July 2019 Newsletter 
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Hi and happy summer!

A couple quick updates: My interview with Michael Ostrolenk on his radio show was moved to this Thursday, August 1st, at 2:30pm EST. Hope you can join us. If not, it will be available on his website anytime. Also, wanted to remind you that the July coaching specials end in 2 days.

As some of you know, I've been leading ongoing Improv for Leaders workshops for one of my clients, the Federal Executive Institute, with gov't leaders and policy makers from all over the country. It has led to longer engagements with different agencies (most recently a workshop series with the Department of Health and Human Services leaders and staff). My passion with Applied Improv is in its transformative power that can transcend different values, drives, and agendas and go into the core of what is means to be a creative human, and what is means to be able to co-create in a life-giving, generative way with the differences. Improv is a great equalizer that doesn't care what someone's job title is in an organization, and lets us tap into deeper places of connection - where staff and leaders - and everyone! - have equal access to their creativity. I'm grateful to get to do this work. Call me anytime if you want to explore if or how Applied Improv might be something for your organization or group.

Scroll down below for July Coaching Specials, article links, thoughts on Creative Leadership, and some posters. (I've been on a poster-making kick this summer!)

To you creative flourishing!  
:-) Michelle
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Conventional Leadership Paradigm  
to Creative "Yes And" Paradigm

Henri Fayol was a French management theorist whose theories in management and organization of labor were widely influential in the beginning of 20th century. He was known for his 14 Principles of Management and 5 Elements of Action (referenced in left side of the graphic). They represent a paradigm that's still prevalent - yet not fully effective - in most organizations today. There's little room for creativity, individuality, meaning, and purpose amidst these ways of being. In that mechanistic model, the internal state - and creative contribution - of the people in the system can't fully flourish. The new, integrative, creative paradigm of leadership acknowledges and includes these elements AND recognizes them as incomplete - a useful as part of the whole, but not the driver. The emerging paradigm is more BOTH/AND. I created this graphic to add balanced counterparts to the conventional elements.  #my2cents. Together, these seemingly contradictory parts establish an environment for positive change and creativity to emerge. The dance of opposites - and what is in between, and emerges from, the polarities - expands the playing field for creative systems (which are living, human systems) to have more possibilities of flourishing.   
Creativity Links

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, quotes, and other creativity-related links of interest. Join me at @ CreatvEmergence.

1. Improvised theatre - my secret weapon: How staff at Twitter and Google are attending improv classes to gain an edge at work. Source: iNews. "...valuable life lessons about the importance of listening properly, why creativity can only come from taking risks and why the greatest ideas evolve from saying yes to average ideas and building on them...Google, Facebook, Apple, ITV, Accenture, Imperial College London and Comedy Central all have staff who have attended the workshops....specifically going for help with confidence and creative thinking at work." http://bit.ly/2KgQN3o

2. The Conceptualization of Team Flow. Source: The Journal of Psychology. 
"Most research on flow at the group level has been focused on performance in athletics or the arts, and looks at the collective experience. But, the context of work has different parameters, which necessitate a look at individual and team level experiences. In this review, we extend current theories and essay a testable, multilevel model of team flow in the workplace that includes its likely prerequisites, characteristics, and benefits."

3. Sweetness and Strangeness...the imaginative power to create and find meaning through metaphor. Source: Aeon. "It is easier to teach to a formula...and quantify the outcomes in a culture that values data-driven learning outcomes as the principle measurement of understanding. This part of a larger cultural shift, in which information-based texts and learning are privileged over imaginative and metaphoric ones...but the greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor. It is the one thing that cannot be learnt from others; and it is also a sign of genius, since a good metaphor implies an intuitive perception of the similarity in dissimilars...not only part of the architecture of language and mind but they are elemental to human thought and imagination." http://bit.ly/2K2j1A1

4. Why Understanding These Four Types of Mistakes Can Help Us Learn. Source: MindShift. "
Mistakes are not all created equal, and they are not always desirable. In addition, learning from mistakes is not all automatic. In order to learn from them the most we need to reflect on our errors and extract lessons from them."
5. Imagination, Emergence, and the Role of Transformative Learning, in Complexity Leadership at the Threshold of Organizational Transformation. Source: Enlivening Edge. "In transformative learning, the emphasis shifts from information to imagination, from intended learning to emergent learning...Life increases in complexity through learning...Authentic learning entails experiencing. Hence, whatever promotes experiencing, promotes learning. Conversely, whatever diminishes experiencing will hinder learning...Experience itself arises mysteriously, through the inter-connection between what appears as 'interior' and 'exterior,' as well as what appears to be 'individual' and 'collective"..." http://bit.ly/2MptK9x 
6. Unleashing motivation for transformation. Source: Deloitte Digital. "How can leaders motivate their people to overcome the inevitable resistance to an organizational transformation? Try working from the outside in-driving the agenda at an "edge" of the existing business rather than the core....continuing to scale the chosen edge, so that its momentum and attractiveness as a growth opportunity can pull more and more people and resources from the core to the edge, until eventually it becomes the new core." http://bit.ly/2YtBXM3 
7. Multipotentialites... Source: Enlivening Edge. "A person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life...thrive on learning, exploring, and mastering new skills....excellent at bringing disparate ideas together in creative ways...innovators and problem solvers....insatiable curiosity to absorb everything....pick up new skills fast and tend to be a wealth of information...catalysts, sparks which move others to action...translators and border-crossers, following curiosity into the unknown, bridging between multiple disciplines, exposing people to new perspectives that challenge preconceptions....The specialist resides in the nodes on a network. They mine deeply and develop narrow but important expertise. The generalist resides on the bridges that connect those nodes. But the neo-generalist, who is both generalist and specialist, is in constant flow between bridge and node. Their energy, responsiveness and connective capabilities help make things happen..." http://bit.ly/2YA4xiS 
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Found this flyer I wrote when starting my business over 20 years ago. I'd use different language now, and have different approaches (and learned the hard way about how challenging change can be), but it's still true for the work I am passionate today - integrating creativity and imagination with knowledge and information for creative, alive businesses and work places, events, and workshops. #longtermmission

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