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Heather Wojick ASID, owner of Creative Design Solutions has been in business for 13 years serving her clients to enhance their interior and exterior spaces at home.   



She has an Interior Design Project included in the National Coffee Table Book, "Decorator Showhouses - Tour 250 Designer Rooms."


Heather has won Multiple Awards: 

  • HBAC, Home Builders Ass.
    of  Charlotte - for Kitchen
    and Bath Remodel Design  
  • ASID - for Interior Design  
  • APA & Southern Pine Council-"Design Your Dream Home-under 3,000 sq. ft."

She also has Degrees in:

  • Interior Design, BA Degree
  • Architectural Drafting,
    AA Degree

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Look to Creative Design Solutions for Remarkable Designs and Drawings For:
  • Renovation Design for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Interior Remodel Projects
  • Home Additions for Master Suites, Second Floors and Exterior Upfits
  • New Construction of Homes, Vacation Retreats and Pool Houses
  • Storage/Closet Design including Offices, Laundry and Craft Rooms
  • Outdoor Living Spaces, Site Layout and Water Features
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From an energy standpoint, it's better to open up your house due to construction in the spring and fall rather than the winter and summer. 

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August 2014
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Closing the loop...


In our last newsletter, we discussed the construction documentation phase that we go through with our clients. This month we want to round out the final details of that phase for you by detailing the last step of the construction drawings. This step is particularly exciting for our clients because they really get a clear visual of what the interior and exterior of their completed project will look like. 


For a refresher on any of the steps we walk through with our clients from project conception to completion, please click on any of the following: 

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Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image


Final Steps to Complete
Construction Drawings


A big component to this final step is that you get to view your project in a vertical plain to compliment the traditional horizontal plans. We use elevation drawings to show details of what the home will really look like inside and out.


Exterior Elevations 

First, we will look at the exterior elevation, which shows you a clear image of the outside of the house. This drawing would be included in a new home design or on projects with modified exteriors. This drawing represents a flat view of the design.



If you were standing in front of the house, some features may come further toward or away from you. But, as you can see, on the drawing it all looks like it comes from the same plain. We draw it this way so that we can see the relationship of the new additions to existing style of the home. This drawing is meant to show you details such as shutter style, roof lines, window details, etc. We use this as a check point to ensure that you like the way it looks on the facade because we already know it will work on the floor plan based on our drawings in previous steps.


Interior Elevations

Next, we will look at the interior of the structure, which can include columns, arched openings, wainscot details, trim work, etc. Everyone loves this step! You get to really see what the interior of your home come alive including your kitchen, bath and your built in cabinetry.


We will also incorporate architectural elements into these drawings like light fixtures and wainscoating. Using these plans, we will discuss function and aesthetic. For instance, do we put glass in some of the cabinets? How does the window look with the placement of the range? Do we have balance and flow on the vertical plan? And so on.



Sections are less exciting to look at, but still very important. In this drawing, you can see a cut through portion of the house and how the construction material is put together. 


This drawing includes your walls, framing, insulation, drywall, sheeting, exterior siding, etc. This drawing is a requirement for city permitting. Some of our clients do find this drawing to be intriguing. We find it quite interesting because it represents how the construction of the additions or new structure will come together. If we need something specific engineered for the home, we create a detail drawing so that we can make notes to communicate to the contractor as well as to get a visual for the project. 


Fall is quickly approaching! Have you been thinking about a new built in fireplace or patio that would be perfect for Football season? Give us a call at 

704-708-4466 before it's too late to get it done in time!