June 2020 Newsletter 
Dear all,

I hope you are staying safe, and getting what you need to support you during these challenging times - inside and out.

The articles and posts in here were written before the events of the past 2 weeks. I have made some modifications to my offerings and prices due and recent events. In a creative world, there are so many ways to contribute to shaping a better what's next. I don't have the answers, or know what others need to do, but I do know working with myself and others, with mind and heart, to discover and cultivate what feels true and purposeful now and next is mine to do - meeting the world exactly where it is now - not waiting for things to "get better." We are the ones, here, now, to help make it better.

Quick Update: Over the past 3 months, I've worked with Zoom coaches to learn how to use Zoom technology for the whole-brain functionality I use in my workshops. I've been a participant in virtual workshops, labs, and events from various communities. I've led Creative Thinking, Applied Improv, Creative Leadership, and CoCreative Teams workshops online for my organizational clients; and have hosted virtual Creative Discovery Masterminds. I'm not a Zoom expert (can recommend others who are), but feel I've experienced enough to be able to do my whole-brain, experiential/embodiment workshops and programs in a full way. See my list of my virtual Offerings below.

With love and hope, 
Blog Post: Nature Shows Us How to Create:
Generative Questions to Engage the Process

The life cycle of a strawberry
Image from Marcia Berg
Nature shows us how the creative process works...with the right conditions and nurturing our seed ideas and impulses can bear juicy fruit. Now more than ever, we need to seed life-giving ideas - not fear-based ones - for a more healthy, generative future in this level of uncertainty we are all in...

Given the constraints we are in, here are
some questions to consider to start to
engage the process...  
Click here for the Questions and the rest of
the article.  
Current Offerings

Virtual Workshop for These Uncertain Times 
4 Creative Mind and Heart Openers for Moving Forward in Uncertainty 
The other day after a meditation on what is mine to do now, I got an inspiration to do a virtual workshop on 4 particular concepts / frameworks that have been the most helpful to me and my clients to stay creating and producing during challenging, uncertain times. The concepts, while not new or hard to grasp, combined are a powerful combination if embodied. Rather than just talk about them, in this dynamic workshop, we will creatively engage them into ownership and embodiment - and move through resistances that show up.
We will use theater/improv, storytelling, role play, dialogue, visual thinking, reflective and body-centered practices to more deeply experience the concepts, so they becomes more embodied in us. 90 minute workshop, with optional additional 30 minutes at the end for debrief and discussion. No PPT slides or lectures. Full-on participant engagement needed - please have a lap top or desk top you can use so you can see everyone and they can see you. An intimate smaller group - spaces are limited. Currently at a discounted rate of $27. Tuesday, June 30, 1:00-2:30 (optional stay til 3:00) EST.   
Email me for more info or the link to register.

Creative Discovery Masterminds 
I host bi-monthly 3-5 person Creative Discovery Masterminds for my coaching clients or workshop participants (past and present) who want to go deeper into this work with a small group. We work with your real-world issues and situations using whole-brain practices and emergence principles. If you have been a coaching clients, or taken a workshop, contact me to learn more, and if it is right for you. Because this is new, and we are in financially challenging times, they are at a seriously discounted rate for now, designed to be very affordable. The meeting times are generally 12:00 EST (9:00am PST) Wednesday or Friday. But new groups can form at other times. Contact me for free intake session and to find out more.    
Work with me One-to-One  
Covid discounts available, if needed  
1. Creative Emergence Coaching
Using multi-dimensional whole-brain, whole-body, whole-person methods to move forward; discover and create what's yours to do; create a new business, product, service, or set of offerings; take back your creative power; explore the question "What can I do to contribute?" - from what you can do to what you are desiged to do; use your creativity to heal, transform or create what's next in your work or life.    
2. Creativity for Coaches Coaching
For professional coaches who already know coaching, and want to actualize their ingenuity and originality, and/or bring whole-brain creative process into their virtual coaching sessions, and bring out their clients creative voice.  
3. Creative Facilitation Coaching
For professional facilitators, trainers, educators and leaders who already know how to facilitate and train, and want to bring more creative aliveness, meaning, and engagement for themselves or their participants on or offline.     
*  For Facilitators, Trainers, Coaches, Educators,
   Group/Team Leaders, and Experiences Designers  
*  For Facilitating or Coaching Creative Processes Online or Offline:
   Creative ~ Soulful ~ Purposeful ~ Unique ~ Practical ~ Actionable
*  Using your creativity to bring out their creativity
*  Creating your signature activities for your clients and participants
*  Whole brain, whole-person embodied experience design  

Email me to set up a FREE no obligation 30-minute discovery session. 

