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Crossing Borders
In November I had the opportunity to visit a refugee camp in Matamoros, Mexico, sister city to Brownsville, Texas, across the Rio Grande. The experience left me deeply disturbed and urgently motivated to work for change.
I went with a group from my congregation at Trinity Church of Austin. Some Trinity members have made frequent trips to the asylum camps over the last few years—taking food, clothing, tents, medical supplies, and even yoga mats for sleeping. Sadly, some of the asylum seekers have been in the camps so long that my members know them by name. This summer when the temperatures reached 115°, my congregation raised $4,000 for water bottles for drinking—an effort that was matched by a generous donor.
As you might guess, there are many groups working for change at our border crossings, and thank heavens there are. In Matamoros, none of the refugee tents, medical supplies, food, and other necessities are supplied by the U.S or Mexican governments. Volunteers may be attorneys, doctors and nurses, teachers, clergy, and government specialists. All are good-hearted people, some with no credentials other than being people who believe in the mandate of the Golden Rule.
Trinity Church of Austin teamed up with Team Brownsville, a team of dedicated volunteers working closely with a United Methodist organization in Brownsville called the Good Neighbor Settlement House. We were also joined by two other Austin churches to prepare casserole dishes to wheel in small wagons across the International Bridge, and to serve dinner to 1,300 asylum seekers camped at the border. Since winter is coming, we also wore layers of winter clothes that were handed off to appreciative refugees as soon as we got to the camp.
Here’s what I saw: hundreds of young women, young men, and many, many children—all grateful for our time and energy to provide a hot meal. Most of the refugees at the camp were Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and Honduran people fleeing violence. I spent about 20 minutes with one Honduran man trying to meet up with his girlfriend in Dallas and his brother who is a house painter in Minneapolis. His brother assures him if he can get there, he will have steady work. This man had no idea how he could get across the border because his papers and savings had been stolen by  Coyotes  on his trek. His story isn’t unusual. 
What continues to haunt me more than anything is the memory of the beautiful smiles on the children as we passed them their dinner plates. Most said “gracias” with the softest, most genuine smile I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ve ever received as many big hugs around my knees as I did at that camp.
What does this have to do with Creation Spirituality? Everything! The Four Paths begin with awe, wonder, and blessing, but authentic spirituality also requires crossing the border into Path Two. Path Two is not only the place of letting go and letting be; it is also the place of confronting the shadow both within us and in our structures and systems of violence.
Seeing firsthand the harm perpetrated by the U. S. government on the asylum seekers held up at our border—these “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”—was devastating. My hope is that we will have the courage to look honestly at what we are doing to our blessed neighbors. Only then can the spiral of the Four Paths turn toward creative solutions (Path Three), and justice and compassion (Path Four).
This week I read that in desperation and with no hope in sight, young parents in Matamoros are sending their children across the border the United States alone. Alone. 
What have we become?
The Creation-Centered answer to that question is that the wheel of hope never stops turning, the paths of liberation continue to spiral, and our work of compassion is not yet complete. Let’s get to work.

Sid Hall, CSC Board President
Sacred Work in the World
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Youth Movement Rises Up to Defend our Earth
by Sylvia Oliva

Several months ago the CSC Newsletter published a short series about a fourteen-year-old Quaker from Maryland who has committed her life to protect our planet from climate catastrophe. This is an update on Kallan Benson’s sacred activism which, as she says, she did not choose but simply “had” to do. And she has unassumingly grown into a leader in our country, along with the many youths world-wide who are struggling for their lives, and for their future. It is a powerful story of a prophet for our time.

Peace Cranes on International Peace Day
At the age of five, her story took form when before International Peace Day, she read about origami peace cranes, then with her brother, Reece made 100 and took them to offer people in a grocery store. 

