August 2018 Newsletter 
Sunset at Humpback Rock
Happy summer! Hope you're doing what you enjoy. Quick updates: I've been mainly working with coaching clients, doing some organizational workshops, and working behind-the-scenes creating a certification program (1 of 2, TBA), and getting back to my book. Looking forward to some fun announcements later this year. And I been in the practice of taking time out to enjoy the beauty of central Virginia's countryside and mountains. Finding beauty and Zen moments in nature in a chaotic world are part of my ongoing self care. :-)

Happy to be one of the speakers at the upcoming Creativity & Culture 2018 Onine Conference September 22. Hope you can join in - it's FREE! The event is " designed to provide a creative space for conversations between academics, educators and entrepreneurs with a deep interest in development of creativity skills to stimulate sustainable prosperity in a creative economy. Our aim is to stimulate and inspire collaboration between a diverse range of highly skilled and resourceful people who choose prosperity over profitability; creativity over efficiency and who prefer to gain business through trust rather than coercion." Register here.  

The Applied Improvisation Network, of which I have been a member since the early days, now has a certification process to maintain high standards for practitioners. Out of several thousand people doing AI now, I'm pleased to announce I'm one of only 53 people worldwide who has Certified Applied Improvisation Practitioner status, for doing AI work the past 20 years. Delighted and honored, since it has been, and continues to be, such a  passion of mine...and I have seen its power to transform individuals, groups, and work cultures in lasting ways. Contact me if you'd like to explore if and how Applied Improvisation could work with your team or organization.

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To your creative uniqueness! 
:-) Michelle 
Jones River Falls hike, 2018
Latest blog post: 10 Creative Emergence Reminders for Volatile Times

Many people are going through what feels like accelerating challenging times now. There is much happening in our world beyond our control...and...much more that we can control than we think. This post is a reminder of that...that it is not about living in a world where there are no constraints (i.e., social, relational, political, familial, health, financial, etc), but finding and applying your own purposeful creativity WITHIN those constraints. Sometimes it's the constraints that offer us what will one day become out greatest learnings and potential for growth. The following are a few points that came to me, when working with recent coaching clients, that I thought I would share with you to use as food for thought....As always, take what's useful, and leave the rest.
Creativity Links

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, quotes, and other creativity-related links of interest. Join me at @ CreatvEmergence.

1. Krista Tippett: On Generous Listening and Asking Better Questions. "Generous listening
  is powered by curiosity...It involves a kind of vulnerability- a willingness to be surprised,
  to let go of assumptions and take in ambiguity."
2. From a Man with a Plan to a man with Infinite Opportunities "An improvisation exercise
  that we did at one of our seminars, rocketed my personal views on cooperation and
  proper goal reaching."  Vlerick Biz School blog.
3. The Future of Management Is Teal "Organizations are moving forward along an
   evolutionary spectrum, toward self-management, wholeness, and a deeper sense
   of purpose." Strategy+Business.
4. 7 Strengths of Deep Souls "The underlying traits that fuel deep soul strengths are
   universal characteristics of creative thinking." The Creativity Post
5. How To Have An Opinion Worth Hearing "Many folks underestimate what they would
  need to do in order to gestate a truly informed opinion - A checklist that should be
  consulted prior to formulating an opinion" - The Creativity Post.
6. How to become an Elastic Thinker and Problems Solver. Elastic thinking "encompasses
  a range of processes including, but not confined to, neophilia (enthusiasm for novelty),
  schizotypy, imagination, idea generation & divergent thinking." BBC
7. The Top Innovation Books of 2018. "Jump start your brain with the top innovation books
  of the first half of 2018." Inc.
8. The Elusive Art of Inner Wholeness and How to Stop Hiding Our Souls "Wholeness
  does not mean perfection: it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life."  
9. 8 Keys to Improving Your Creativity in Business--and Enjoying Your Life More.
  "Information overload as a major source of stress, a feeling of being constantly
  interrupted and out of control, and reduced focus on creativity" Inc.
10. A Helpful New Book for Teachers and Parents of Differently Wired Kids
11. The postmodern paradox of creativity - "you are seeing more attention given to creativity
  at universities, the marketplace is demanding it"
12. Before we reinvent the economy, we must reinvent ourselves. "We must come out of
  our unconscious mode of existence and become more conscious in how we produce,   
  consume, work, relate, and live." FastCo
13. Take your time: the seven pillars of a Slow Thought manifesto "Slow Thought is a
  counter-method, rather than a method, for thinking as it relaxes, releases and liberates   
  thought from its constraints and the trauma of tradition" - Aeon
14. Engaging Emergence - " engage more intentionally with emergence to shape adaptive
  outcomes for our organizations, the world, and ourselves" - Learning Innovation Lab
15. Stories literally put our brain waves in sync "Humans not only crave stories, we
  need to hear them." - Quartz at Work
16.  The Future of Organizational Management: Ecological Systems Thinking "Most of
  what passes for novel thinking in management now is merely the slapping of new labels
  onto old longer enough to focus only on what's easy to quantify-the traditional 
  industrial approach. Managers and investors who know how to lead businesses as 
  evolutionary processes-embedded in ecosystems-are most likely to succeed in the
  new paradigm." - Evonomics
17. How small acts of thoughtful rebellion can increase your power and status -
18. Using Improv to Transform How You Lead - Strategy + Business "Leaders need
  a way to be open and accepting, even if they ultimately disagree with their employees.
  This is where improvisational comedy can help...when you approach every conversation
  as an opportunity to improvise, you and your team are more likely to reach the holy grail
  of communication: shared meaning that translates into intelligent action on the ground."
19. 'Yes, and': Second City behavioral science group studies how improv can create
   better communication - Chicago Tribune
20. What Does It Mean to Have a Futurist Mindset?

