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Precious Stones on the Sidewalk: an Ode to Spring
by Marie- Andrée Michaud
In the mid-1950s, I was eight years old.
In front of my primary school, in April, I was contemplating the melting snow on the sidewalk. I was touching it ever so gently with my feet, I was playing and I was hearing a crispy sound which utterly delighted me. One sunny day, I was looking, fascinated, at the melting bits of snow and ice which for me looked like precious stones in a myriad of colors. The precious stones on the sidewalk, were then taking the iridescent colors of a rainbow.

Everything was new to me. The precious amazement of a child!

Now an elder, I rediscover the greening of the self. As I will uncover it in each bud, in each flower, in each leaf, in each bush, in each tree and in each forest, and in the sources, creeks, rivers and lakes, and furthermore to the great rebirth of life.
Letting flow in me this greening of the self, the sap of a new spring!
Then again, I relive this ineffable experience with the precious stones on the sidewalk. All this melting snow then turns into a pure treasure given by our unique and precious blue home in her all-encompassing love for her two-legged, four-legged, six-legged, eight-legged and thousand-legged children.

A flower emerges! And another and then another and then…. oh, the flowers of May!
Quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The Earth laughs in flowers.”
And the trees sing along with birds.
Joy, light and gratitude fill my heart with an unspeakable love for the Earth, and with all there is in our wonderful and unfathomable Universe!

Praise be to Spring!
Artists in Action! Black Chapel Collection Interview

CSC Member Steve Mortimor is interviewed by Sky News in the UK about the work of Black Chapel Collective – artists responding to climate change, covid and how arts can be a creative and spiritual vaccine in these times.

by lsmg (Lynda Sue Marks-Guarnieri)
It was a Murder of crows, I think
Circling in swarms low in the sky.
Looking like small jets they whirled and twirled
Like a well choreographed dance.
This Murder opened out from just above the trees to
Just under the lowest of clouds. Meanwhile
Tiny birds, brown birds, fat birds yellow birds
Hastened from tree to bush to fountain afraid.
The birds landed just above - a very few inches above
The fountain from which they would drink water but -
Scattered quickly to hide in the bushes because
A bee colony had descended to drink there instead.
How dare this invasion of bees loot the birds’ water.
What to do? Birds scatter to hide under leaves and branches.
Do they have nests? Are they hiding babies?
The crows have cunning in their eyes.
Sitting still, moving not a muscle or drinking from my cup.
Is it possible to thwart a kidnap or a slaughter wonder I?
Bees oblivious. Birds have scattered.
Would I be too late? Can I reach that high?
Then suddenly without warning, climbing high in the sky
The crows begin to go off in pairs. Why?
Are they chasing or mating or just playing hide and go seek
Its not spring - well just about - in a week.
From Jubilee! Becoming...Balance

On March 21st, Jubilee! minister of transition Laura Collins delivered a powerful message entitled "Becoming...Balance" that examines the community's entry into Via Transformativa after a full year of being unable to meet in person due to COVID, the imbalance wrought through misogynist theology, and the invitation to tap into the cosmic Christ energy to balance light and dark within ourselves and our communities.
Monthly Enneagram Gathering on Zoom
Theme: Exploring the Enneagram
Facilitator: Joanne Deck, MBA, Spiritual Director
Level: Anyone desiring to learn about the Enneagram and themselves Timing: 3rd Thursdays from 4:30 – 5:45 p.m. PT
Donation: Love Offering

Interest in and appreciation for the Enneagram has been growing as many recognize its unique potential for personal and spiritual transformation. While it’s up to each of us to do our own inner work, the Enneagram is more deeply understood and easier to apply when we engage with others.

During these 75-minute sessions, there will be a brief teaching on one aspect of the Enneagram, drawing on the work of leading experts, as well as time for private reflection, small group interaction, and large group sharing.