People’s Climate Marches and Parachutes for the Planet
She was ten when she attended the first People’s Climate March in New York City (2014) and was so inspired by it. For the second People’s Climate March in Washington, DC (2017) she created on a 24-foot play parachute the outline of a monarch butterfly over the continents and oceans, and took it around to 1,600 children who signed it with their messages about the Earth. This developed into the Parachutes for the Planet, which she co-directs with the Mother Earth Project. Children’s parachutes were carried in the youth-led Zero Hour March in July of 2018 and in the third People’s Climate March in San Francisco in September, 2018. As of late October 2019, 2,367 (and counting!) parachutes have been created world-wide.

In January 2018 Kallan was invited to and participated in a panel at the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto and at the Wild Center’s Annual Youth Climate Action Summit in the Adirondacks of New York. 

Fridays for Future
Four months after Greta Thunberg began her school strike in Sweden, on December 7, 2018 Kallan registered as the first official Fridays For Future (FFF) striker in the United States, and she organized a strike at the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, D.C. In January this transitioned to a 90-day silent strike every day outside Maryland’s State House during their entire annual legislative session. Then, at the end of the session, Kallan became the person who coordinates the FFF strikes for the United States, while still being faithful to her post every Friday at the U.S. Capitol in D.C.

Kallan has spoken about climate activism and her projects with youths and adults at many Quaker venues, has been interviewed on a local NPR station, and has received awards for her activism from several institutions. 

I have presented her story in a dry-bones, “nutshell” way, but it is so awesome and wonderful how she bursts from that shell and follows her calling step by step. You can learn more about her and her philosophy in a fine article in a Quaker magazine, Friends Journal of December 2019, on which this story is based. There are also great photos in it. The link: . Please read the article, “Giving Up Childhood to Avert Climate Catastrophe beginning on page 13 and enjoy it. May it inspire you!
Matthew Fox on Creation in Crisis
If you weren't able to participate in the Creation in Crisis webinar with Matthew Fox, you can now watch it on YouTube.

**Note that you will want to skip the first 40-45 minutes or so.
Small Group Development
by Carolyn Million, Board Member

Creation Spirituality Communities is all about development and nourishment of community. For many of us, we find a small group setting the most conducive to intimate sharing and the building of community. As a Board, we recognize this need and have been working to create materials to facilitate the development and sustenance of small groups committed to the Principles of Creation Spirituality. These groups have particular needs. In addition, smaller groups have the capacity to form larger bodies that can gather to give and receive needed contact. As we continue to grow the new website, we are adding materials: We are also looking to add materials pertinent to this topic, so if you are alight with fire to share with us, feel free.

Since joining the board in 2017, I have had a particular interest in small groups. From dream groups to prayer groups, I have had rich experiences in small groups that propel me to want to facilitate their formation for others. In addition, our recent survey indicated that this is a commonly perceived area of need. Despite my lack of qualifications (this excuse can no longer stop us from our work!) , I head up a Small Group Committee within the CSC structure. In so doing, I have had the delight of connecting with Marcia Flagg, who formulated a small group gathering at Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, California. This group has recently voted to join as an official Creation Spirituality Community.

Marcia conceived and created the Center for Spiritual Cultivation which meets at Rossmoor. Those of you who know Mel Bricker (CSC Vice President) may know he lives there—a gorgeous place to be, I can tell you! She began the group utilizing Sarah Circle principles which she has generously shared with us for the website. The results from this open, circle dynamic have been astounding. The wisdom in the room emerges and the lessons are profound.

Marcia has structured the rituals primarily around topics. She opens with a greeting. We then typically have quotes associated with the day’s topic and time for meditation. Recent topics have been Deep Listening, (especially as it relates to Cancer or a terminal diagnosis), Return of Divine Mother, Sacred Masculine and some services more specifically following the Four Paths format of Creation Spirituality. I personally feel some time for meditation is crucial in terms of stimulating deep movement in the room. However, small groups can be structured in various ways that accomplish community. For us, the meditation and open floor with provocative quotes sets the stage for what happens next: “Look out! Here Comes Spirit! “ I can hear Marcia exclaiming!

