Creation Kids March Newsletter
We are "MARCHing" through the New Year, with exciting events at every turn!
Last Month...
Mini Mission Accomplished!

Thank you to all who contributed a Valentine-themed card to our "Spread the Love" drive for the Norcross PD!
We gifted lots of beautiful letters paired with Dunkin Donuts delights to show our appreciation for all that the Norcross Police do for us!
God's Galaxy is full of wonders, and our Creation Kids are learning all about it!

Last month, our Creation Kids learned about some of the different planets, while also experiencing some new stories in the Bible!

From Moses and the Burning Bush, to God being the Light of our Life, to Venus, "the planet of Love" serving as a reminder to focus on the love of God, our Creation Kids are becoming real experts on the galaxy beyond us, and the wonders God placed inside of us.

We will continue to blast off into infinity and beyond with this series until Easter!

Creation Kid of the Month!

It is my pleasure to announce the Creation Kid of the Month for March....

Mateo Eliud Jimenez Ríos 

Mateo is an amazing listener, and always the first to focus on his teachers. He is an excellent example and friend to those around him, and is a very loving and kind brother to Elian and Aitana. We just love the sweet and polite person that Mateo is, and it is SUCH a blessing to have him as part of our Creation Kids crew!

Congratulations, Mateo! Come and see Ms. Rachel on Sunday, March 1st for your prize!

Nursery News!

Give a warm and happy welcome to our newest Nursery Caregiver, Melissa Henderson!
Melissa lives in Norcross, GA with her husband and son. In addition to working in the NFUMC Nursery, she currently works in the Creation Kids Preschool as a teacher for the 2-year olds, and is thrilled to be working with you and your children here in the Nursery at Norcross First United Methodist Church!

Welcome, Melissa! We are so blessed to have you on the team!
Sunday, March 8th is Daylight Savings Time and ALSO Pajama Day!

To make Daylight Savings time easier, bring your children to church in their pajamas for a pajama party and yummy breakfast after our lesson!
Looking Ahead...
Palms, and Easter, and Music, Oh My!

Sunday, March 29th: Worship Night in the Chapel. The music starts at 7:00pm!

Sunday, April 5th: Palm Sunday! Come and hear our children (grades 1-5) sing at the 11:00am Hispanic Worship Service.

Sunday, April 12th: Easter Sunday!

Monday, April 13th: VBS Registration Opens Today!

Sunday, April 19th: Come hear our children sing at 11:00am in the Sanctuary!

Wednesday, April 22nd: the last night of Wednesday Night Programming until the Fall.

Sunday, May 3rd: Come and see our Children’s Musical, Champions of Faith!
Children ages 3-5th grade will perform for us at 11:00am in the Sanctuary.
Questions? Concerns? Brilliant ideas for ministry development?

 Contact Rachel Welch, our Director of Children's Ministry!

Phone: (770) 448-4142 x118