Creative Emergence Coaching
To Break this Pattern: 

_Don_t know who created this image. Saw it on FB with no attribution._

(I did not create the above image. Don't know who did. Saw it on FB with no attribution.)

Move past the "Hitting the Wall" stage and into your next level creativity...where you feel naturally energized (not depressed)! and consistently build on (Yes, and!) your inspired ideas.

Creative Emergence Coaching is a whole-brain coaching process designed to accelerate your personal, professional, and business development: discovering and/or structuring your purpose, passion, and creativity  into an income-generating business or work...or...creating anything new: your signature approach/model/process/methodology, workshop, product, or service....or...workshop design and delivery. Creative, engaging methods for cultivating your vision, moving past blocks and "the wall" and creating what's next...full on with enthusiasm. Contact me for a FREE no obligation 30-minute discovery session to see if this approach is right for you.    
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Creative Facilitation Coaching

For Facilitators, Trainers, Educators, and Leaders who want to bring your workshops, meetings, presentations, trainings - and your own Creative Self - to life! And feel confident getting creative with your participants.  
Participants in my workshop at the Front End of Innovation Conference
CF coaching is for those who wants to generate novel ideas and activities for your next event; create compelling content and engaging, alive workshops; bring more of your unique creativity into your workshop design or delivery in a grounded way that meets the groups objectives; and learn how to easily modify your existing activities, as well as create new ones. We work with the real facilitation/design project, workshop, or event you have, and customize the approach and activities for the specific event. You can already have most of it it designed, and just need some tweaking, or none of it designed and need a larger structure. I meet you wherever you are. These are stand-alone sessions, and can be anywhere from 45-minutes to 2-hours. Contact me for a FREE, no obligation 30-minute discovery session to see if this is right for you.
Creative Facilitation Train-the-Trainer Workshops
for Organizational Departments or Teams

In addition to the Creative Facilitation series of public workshop I've been offering for many years, I also offer in-house train-the-trainer workshops for leaders, managers, trainers, coaches, and facilitators...and HR, OD, Training and other organizational departments - are all individually customized for your team or group. Contact me to find out more!
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The Center for Creative Emergence is a creativity coaching, experience design, and facilitation company dedicated to integrating inspired creativity, meaning, organizational culture and business for a happier and more creative, meaningful, productive work life and a richer bottom line.

Services include Creativity/Emergence coaching; Creative Facilitation Coaching; Creative Facilitation: designing and facilitating whole-brain organizational and public workshops, conference presentations, creativity events; Creative Facilitation Train-the-Trainer; and and Quantum Leap Business Improv.  

Organizational Clients have included PBS, Panasonic, Deloitte, PepsiCo, Dominos, John Deere, Microsoft, GEICO, RAPP, Congressional Hunger Center, Kaiser Permanente, Federal Executive Institute, NetImpact UVA, Teach for America, Hands On Network, National Institutes of Health, The World Bank, USGS, Invest Northern Ireland, Service Employee International Union, Clean Currents, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration among others.

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 " The ability to articulate your story or that of your company is crucial to almost every phase of enterprise management. It works all along the business food chain. A great salesperson knows how to tell a story in which the product is the hero. A successful line manager can rally the team to extraordinary efforts through a story that shows how short-term sacrifice leads to long-term success. An effective CEO uses an emotional narrative about the company's mission to attract investors and partners, to set lofty goals, and to inspire employees. Sometimes a well-crafted story can even transform a seemingly hopeless situation into an unexpected triumph."
~ Peter Guber, author, film producer, CEO ~ from HR Magazine
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