For me, the best part of the whole experience is that I am finding community with like minded souls that excite me to reconnect every time we meet. This is the intent of small group: Small groups create that venue in which you can connect more deeply and support each other in your ongoing lives. Engagement in Small Group has the potential to nourish you in your deepest being while connecting with others committed to promotion of the Principles of Creation Spirituality. 

This interconnected web of sustenance is how we will accomplish the Great Turning into the Ecozoic Age: Together. 

So Find a Small Group or, Better yet! Start one! We are working to help.

Editor's Note: We have a draft Small Group Kit which we will share with any members. This will be posted in the Members section of our website, once that is set up, but in the meantime, if you are a member and interested in getting the resources we have now for Small Groups, send an e-mail to and we'll send it out to you.
Sacred Traditions and Rituals (S.T.A.R.), Spartanburg, SC
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Carol Kilby on the Cosmic in Holiday Rituals
Reclaiming the Cosmic in Holiday Rituals - Deeptime Network

See embedded video below! "Reframing our holidays and rituals within the cosmic story," says Carol Kilby, "is vital if we are to address issues such global warming and the spiritual crisis of our times. Rituals create cultures and then preserve them.

Read more
**Note: If you want to watch Carol's video and don't need CPD credits, then click on the + next to Description and scroll down where you will find the embedded video.
Centre Congregational Church
by Rev. Roger L. Brown

Creation Spirituality Communities are living acting groups and institutions doing their best to respond to climate change issues in their home region or world-wide. While it is true that it is quite alarming the manner in which political and economic forces are damaging our planet, I find it more productive and satisfying to work with communities that are making a difference, large or small to heal the Earth. That others may be inspired, I want to share how my church and community is responding to the current climate crisis. While neither unique nor original, the programs I will share work well in my community, Brattleboro, Vermont, but they still require passion, commitment and community support to make them happen.

Centre Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, under the leadership of our pastor, Rev. Dr. Scott Couper, began this year programs in worship and community life which celebrate our existence as a Creation Spirituality Community. Rev. Couper began by reminding the congregation that humankind’s spiritual connection with earth and sky reaches back to the earliest times in the Bible story. He initiated a sermon series on climate change. Here are the sermon titles in the series: “A Bible Obsessed with the Environment,” “God as She and Earth as Mother,” “Cosmocentrism is the New Anthropocentrism,” and “The Praxis Principle.” Simultaneously, I provided the church and local community with a video series on climate change. This series included “Journey of the Universe” and a video introducing the Transition Town movement since there are several Transition Town groups in the region.

Members of Centre Church were also present at community demonstrations around climate justice sponsored by the Brattleboro Area Interfaith Leaders' Alliance (BAILA) and others.

While Centre Church has only relatively recently taken up arms in the climate change issue through education, prayer and proclamation, we succeed best because we live within a Creation Community - Brattleboro, Vermont. Brattleboro has for more than a decade promoted climate and environmental awareness. Post Oil Solutions (, has been providing climate change education, activism, and local program development for the past 14 Years. The Strolling of the Heifers parade the first Saturday in June, where the cows and heifers literally march down Main Street, has been celebrating agriculture and environmental concerns since it was founded in 2002! That this event was founded by one person in the community with an idea, is a testament to the power of an individual to make a big difference. Today, Strolling is more than just a parade, managing programs at the town gateway, The River Garden, and sponsoring many events which nurture and strength our community life as a town and region in southeast Vermont. (see

It helps, of course, that we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, streams and forests to hold our attention to the greatness of God’s creation which we want to do our best to preserve and hand on to our children and grandchildren. Indeed, I celebrate the fact that Centre Congregational Church as a Creation Spirituality Community lives among a web of such communities!
Kristel Parks on Creation in Crisis
Our work for the earth, the whale and the honey bee must come out of profound adoration, ecstatic delight and a vision of the bursting splendor that is reflected in the tiniest ant. Such work and actions must be grounded and arising from joy, ecstasy, bliss, humor, delight and freedom. Not fear. Not urgency. Not desperation.
Kristal Parks, Re-Enchanting the World: A Call to Action
The via Negativa
The Sound of Silence: Valuing the via Negativa
Watch Joran Oppelt (CSC Board Member and leader of Integral Church) deliver this powerful talk from 2018.