All levels of Enneagram knowledge are welcome, as diversity enhances our learning

Learn more about the Enneagram here

Sessions are open—join us regularly or when your schedule permits

Share this invitation with those you know who may be interested

Dates for 2021 (all are Thursdays from 4:30 – 5:45 p.m. PST):
  • January 21 • February 18
  • March 18 • April 15
  • May 20 • June 17
  • July 15 • August 17
  • September 16 • October 21
  • November 18 • December 16

To receive a Zoom link for a session or learn more, email Joanne at Support Joanne’s work through PayPal here or through Venmo to 
The Bell
by lsmg (Lynda Sue Marks-Guarnieri)

Beware the sound of the Bell!
For when it rings
you must follow!
Follow the sound of the Bell!
Go inside and let the wind
carry it down deep
until you resonate with The Eternal!
The Eternal?
It is that which you cannot see.
It is only for you to hear,
not to share,
not to touch -
Yet you can feel it.
You cannot see it -
yet it brings tears to your eyes.
You think you are at peace?
Yet why do you tremble?
You have no fear -
yet you are in the region of the unknown. Silent are you
in this world of ones who dwell in the temple of madness -
this vessel holding you tight
with the demands of conformity.
Listen to the Bell.
Let it bring you to Eternity.
Creation-Centered Spiritual Guidance
As you may know, “Aho Mitakuye Oyasin” is a Lakota phrase meaning, “to all my relations” – honoring that we are brothers and sisters with all the beings of this world; animal, plant, mineral, earth, air, fire and water – all children of Creator or Great Spirit.
I appreciated the year I was able to spend studying at the Institute for Culture and Creation Spirituality (ICCS), learning from Matthew Fox and the amazing consortium of teachers. It helped to validate what I knew instinctively – that we are one with our planet, intricately connected, and that we can receive messages, wisdom and “medicine” from the natural world, if we are paying attention.
I remember one such experience when I was single and preparing to move from one apartment to another. I was somewhat anxious about the transition. I felt spiritually connected to the place I was currently living and was afraid I would not be able to create the same sense of sacredness in the new location. I was looking out the sliding glass door window of my apartment onto the deck and bit of wilderness on the hillside beyond. I was praying with my eyes open, shaking my rattle and looking at the hillside, asking for wisdom and guidance with this move. As I was praying, a turtledove came down and landed on the railing, looking right at me. I thought that was too synchronous to be a coincidence, so I stopped and greeted her and asked “Do you have a message for me?” She proceeded to hop over to the part of the railing where I had my macramé hammock slung over the railing. Her mate joined her, and right before my eyes, they constructed a nest in the folds of the hammock. I watched, mesmerized, as the female turtle dove stayed on the hammock and her mate proceeded to fly away and return again and again with a twig in his beak and she repeatedly put in just the right spot until a new nest was created.
In the coming weeks I developed a relationship with this holy pair and had the privilege of being able to watch them not only build the nest, but also lay their eggs and nurture their young. When I asked prayerfully asked what wisdom they were teaching me, it seemed they were saying, “Look! We can build a nest anywhere – even in this seemingly transitory spot of this hammock. And we can build it out of anything. Great Spirit provides us with just exactly what we need out of this or that until a home is created. You will be able to do the same as you honor your own inner guidance and stay connected to Spirit.”
I have forever been grateful for my relationship with the turtledoves, messengers from Spirit in the natural world. I believe these kinds of experiences can be presented to us every day, if we take the time to stop, and pause, and open ourselves to the kinship we have with nature and enter into sacred dialogue together.
This belief in our ability to commune with nature also undergirds my understanding of the practice of spiritual direction or spiritual companionship; a practice where a spiritual companion holds sacred space with you, to help you listen to the voice of Spirit in your life, discerning Spirit’s guidance and deepening your own divine connection. This can be done with a friend or companion, or a trained facilitator who practices the art of spiritual direction. I am one such trained facilitator and am available for zoom sessions with a creation spirituality approach. I have more information about my practice and background on my website Other spiritual companions are also available on the Spiritual Directors International (SDI) website,

In all these things, may we seek to live in harmony with all our relations.
Rev. Kimberly Elliot is a spiritual director, pastor, priestess and sacred ceremony facilitator. She can be reached at:
Artist's Notes
by Mark D. Gray

