March 2020 Newsletter 
Hi there. I so hope you are doing well and staying safe!

I had this newsletter set to go out right before the WHO announced the global crisis on March 11. I took some time to gather my thoughts this past week, and sent out a response yesterday: Considerations for a World Disrupted. And I decided to still send out the newsletter, given most of what's in here can still be applied or adapted to our current situation.

NEW OFFERS (with more on the way)
1.  Virtual workshops. While new to leading virtual group workshops, I've done creative, interactive, experiential coaching sessions with my coaching clients online for over a decade I use whole-brain, whole-body interactive creative processes virtually every sessions - all of which can be applied to groups online, as will adapting other practices from in-person workshops. I'm in the process now of learning the technical aspects of Zoom to be able to host both public workshops and my organizational clients. Looking forward to bring interactive creativity experiences into online meetings and workshops. More as that as it unfolds.

2. Creativity for Coaches Coaching. I'm coaching or training other coaches how to bring whole-brain creative process into their virtual coaching sessions already. I find it meaningful to share a host of visual thinking methods, body-centered methods, improv and theater-based activities, and reflective/meditative approaches, among others for coaches to use to bring their more creative aliveness virtual coaching! I feel I was designed for this. I been offering Creative Facilitation Coaching for facilitators since 2006, and now am expanding it to facilitating online events.

We can't control what's going on in the world, but can influence our experience of it.
The world needs our creativity now more than ever. If we each do what's ours to do in our little corners, positive shifts can happen. We can't go back, so now's the time to grow into what's next. Be kind to yourself as you navigate these changing and challenging times.
Love and good thoughts, 
:-) Michelle
Blog Post: Creating Generative Work in a Chaotic World
Doing What's Ours to Do - 3 Approaches to Move
from Helplessness to Helpfulness

We can stay in a fight-flight-freeze reactive mode to the world's harshness...or we can acknowledge it, and choose a proactive, procreative stance in the face of it. 
For article, click here.
Blog Post: Creative Facilitation Practice
Preparing Yourself Before the Workshop

Athletes warm up. Improv/theater/dance/performance groups warm up. Warm-ups clear your head and get you out of habitual thinking, bring you into the present - where you can access more novel thinking, be more responsive and adaptive, and get people more genuinely connected. The time spent warming up is made up exponentially by the effectiveness of the subsequent creative process you can facilitate, and increase the chances of something new and different emerging within you and your participants. For those of us that facilitate creative process for others there is much we can do to shift our energy to be able to meet what emerges in that person or group...

Click here for the rest of the article.  
Applied Improv Pracitice: Yes And Yourself

The improv principle, Yes And, is a doorway to creative new worlds.Yes And is generative, divergent, expansive, and opening. It's accepting the reality that's presented AND adding something new. Newness upon newness creates previously unimagined - and liberating - new worlds, ideas, visions, possibilities, options, and choices. Not just for groups, we can Yes And our own ideas and creative impulses instead of Yes Butting them out of existence.

Practice to try: For one week, try Yes Anding all of your own ideas that feel alive in you. Explore and engage them, even without knowing where that will take you or if is does not make total sense. Play with it - let the ideas expand uncomfortably long. If the internal editor comes in giving reasons why it won't work (time, money, other people or obligations, not realistic - whatever), put the editor on hold for a week. Treat yourself to an extended divergence vacation in Yes And until something new emerges - and it will if you let it. Yes And is a  divergence practice. If allow yourself to do it for a while before you bring it back into convergence (grounding it into an accessible vision, goal, or strategy), you might have something new and exciting to converge around. 
Blog Post: Story-hopping - Meaning Making is a Creative Act

Making meaning is a creative act. It takes us out of the static, binary thinking of good-bad/right-wrong/pass-fail and brings us into an upward dynamic growth spiral of more possibilities. It allows us to break old patterns and create new ones. Whatever we can find meaning in transforms it. Meaning making something we can do any time with conscious intention and attention...and it in turn creates a flowing, yet focused, channel for more purposeful creativity to emerge. One of the many ways to make meaning is through storytelling...
Click here for the rest of the article.  
Blog Post: Taking Back Our Creative Power

Taking back our creative power starts with owning the choices we make...not waiting for other people's choices or situations to give us permission to move forward...and not using other people or situations as an excuse to not follow our own inner call. It means following our aliveness, not our fears - moving through the fears as they emerge...taking time to discover what's ours to create...and then cultivating it over time, like a garden - watering what we want to grow, and weeding out what's no longer healthy...using our time and energy toward what we want and feel called to create...

Click here for the rest of the article.  
Emergence Space in the Creative Process

Creativity Links

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, quotes, and other creativity-related links of interest. Join me at @ CreatvEmergence.

1. The Science of Kindness: Biology Proves How We Are All Connected - Good News Network "Although we are unique individuals, our lives are part of a dynamic and vibrant larger network. What each of us does in that network influences many others and vice versa-i.e., we are in this together...kindness and cooperation are actively required for living beings to survive."

2. The Power of Creative Constraints - "they aren't the boundaries of creativity, but the foundations of it." ~ TED-Ed talk for these times of great constraints and foundations for creativity - YouTube video

3. The Importance of Dancing Like an Idiot - The School of Life "We should reclaim the ecstatic dance and uninhibited boogie woogie for their deepest universal purposes: to reconnect, reassure and reunite."
Creative Facilitation Coaching and
NEW: Creativity for Coaches Coaching 

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Coaches: I've been facilitating creative process, embodiment practices, and whole-brain creative methods with my coaching clients over Skype/Zoom for over a decade. I'm passionate about supporting you to bring out your own creativity in your coaching sessions, as well as getting more creativity from you clients in the virtual space.
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