April 2018 Newsletter 
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Hi there!

Happy spring! We're in the middle of TomTom Founders Festival week here in Charlottesville. If you're nearby or in the DC area, consider coming to some of the events - many are free - celebrating creativity, innovation, business, design, leadership, social change and more. I'm enjoying making it to those I can.

This month, I am offering another full-day Creative Facilitation workshop in DC.  April 28 (details are below). And, after getting feedback from past participants, I have decided to also create a longer follow-up immersion program that I will be offering at a retreat center in central Virginia later this year. Details to come.

The world around us is rapidly changing and many people are unsure how to move forward in their business creation or advancement given the challenges of today's volatile climate of uncertainty, stress, and shaky ground. In addition to whatever else you do for self care and nurturing your business, it's a ripe time to connect with or re-connect with your Inner Creator - the part in you that generates creative thinking and options to meet the demands of the world, and create your work in it, in ways that work for you, your work life, and your business. To that end, I am offering an April Special for past and future clients who sign-up or re-new this month:

April Coaching Special
1.  A special 3-hour Refresher Coaching Package for previous clients
     at 30% off my hourly rate. Call or email to get discount code.
2.   10% off all coaching packages for new clients, after free intake session.
     (See coaching details and page link below.) 

Scroll down for creativity-related articles, a new blog post, events, and links.
Have a great weekend!   

:-) Michelle 

Workshop in DC ~ Saturday, April 28th!
Creative Facilitation Using
Improv and Storytelling

Integrated with other Applied Creativity Practices

Experience a variety of Applied Improvisational Theater, Applied Storytelling, and other creative approaches to enliven your programs, accelerate participant learning and deepen your presence, confidence, and flexibility as a facilitator; be more at ease creating, improvising, and adapting in the moment; learn accessible, fun, purposeful activities; and cultivate and trust your own creativity and resilience. Leave with creative activities for warm-ups, energizers, group activities, individual and group storytelling, creative thinking and ideation, team/community building, breaking down interpersonal barriers, move through resistance, and more...and feeling more in touch with your own creativity.
For facilitators, trainers, leaders, teachers, group leaders...

Earlybird discount though April 18! For more info and to register:

There is Special Alumni Discount Rate of 50% off for anyone who has taken any of the workshops in the Creative Facilitation Series and wants a refresher with a different group dynamic. Some familiar content, and some new. Email me directly for that link or more info. 

Latest blog post: The Energized Facilitator           

Getting the Most out of Creative Process Facilitation

As a facilitator of creative process, your energy has an impact of those in the room. It's an often overlooked important part of facilitating creativity. Yet it is the most immediate, primal, and direct way of connecting in ways words and actions alone can not (like when someone walks in a room and you get a feel about them before they even say anything). Most people feel energy immediately and instinctively, before the analytical brain gets on board to think about it.

Your energetic state can help draw out or hinder the creativity of others...and your own. While most facilitators of creative process already have Energizer activities for participants, not all take time to prepare their own energetic field before the workshop. The energy you enter a space with, and cultivate as the day goes on....

continue reading here
Creativity Links

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, quotes, and other creativity-related links of interest. Join me at @ CreatvEmergence.

1.   Designing for the Future - https://theatln.tc/2EDtPia
2.   Beyond Sustainability - living in the Century of Regeneration. Co-creating
      what's next - https://bit.ly/2GP4aJe
3.   10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking - https://bit.ly/2JI6z6e
4.   New book - Applied Improvisation: Leading, Collaborating, and Creating Beyond
      the Theatre - http://bit.ly/2Ge6Mzl  
5.   What Designers can Learn from the Museum of Failure - Fast Co-Design -
6.   How information overload robs us of our creativity - Open Culture -
7.   Navigating the Unknown: 7 Reflection Tools - https://bit.ly/2Hr43AG
8.   Improv To Improve: 3 'Rules' To Building An Engaged, Collaborative Team -
      Forbes - https://bit.ly/2IKPkA0
9.   Why Kids (and Adults) Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn -
      MindShift - https://bit.ly/2qmDipS
10. Comedy in the classroom? How improv can promote literacy -
      The Conversation - https://bit.ly/2HiHn8p
11. The Paradoxical Power of Narrative - Edge Perspectives with John Hagel -
12. Students learn way more effectively from print textbooks than screens -
      Business Insider - https://read.bi/2gqmPzh   
Creative Facilitation Coaching
For Facilitators, Trainers, Educators, Leaders, and those who want to bring your workshops & trainings - & your own Creative Self - to life!

CF coaching is for those who wants to generate novel ideas and activities for your next event; create compelling content and engaging, alive workshops; bring more of your unique creativity into your workshop design or delivery in a grounded way that meets the groups objectives; and learn how to easily modify your existing activities, as well as create new ones. We work with the real facilitation/design project, workshop, or event you have, and customize the approach and activities for the specific event. You can already have most of it it designed, and just need some tweaking, or none of it designed and need a larger structure. I meet you wherever you are. These are stand-alone sessions, and can be anywhere from 45-minutes to 2-hours. Contact me for a FREE, no obligation 30-minute discovery session to see if this is right for you.
Creative Facilitation Train-the-Trainer Workshops
for Organizational Departments or Teams

In addition to the Creative Facilitation series of public workshop I've been offering for many years, I also offer in-house train-the-trainer workshops for leaders, managers, trainers, coaches, and facilitators in organizational departments - are all individually customized. Contact me to find out more!
Creative Emergence Coaching
Whole-Brain, Whole-Person Business/Creativity Coaching for Inspired or Aspiring
Entre/Solopreneurs & Leaders. For

Personal, Professional & Business Development.

Creative Emergence Coaching is a whole-brain coaching process designed to accelerate your personal, professional, and business development: discovering and/or structuring your purpose, passion, and creativity  into an income-generating business or work...or creating anything new: your signature approach/model/process/methodology, workshop, product, or service....or workshop design and delivery. Contact me for a FREE , no obligation 30-minute discovery session to see if this approach is right for you. 
Our Services

The Center for Creative Emergence is a creativity coaching, experience design, and facilitation company dedicated to integrating inspired creativity, meaning, organizational culture and business for a happier and more creative, meaningful, productive work life and a richer bottom line.

Services include Creativity/Emergence coaching; Creative Facilitation Coaching; Creative Facilitation: designing and facilitating whole-brain organizational and public workshops, conference presentations, creativity events; Creative Facilitation Train-the-Trainer; and and Quantum Leap Business Improv.  

Organizational Clients have included PBS, Panasonic, Deloitte, PepsiCo, Dominos, John Deere, Microsoft, GEICO, RAPP, Congressional Hunger Center, Kaiser Permanente, Federal Executive Institute, NetImpact UVA, Teach for America, Hands On Network, National Institutes of Health, The World Bank, USGS, Invest Northern Ireland, Service Employee International Union, Clean Currents, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration among others.

Products: Discovery Dialogues Audio Package; Creativity in Business eBook

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"It's the willingness to leave the comfort zone that is the key to keeping the brain new...Going beyond the familiar is essential to brain health."
~ Michael Merzenich, author of Soft-wired: How the New
Science of Brain Plasticity
Can Change Your Life
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