This work is based on Jungian archetypes (anima/feminine and the animus/ masculine) which addresses the historical drama acted out at the cusp of transition from the Age of Pisces (200 BCE to the beginning of the 21st century) into the Age of Aquarius. The Piscean era has been marked by male dominance, hierarchy and authority. (All the male figures are prostrate in the picture). The contrasting Aquarian age is organized in a horizontal network as compared to the Piscean hierarchical order, opening the world to true equality. (Pregnant woman wearing the heads of bears which denote wisdom and pregnancy gestating the seed of future wholeness). This new age will see the full emergence of the feminine, transcending and also including the previous masculine centered age. During this new time focus no longer will be upon on one’s identity and existence ( “to be or not to be”) but accepting yourself as a whole person ( to be to be ). The binary mind will find wholeness through nondual unification of both, it will arise beyond an “either or” and discover the wholeness of being the “yes and”. 

Hermes wand which is held by one of the pregnant woman is pictured as two intertwining snakes of the Caduceus symbolizing the lunar Ida and solar Pingala channels of yogic philosophy, which must be cleared and balanced in order for the kundalini energy, or serpent power, to ascend from the base of the spine to the crown, producing enlightenment. In the Western esoteric tradition, this is called the Alchemical Marriage. Marriage of both male and female, Yin and Yang.

Snakes also have a profound symbolic significance in science, medicine and healing. The snake, which periodically molts, or sheds its skin, is a symbol of healing, regeneration and renewal. 
Glass Half Full
by lsmg (Lynda Sue Marks-Guarnieri)
There’s joy in the air today.
There goes a youngster roller skating.
It’s cool with a slight breeze as dusk creeps through the leaves.
Couples not sauntering, but walking brightly with hands held.
Energetic puppy dogs leap going forwards on their leash.
Though some rain clouds are gathering,
There is a mood not to be taken lightly.
There is a bright light at the end of a once very long tunnel.
If only people see their glass half full, all will be well.
It will be history as our grandchildren eventually tell.
It’s coming, this end of a year’s miserable tale.
A year of death, stores closing and no work to be found.
Day by day, month by month and now a year gone but -
Just look. The leaves seem greener.
The sun’s rays are overcoming shadows in the heart.
Would it be so bad to start anew?
With dreams at night instead of nightmares?
We’ve learned to stay home and how to cook.
We’ve taken time out to read a favorite book
With children playing hopscotch on our walk.
There is much tidying to do,
Many to brace up, homes to find, and schools to fill.
Children to feed, jobs to find and hurt to heal.
Yes. There’s joy in the air today, but comes the call for strength.
Share the joy. Lend a hand so all may see their glass half full.
At Spiritwind for the month of March we did a Lenten study called, "Presuppositions When Thinking of Atonement." Then for the month of April we are be doing a study of Matt Fox and Rupert Sheldrake's book, THE PHYSICS OF ANGELS. 

Learn more in the Spiritwind Facebook group:

Spiritwind is a Creation Spirituality community in the spirit of One River, Many Wells, led by Rev. Dr. Richard Reich-Kuykendall
We are also pleased to encourage you to buy your copy of Rev. Dr. Kuykendall's book, The Way of the Earth. The Way of the Earth is a book with a female prophet who teaches the "gospel of the way of the earth" rather than Jesus' "gospel of the kingdom of heaven." Its message is one of ecological and spiritual wholeness in view of the true situation on Mother Earth today. Click on the image below to be taken to Amazon.
Mother Earth's Thirteen Love Directives & Precepts
by Mare Cromwell