"It is by first passing through and celebrating our sense of awe, wonder, gratitude and joy that we are able to enter into darkness and the mystery of The Void. This is what carries us through the other side into a new season of creation and reinvention. This is the lantern that we bring with us into the cave, that burning ember — or promise of the birth of the Christ child within — that gives us hope. Our effort to survive [this process] will be predicated on our ability to bridge the gap between understanding and undergoing."
by Liz Nakazawa

Dear Mom,
Wind chimes clatter
made from hollow bones
of your own parents’,
sprouting your dissociation.

I was fire and red
you, blue and frozen
murmurations through your tourniquet
of via negativa parenting.

In silent films
there were occasional cues
orienting the viewer, such as “Twenty Years Later”
or “Back at Home.”

But you fed me no east, no west,
no north or south.
The compass that never appeared
rusts now, Mother, and rests,
and your letters (the only threshold to any of your love)
crumble yellow, while
needs fold, stay content in tinged drawers.

Some day I could compose
cello music for you, but
wolf tones might appear

so let’s leave it there, Mom,
dear Holograph Mom.

A year after your passing
(your ashes buried in my backyard hosta)
I offer myself
a comfy legal term:
compassionate release.

No long busking for love,
I can sing now in quiet
octaves of my own.
© The Rev. Carolyn Herold

The gift of a sunrise has sustained me for years, a reminder that God has not given up on the world, that God's light has overcome darkness. A beautiful sunrise never fails to bring a smile to my face and a prayer of gratitude.
A Critique of Creation as Original Blessing
By Thomas Dahlheimer

A Diversity Dignifies online video interview with the internationally acclaimed theologian and activist Rev. Matthew Fox was published on July 12, 2017. The interviewer was Matthew Francis. The video interview is located  here . I have the video  shared  on my Facebook site.

I generally like the video interview, but I disagree with one of Matthew Fox's statements in it. Fox said that the scriptures say that when God had completed His creation, which occurred when the first humans ("Adam and Eve") were created, He said it was "very good." This is true, the scriptures say this. However, Fox, unfortunately, said that he agrees with this statement by "God."

I believe that Fox's theology, as presented in the video interview, wrongly separates the words "very good" from the context of the scriptures they are found in, and that Fox then (probably unknowingly) deceptively uses these two words as "confirming evidence" that his Creation Centered theology that describes the whole creation as "sacred" and a "blessing" is correct. Fox says that the creation, at the time of its completed origins was, and still is, the "Original Blessing." I believe that he should be saying, it was originally, and still is, partially a blessing and partially a curse (or not "very good"), as scientific discovery has proven.

I believe that  a sin , or original sin, caused the light in a pure spiritual universe  to become manifested as matter , and that this is how our physical universe was created. For a very long time before the first humans came forth on earth, this world was full of death and corruption as well as life and blessings. The creation was never "very good," or free from death and corruption, as stated in the scriptures. Contrary to what the Bible scriptures say, since the origins of life on earth, living things have suffered and death was inevitable for all of them, including plants, animals and, later, for the first humans also.

I believe in the following statement by  Paramahansa_Yogananda  (1893–1952), who is considered one of the preeminent spiritual figures of modern times. "The word 'God' means the manifested, transcendental Being beyond creation, but existing in relation to creation. Spirit existed before God. God is the Creator of the universe, but Spirit is the Creator of God."

I also believe that the physical creation is, in a way, fundamentally good... and I believe this, because Spirit made sure that God created the world so that the suffering experienced here on earth would eventually cause every human being, after numerous lives/incarnations, to strive for, and eventually attain a spiritual level of enlightenment that would qualify all of us to not ever have to come back here again. I believe that the physical universe, unlike the  original pure spiritual universe  - that we lost by collectively committing a sin - is a consolation prize to us that was created for a good purpose. The earth is a place for us humans to spiritually evolve.

