2020 is OVER! 2021 is HERE!
Wow, what a year it has been. We have so much to be thankful for, and so much to celebrate! Here's a glance at what we accomplished last month!
Last Month...
Our kiddos learned all about the Christmas story, with the help of emojis! We spent each week talking about a different emoji that related to our Bible story.
Our Children's Ministry also provided over 160 personalized teacher appreciation gifts to our hard-working and resilient teachers at Norcross Elementary, and Beaver Ridge Elementary. Praise the Lord for the resources that made this possible!
Ms. Rachel and Mr. Mo hosted a Christmas Gift Giveaway, where we got to see a few of our awesome kiddos and families! Another joy from this, was that the remaining bags went to the Norcross Co-Op, so that children in our local community can enjoy the Christmas crafts and goodies within!
Ms. Rachel provided a special Christmas Eve Children's Moment, with "The Night Before Jesus' Birth" a fun twist on "The Night Before Christmas." In case you missed it, view it here, on our Youtube channel!
We have more virtual lessons and exciting things planned for 2021! We are so excited to begin the NEW year with you and your family!