Please note that we are only resuming 11:00am worship.)

There will be no "in-person" children's Sunday School or nursery offered at this time.
HOWEVER, we are going to do things a little differently:

  • MASKS MUST BE WORN BY EVERYONE! Just like this good doggy ----->

  • Please BYOM (bring your own mask). We do not have an unlimited supply.

  • Yes, even children must have their faces covered at ALL TIMES. No exceptions.

  • Anyone without a mask will be asked to go outside.

  • Social distancing of 6-foot spacing will be enforced inside of the building at all times.
Please Note:
As we carefully prepare for the SAFE resumption of in-person worship, we understand that these necessary rules/precautions may be challenging for our families and young children to abide by.

If you as parents and caregivers are not able to guarantee that your children will be able to abide by these rules, and therefore choose to stay at home, THAT IS OKAY!

Your children can still enjoy a virtual Sunday lesson! Our Children's Director, Rachel will continue to post virtual lessons online each Sunday as needed to make sure that all of our kiddos stay spiritually fueled! As always, Rachel is available and happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Upcoming Virtual Lessons!

June 2020: Prayer Warriors!

We will discuss a new way to pray each week, and will hopefully have some fun along the way! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay current on our latest videos and lessons!
Did you know that Ms. Rachel received an email from a girl in Singapore who watched our virtual Mother's Day video? She shared pictures of the awesome gifts that she made for her mom, and said that she enjoyed the lesson! It's pretty amazing that God is using this virtual time to reach children and families ACROSS THE WORLD!
Thank you, Lord!