March 2017 Newsletter
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La Jolla Cove
La Jolla Cove, March 2017

Hope you're off to a generative start in 2017! I'm feeling refreshed and renewed after working - and playing - in beautiful La Jolla, California last week. It was especially rewarding to be there working with an environmental organization, whose work I deeply believe in, facilitating creative process and seeing them emerge new possibilities and ways of co-creating in these challenging times...creativity within constraints. Then fun to take a couple vacation days of stunning beauty, beach walks, hiking, and seeing stand-up at the La Jolla Comedy Store.

I'm excited to participate in 2 upcoming telesummits - both FREE. The first one starts today - the Global Infuencer Effectiveness Summit. Learn more about it by scrolling down. I'll share the next one next month.

In Janaury I had a blast performing in 24/7, produced by Whole Theater in Charlottesville. Seven 10-minute plays are conceived, written, and publicly performed (with sets, lighting, costumes, and a full audience) in 24 hours. 7 playwrights, 7 directors, 24 actors and no one knows who will do what until they pick your name out of a hat. I played a recently out-of-work (talking) circus lion. I was nervous at first, but it ended up being one of my creative highlights here - so much fun!

Scroll down for articles, event, musings, and links. And let me know if you want to use your creativity to create your unique signature business, product, workshop, or service offering. I offer a 30-minute free, no obligation consultation to see if and how Creative Emergence Business Coaching might be able to support your creative life and work. :-)
FREE Global Influencer Effectiveness Telesummit!
Starts March 6th

I'm delighted to be part of the Global Influencer Effectiveness Summit, a free online summit that starts today, March 6th. This summit is for l eaders, facilitators, coaches, consultants, and anyone wanting to influence or contribute to creative change. Over the next 2 weeks 22 leader/practitioners from several different countries will be sharing concepts and engaging practices related to leadership, creativity, influencing, and other topics; using unconventional, whole-brain, innovative approaches; and expanding perceptions, thinking, and applicable tools and techniques to meet existing challenges in our work and lives, and create healthier, new foundations. In addition to what has worked in the past, new and different ways of seeing, thinking, and engaging are also needed to heal, transform, and co-create our world right now. 

Click here to learn more and register for FREE! 
Creativity Links

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, and other creativity-related links of interest. Join me at @ CreatvEmergence.

1.  The Future of Cities - innovative responses to urban issues - PBS News Hour
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3.  When ur brain tries answering a questionm it can't contemplate anything else - FastCo:
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5.  Play and Creativity - Steven Johnson on BBC News:
6.  Life's economy is primarily based on collaborative rather than competitive advantage:
7.  The NYC Clubs That Launched Comedy Legends - NY Magazine:
8.  Creativity Improves Wellbeing: Art transforms mental health ward - theGuardian:
9.  Using Improv To Help Kids With Autism Show And Read Emotion - NPR:
10. A Cascade of Sand: Complex Systems in a Complex Time:  
11. The Collapse of Expertise & Rise of Collaborative Sensemaking:
12. Creating is not Just a 'Nice' Activity; it Transforms, Connects and Empowers:
13. The Neuroscience of Creativity and Insight - BigThink:
14. Characteristics of complex adaptive systems:
15. Julie Andrews focuses on saving the arts with her new Netflix kids show

"The role of the artist is to make revolution irresistible." - Toni Cade Bambara
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Business Integrity: Giving Attribution

I deeply value integrity in business. For coaching clients who have asked how to attribute when there is a question, this is how it's done: I recently got a request from someone to use an image I created, with my copyright information intact and visible, for a course he is doing, and he sent a copy of the image and and exactly how he would be using it. He asked if it was OK to use it as he has it, and if so, if there was something I'd like him to change or add to the attribution.

Some people think it is not a big deal to take images, blog posts, and signature approaches that someone else created and claim to have developed or discovered it themselves, and use it in their own workshops or products without clear attribution. They often don't even realize that it literally is stealing. Intellectual property is property. If you use a model, approach, piece or writing, conceptual framework, or creative or artistic process someone else created and showed you, or if you found it in a blog post - even if you have tweaked it - make sure to give clear attribution to the source. It's unethical, and illegal (and just bad business karma) to use it, teach it, or share a copyright process or product without giving proper credit to the source. This is subject is up with me now as I recently have had blog posts, as well as a signature coaching process I developed, taken and used without attribution, so I wanted to share it here.

I wrote a blog post in this before. For those new to this email list, find it here: When Someone's Uses Your Idea without Attribution: The Creative Response.  I'd welcome any of your thoughts on this, or how to handle it. Just email me. :-)       
Creative Emergence Coaching

Creative Emergence Coaching is a whole-brain coaching process designed to accelerate your personal, professional, and business development. Using a variety of whole-brain approaches designed to bypass the habitual thinking/being patterns and engage you into new territory, we focus on discovering and/or structuring your purpose, passion, creativity, and aliveness into an income-generating business or work...or creating anything new: your signature approach/model/process/methodology, workshop, product, or service. I meet you wherever you are and we go from there to create what's next in a fun, soulful way. Contact me for a FREE, no obligation 30-minute discovery consultation to see if this approach is right for you. 

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The Center for Creative Emergence is a creativity consulting, facilitating and coaching company dedicated to integrating inspired creativity, meaning, organizational culture and business for a happier and more productive work life and a richer bottom line. We cultivate creative thinking, breakthroughs, and emergence with entrepreneurs, teams, and organizations via whole-brain creative process for innovative work, positive social change and consciously creating a generative future.

Our Services include creativity and emergence coaching and facilitating, whole-brain corporate and public workshops, conference presentations, creativity events and Quantum Leap Business Improv.  

Creative Emergence Coaching clients include Entrepreneurs who want to discover their calling, develop their signature approach, products and services, or create their new future story; Leaders who want to draw out and focus the creativity of their work force; Pioneers who are forging new territory or creating new models; Facilitators who want to create new programs or workshops; Business Partners and Teams who want to co-create or establish a creative work culture.  

Organizational Clients have included Dominos, John Deere, PBS, Panasonic, Deloitte, Microsoft, GEICO, RAPP, Kaiser Permanente, Federal Executive Institute, Inova Health System, NetImpact UVA, Teach for America, Hands On Network, National Institutes of Health, The World Bank, USGS, Invest Northern Ireland, Service Employee International Union, Clean Currents, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration among many others.

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