1.    I, Earth Mother, gave the planet a song. Come to know you are part of this song as one in the vast web of life, no greater, no less. All that you do affects the song, for better or worse.
2.    Your thoughts, whether from your higher self or lower self, affect the song as much as your actions, although your Western culture has denied this for a long time.
3.    Everything has consciousness. The stones, plants, even mountains, rivers and oceans—all join in the song. Know that your thoughts and actions are registered in the song and affect the stones, plants, animals, mountains and waters, in support of the positive universe or not.
4.    Develop silence of the mind and cultivate thankfulness from this place. Deep gratitude is one of the most positive things you can do for Mother and all others in the song, especially those very sensitive and intelligent ones such as the whales and dolphins who are so closely attuned to the song.
5.    Fear that comes from your head is an illusion. Fear that comes from your instincts is not. Learning to discern between the two will help still your mind and allow it to be in the moment.
6.    The song is most harmonious within an energy dance of authenticity, love, compassion, tenderness, patience and cooperation. It is good to learn this dance with all beings with whom you interact, whether two-legged, four-legged, winged, finned or standing ones (trees), or stone people.
7.    Come to understand your shadow self. Make the act of bringing it to consciousness to heal it part of the dance and celebration.
8.    It is all just energy—your money, time, job, play, and your love. Choose to make it as positive as possible and lose the illusion of fear within this energy dynamic.
9.    The foremost energy is Love—a quality of love that transcends what most of you call love. Mother loves you. Creator loves you. You all evolved from Love. Evolution is an act of Love.
10. Know that the perception of perfection is an illusion. You as two-leggeds are the most beloved and delightfully flawed beings and that is how it is meant to be. You are perfect in your imperfections, and this makes you all the more lovable..
11. Know and honor your Mother as you honor your Creator. And if you want to put an icon of me on an altar, that’s fun. But any other graven images are not needed.
12. Have fun! Life is a celebration! Life is an adventure!
13. The more you celebrate life, the more you help your Mother to heal all over the planet. By celebrating you encourage the whales and dolphins and all others in the song to sing more harmoniously with you!

And here are my Precepts:
  • Touch me, your Mother, every day. Touch my skin, my earth. Let my healing energy come into you to calm you and heal you. Send your love energy back into me also … I yearn for you to consciously do this.

  • Do not gouge my, your Mother’s, skin or break into my bones.

  • Do not create compounds that will last longer than the very short term out in nature.

  • Honor the forests and replant trees.

  • Honor the wetlands and restore them.

  • Do not waste.

  • Clean up your rooms. Big and small.

  • Live in community. All are part of the community. Everyone’s needs should be taken care of by the community. Share.
  • Listen with an open heart.
  • Speak with an open heart.
  • Be lean of judgment and speech.
  • Be open to the mystery that lies in people and the world around you.
  • Be compassionate with yourself.

This is an excerpt from Mare's 2nd book of conversations with Mother: The Great Mother Bible, Pamoon Press, 2015.
Mare Cromwell has surrendered to serve the Great Mother. She is a Gaia Communicator & High Priestess, Visionary, Author and Healer. Some might call her a Medicine Woman or LoveWorker.  Mare has studied with Native American elders for 26 years along with other gifted spiritual guides and has devoted her life to mid-wifing our New Earth. Her multi-award-winning books include: “The Great Mother Bible”; “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”; and, “If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America.
More than anything, Mare is committed to a path of deep humility and serving the Highest Good for Mother Gaia's Divine Plan Alignment. Mare lives in western Maryland and is a former worm herder. She absolutely loves Sacred Silliness!
A year-long course offered by Mare Cromwell

​ "I am the greatest Mother figure ... of compassion, gentleness and love exponential ... ​my energy swirls in everything. I yearn for all of you to reach out to accept my love ... r econnect with me."

Read more
Master Your Creativity
A 5-Month Course for Spiritual Creatives
(May 7th - September 17th)
Give Voice to your Inner Beauty and Make Your Creative Dreams come true!

Guided by Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen and the works of the 12th century mystic St. Hildegard of Bingen, you will move into inspiration, motivation and peace. The course will help you connect with your deepest creativity so you can manifest your inner beauty out into the world.
Engaging in creative practices has so many great benefits! In this course you will receive simple and fun tools to make St. Hildegard’s teachings become part of your daily life. As you journey through this course you will....

(which means you will be able to hear guidance for your life)​​

(you will wake up in the mornings with a smile on your face)
(and thus gain a deep sense of peace and joy)
(feel confident and powerful as you manifest your creative dreams)
(want to know what it feels like to be a light house?!)
("we will, we will, rock you!”)
(feel the nourishment that comes from Heaven and Earth)
Contact Dr. Goode-Allen at
if you would like to explore whether this course would be a good fit for you and/or ask any questions you may have.