For a limited time:
Discounted coaching sessions in June for financial hardship for those who really need them. Contact me and we can chat about what will work for you.   
Whole-Brain Visual Practice: Abstract to Concrete

This is a painting I did on a large mirror some years ago. The focus was goals for the new year. I first painted the painting (abstract "right brain") then starting writing out the goals (concrete "left brain") that came to me. The goals were different, expanded, and more alive after I did the painting than they had been before in my mind. And, ironically, more clear and realistic.

When you access the visual part of your brain, you access more intuitive information, less inhibited by your conscious everyday assessment editor (we all have one). By going into the visual first, then the verbal, you draw upon a different part of your consciousness, and get more about what you are seeking to understand or create.

PRACTICE: You can do it with anything. Just think about what you want to create,  understand, or heal, move through, etc...get present and "hold the question" for a few minutes, then start painting. Then afterward, look at the painting and extract out information by talking out loud about what you see (even to yourself) and writing it down. In doing that, you are engaging more of your brain (left and right brain interaction), and that means more information. What you get will be different - slightly or dramatically - than if you try it with sitting down with your everyday thinking and doing it. Try it and see. First do it before the painting. Then see what else comes to you after the painting in words.
Blog Post: Creative Cultivation
Authentic Language in Business Offerings Headline

Storytelling expands how you perceive something - it gives it a larger framework of meaning, and possibility. By using storytelling to cultivate what you want to do and how, you get a deeper connection to your calling...and those who you're designed to serve with what you offer, can feel a deeper connection to what that is...and recognize themselves as wanting it...

Creativity Links

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, quotes, and other creativity-related links of interest. Join me at @ CreatvEmergence.

1. FINDING JOE: A story about Joseph Campbell and The Hero's Journey - youtube movie - https://buff.ly/2LMqPWP  "In the moment of the armor being knocked off do you get to look inside and see the gold, and enter the true hero's journey...the transformation process..."

2. Improv Boosts Creativity and Psychological Well-Being | Psychology Today
https://bit.ly/3cVOoaN - "The study measured divergent thinking-the ability to form multiple, novel solutions to problems and found that improv helped participants boost creativity...find creative and resourceful solutions...think in more diverse ways...break away from ingrained patterns of behavior."

3. How Our Brains Can Find Peace in a Crisis | Greater Good Magazine -
https://bit.ly/2T3zS9V "Psychologist Rick Hanson discusses how to strengthen our capacity for wisdom, peace, and enlightenment...practicing states of being like these can lead to physical changes in the brain, which in turn improve our state of mind in the future."

$. If you are in deep trauma, or experiencing ongoing PTSD, one option is working with a trauma specialist like my friend and colleague, Kate Hudgins, PhD, who specializes in proven creative approaches for healing trauma. She she has a wealth of knowledge and resources around that area. https://therapeuticspiralmodel.com/  She pioneered an internationally recognized Therapeutic Spiral model, which uses various creative approaches.
We are Thinkers...Yes And...
We Need More than Thinking-only to Heal

When we are in uncertainty, we often first seek to go to the familiar...which is often the left-brain dominant way of analyzing and making
sense of things. I see that all the time in my and others in my work. 
And...this poster is about Yes Anding that with additional ways of knowing, intuiting, experiencing, feeling, and being to be able to solve problems, heal, make sense, and create a more generative habitable world.

It is not about the exclusion of critical thinking and analysis, it is about the INCLUSION of other ways of processing as well. Valuing rational-only thinking over feeling, the creative unconscious, and intuition keeps people disconnected. What about rational-AND thinking? We need our whole selves in order to be in connection. We need compassion. We need our creative imaginations. We need space to connect with our inner voice. We're not just talking heads, and emotions have a place in business and life because they contain passion, inspiration, and heart. Much meaningful was created with emotion in times of hardship. This is a reminder in these times, for those who resonate, to value all of your various ways knowing, processing and solution-finding.  
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