Here's the context wherein the scripture words "very good" are presented.

St. Symeon wrote: "Neither Eve nor Paradise were yet created, but the whole world had been brought into being by God as one thing, as a kind of paradise, at once incorruptible yet material and perceptible." If this were true, but it's not, the creation at this stage of its origins, would have been at least good and a blessing.

St. John of Damascus wrote: "The creation of all things is due to God, but corruption came in afterwards due to our wickedness. For God did not make death, neither does He take delight in the destruction of living things" (Wisdom 1:13). But death is the work rather of man, that is, its origin is in Adam's transgression."

St. Basil the Great wrote: " is customary for vultures to feed on corpses, but since there were not yet [before Adam's transgression] corpses, nor yet their stench, so there was not yet such food for vultures. But [before Adam's transgression] all [animals] followed the diet of swans and all grazed the meadows." It was very good and a blessing that the Creator created the animals in a world where there was originally no death, and therefore no corpses for vultures, nor any other animals, to eat - actually, scientific discovery has proven that this statement is not true.

We know that the Creator is, and the creation originally was, very good...and we know this, because there was no death for living things (including animals and humans) until after Adam's (or the first human being's) transgression - actually, scientific discovery has proven that this statement is not true.

St. Ignatius Brianchaninov wrote: "Plants were not subjected either to decay or to diseases; both decay and diseases and the weeds themselves, appeared after the alteration of the earth following the fall of man." It was very good and a blessing that the plants were not originally "subjected to decay or to diseases" - actually, scientific discovery has proven that this statement is not true.

Today, everyone in their right mind knows that the above statements by "saints" are not true, and that the creation was not originally "very good," or pure, and then, later, fell into "the bondage to corruption" when the "first human" ("Adam") sinned. In other words, the Bible scripture statement wherein supposedly God says that the creation was originally "very good" is not true.

Before "Adam and Eve," or the first humans, came forth on this earth, five mass extinctions of animals had occurred. These mass extinctions caused a lot of suffering. Hence, at that time (a time before the first humans lived on earth) the creation was in a state of corruption. I do not consider these mass extinctions as being a blessing. It was a violent, brutal and cruel world back then and it still is.

And there were human-ape creatures living on earth three million years before modern-day humans came into existence on the earth. They experienced natural catastrophes, diseases, injuries, debilitating effects of aging and death. This proves that, at that time (a time before "Adam and Eve," or the first humans) the creation was in a state of corruption. The creation was not originally a very good blessing, or pure, and then, later, fell into a state of corruption when "Adam" sinned.

Genesis 1:30 reads: "...and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food"; and it was so..." The Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church says: "Jesus came to restore creation to the purity of its origins" (CCC, n. 2336). A Bible scripture states that "the creation itself," will be "delivered from its bondage to corruption" (Romans 8:21). Isaiah 65:25 says: The wolf and the lamb shall graze together; the lion shall eat straw like the ox,..."

According to the scriptures, "Adam" ("the first human") sinned and the creation consequently "fell into a state of corruption," causing many animals to become carnivorous. However, the truth is, the first human beings from which we are all descendants came into existence around 200,000 years ago and violent complex carnivorous animals came into existence hundreds of millions of years before the first humans came forth on earth. The creation cannot be "restored to the purity of its origins," because it was never pure, or "very good." And neither was the creation ever the very good "original blessing."

Yogananda  wrote : "In God's plan and play (lila), the sole function of Satan or maya, ['the delusory power inherent in the structure of creation'] is to attempt to divert man from Spirit to matter, from Reality to unreality. Most people who embrace Creation Spirituality (including Fox) see the whole creation as "original blessing" and sacred. One of the definitions found in the dictionary of the word ‘sacred’ is ‘worthy of, or regarded with reverence and awe.’ A Bible scripture says: "Satan ['the delusory power inherent in the structure of creation'] appears as an angle of light." The real beauty and awesomeness of the creation is sacred. It should be regarded with reverence and awe, but the whole creation is not sacred. There is an inherent element of evil in the structure of creation.