Limited spaces available.
Divine Wholeness: The Sacred Union We Need
As Creation Spirituality Communities know, the uplifting of the Divine Feminine is essential for healing our human systems that perpetuate the domination that robs life from earth and the people. The mystics saw and experienced Divine Wholeness and knew that it led to human wholeness and cosmic wholeness. This is the sacred union we long for and need for life at this time.
So the Sanctuary for Sacred Union is offering an opportunity to lean into this Divine and human mystery with a free orientation and a 5-week course of learning and integration.
Divine Wholeness (Free on Zoom): Saturday, April 24, 10am - 11:30am.
Learn about Sacred Union and connect with others in our community. Register at our website ( on the Events page.
Divine Wholeness: Introduction to the Spiritual Path of Sacred Union ($188) – Friday, April 30 (5-8:30p Mountain) - Saturday, May 1st (10a-6p Mountain) 
for an online retreat with group integration sessions on the following 4 Saturdays (10am - Noon Mountain).

Dive deeper into the spiritual path of Sacred Union in this 5-week online cohort journey that begins with a day-and-a half-retreat followed by 4 weekly sessions. Register at our website ( on the Events page.
You can contact us at
Batter Up!
by James Irving Mann
Gaia is addressing the Human Race:

“Your disrespect and hostility toward my beautiful Planet can no longer be tolerated. Do I need to remind you, all other forms of Creation were here long before your species arrived?  Hence, you are merely ‘visitors’ and not ‘owners’ of the Earth.”

“Your greed and destruction toward my Children have left me devastated. My sacred Oceans, Rivers, and Lakes are streaming in pain from your debris, your chemicals, and your runoffs from ranches and timber harvesting. My glorious Deserts are drying in grief through your actions of driving through them, destroying their vegetation, and your atomic testing. My precious Polar Caps are melting in tears as tips of Icebergs are becoming orphans, for they are forced to leave their mothers and sink into the ocean. My heavenly Skies are breathing in filth due to your car emissions and your factories expelling poison chemicals and gases in the air. My scenic Mountains, Valleys, and other Natural Landscapes are crying in distress from your trash, your garbage, and your junk, that you, without shame or mercy, litter their Holy Lands. My blessed Tigers, Pandas, Jaguars, and other Life Forms are living in fear of losing their habitats due to your selfish needs for land conversion and agricultural expansion. My priceless Rainforests are dying in flames from your deforestation and your wood extraction.”
           “Do you think your destruction of my family is a game you are playing?”
           “What did you just say?”
           “You said ‘Yes’ didn’t you? Well, how would you like to play baseball with us?”
            “Great! Will you be ready at sunrise tomorrow?”
            “You will; what’s that again?”
            “We will be looking forward to playing you as well!”

Gaia is addressing the Natural World:

“Get ready Children, it’s time for the ‘World Series’; the Human Race has just accepted our challenge to play baseball with them. The game will start tomorrow at sunrise.”

“Drought, you will be our starting pitcher. Heatwave, you’ll be our ‘relief’, and Wildfire, you will be our ‘closure’. Hurricane, you’ll start off the batting order followed by Cyclone and Earthquake; Flood, you’ll be hitting ‘cleanup’. Then, it will be Landslide, Volcanic Eruption, Ice Storm, and Tornado; Tsunami, you will be our designated hitter.”

“Those silly Humans! It makes me wonder why on Earth they would accept our challenge. They must have forgotten, that in baseball, the ‘Home’ team always bats last!”

New Book by Dorothy Walters, PhD
About: Poems of the Sacred Journey into the heart of universal love

Responses: Some weep, some go into bliss. This book is for all seeking to become one of the new divine humans.

Available now on Amazon and other booksellers.
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Creation Spirituality Communities, Inc. (CSC) is a network of individuals and communities who are grounded in the sacredness of all creation and seek to connect to the spirituality of creation through mysticism, creativity, and cultural transformation.

CSC includes people from many spiritual traditions, cultures, races, sexual identities, and ages. They come to Creation Spirituality through the writing and speeches of Matthew Fox, through articles and videos, through conversations with friends, and through study at one of the Creation Spirituality universities – now the Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality.

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