Scientific discovery has proven that the creation was created in a  flawed manner  and that it was not originally flawless, or "very good." And Yogananda's New Age expression of Hinduism is compatible with this scientific discovery.

I am hoping and praying that Reverend Matthew Fox and the people who believe in his theology on this topic will consider changing their theology, so that they will be giving due respect to scientifically discovered truth.
Editor's Note: I invite your responses to this article. We can all learn and grow from healthy dialogue. Please send letters to . Any responses will be published in the next Newsletter.
The Gathering Time
by Reid Danny

in the dark part of the year
we turn our fear into usefulness
fill cups with water right up to the brim
watch and wait for cracks to appear
just so we can patch them
our hunger keens for vessels strong enough to hold 
more, more, more for the gathering time
our arms are too weak to carry
so we loosely turn them to wheel after wheel
spinning pot and urn 
anything empty and ready
to carry for us

this body is tired of spinning
tired of purpose
how my hands grasp fretfully
my muscles itching to tear free from bone
starfish limbs clamoring for a stone just out of reach
my bones long to offer function
to be as valuable as the bones of whales
huddled around by smaller fish 
like campfire, like haven
the bones of wolves in forest home
sharp sculptures consumed by moss
nature practicing her practical greedy art
and all i want is to be remade just so
can only think of what i would become
if i ever laid these hands down to rest

under winter's razor moons and waterpaint suns
we stand dumbstruck
in the face of this relentless terrified utility
our eyes turned animal wide and ears ringing
when wisdom comes defiant,
takes shape as black crow, all cacophonous bellow,
all furious flapping dance
and here is the lesson:
to raise hell
to strut just because we can
cocky bodies thrown windward
and with no reason but the joy of our own sound,
our mouths open to shout fiercely
into the darkening sky
Climate Change: From Darkness to Hope
by John Robinson
Climate Change: From Darkness to Hope

This is a confession and it's true: I feel haunted. I wake up at 5:00 am everyday with skin-crawling dread because everywhere I go, I see ten years into the future. I see hillsides of dead trees in the Pacific Northwest riddled with beetles,...

Read more
The Un-World
By Marika Baris
A download in Hvar, Croatia 10/25/19 3:30am  

The unsung song
The unlived life
The unwalked path
The untrusted guidance
The unasked for gifts
The unbelievable awakening
The unloved Self
The unwitnessed miracle
The unseen Love
The undone Ego
The undeserved forgiveness
The unworthy mystery
The unexplained connections
The unwanted trials and tests
The unbelievable joy
The unreal stories
The unencumbered strength
The unimagined possibilities
The unannounced visitors
The unappreciated losses
The unconscious presence
of the unknown Soul.
Brief Reflections on the via Negativa
by Rolla E. Lewis
Thank you to Don Cupitt and e. e. cummings

Empty yourself of all thoughts, beliefs, creeds, insights, titles, duties, gods.

Let the Self go--- daughter, son, wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother, colleague, neighbor, citizen, doctor, professor, elder, saint, and fool.

Get off your high horse. Walk slowly. Listen deeply.

Listen with wonder; be radically empty, open without closure, without fear.

Recognize there are no privileged vantage points, or perspectives.

Thoughts are just that, ephemeral-- passing. One after another. Let them go.

No objective reality, no objective truth, no objective value, no objective knowledge. Ecosocial constructs all the way down. Listen to the ocean.

No orthodoxies. Prescribed paths. Emptiness.

Listen to the birds, “whatever they sing is better than to know…”

Empty mindful wonder-- trees, rocks, ecosystems where we all dwell.
Rocky, desolate uninhabitable deserts places.

Listen with mindful wonder, especially to children who know the world anew.

Emptiness, a bright fresh start.

Empty by pouring yourself fully into this life.

Sit quietly with death, life’s partner
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