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A quick reminder: I'm offering a Whole-Brain Creative Facilitation full-day workshop in DC on June 1st. Today is the last day for the early bird discount.
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Facilitating closing session at Creativity in Biz Conference
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In this lively, FUN, train-the-trainer workshop, we'll explore and experience a variety of Applied Improvisation, Applied Storytelling, and other whole-brain Creative Thinking (visual, somatic, reflective) approaches that will enliven your programs and deepen your presence, confidence, creativity, and flexibility as a facilitator. We'll explore and experience lots of awesome principles and practices, as we focus on both your creativity as a facilitator, and bringing out the creativity of your participants, focused toward their objectives. Details and registration at  
Creativity Links

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, quotes, and other creativity-related links of interest. Join me at @ CreatvEmergence.

1. Using Improv to Unite Your Team. Source: HBR. "I've looked at many different types of teams, at a wide variety of organizations all over the world. The group that communicated best, with everyone contributing and learning, wasn't in a corporate office park; it was in an improv comedy class."
2. Liberating Creativity: Why your Business has to Find a Way. Source: London Business School. "Being creative isn't an abstract concept or a pursuit for an exclusive minority...when leaders refuse to consider embedding creativity into their cultures, they can paralyze or even kill their organization. Creative talk is cheap. Changing an entrenched, systemized way of working that quashes innovation is much more challenging...So what's the way forward?...a new, wholehearted commitment to creativity across the business demands that leaders identify the blockers and take personal accountability for leading a creative environment." 
3. The Creative Brain Movie. Source: @CreativityMovie on Twitter. "Follow neuroscientist and best-selling author David Eagleman in this inspiring new film that unravels the creative process and encourages all of us to be more creative. Check out our trailer and learn how to watch the film here:"
4.  The Ecology of Design. Source: The Side View. Design adjusts the parameters for what we are, for what is probable, and for what we can become. Design is the bootstrap by which animals, humans in particular, become capable of lifting themselves up to novel levels of existence...Design breeds affordances, affordances breed behaviors, behaviors breed ideas, and ideas breed design...These modifications are embodied and embedded at various levels of existence, from neural networks, habits, values, cultural artifacts, and constructed environments, ratcheting our way to emergent novelty."
5.  The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures. Source: HBR. "Innovative cultures are misunderstood. The easy-to-like behaviors that get so much attention are only one side of the coin. They must be counterbalanced by some tougher and frankly less fun behaviors. A tolerance for failure requires an intolerance for incompetence. A willingness to experiment requires rigorous discipline. Psychological safety requires comfort with brutal candor. Collaboration must be balanced with individual accountability. And flatness requires strong leadership. Innovative cultures are paradoxical."
6. 4 Access Points to Creativity + Presence. Source: Committed Impulse website. Josh Pais - who applies acting and presencing techniques with actors and entrepreneurs alike - has a 30-minute audio on creativity and presence that is worth hearing. Easy and effective. It requires signing up, and then you get direct access.
7. Drawing Is the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Learn. Source: Inc. "Drawing is the top of the heap when it comes to research-backed approaches. Not only will it help you get smarter fast, but drawing is also so simple and discreet that you can use it in almost any setting -- from a lecture hall to a meeting room...Drawing improves memory across a variety of tasks and populations, and the simplicity of the strategy." (Not new research for many of us, but good to see it validated more now in mainstream publications).
8. How do we build new systems to create the future we want and change the systems that are taking us towards a future we fear? Source: Medium. "Paradigmatic change is needed. The question is what form of collaboration and leadership makes this transition possible? Unlike old models, which relied on top-down - hierarchical command and control - new approaches will consciously design and create new systems for collaboration that articulate and offer alternative forms of engagement and participation."
9. British Doctors May Soon Prescribe Art, Music, Dance, Singing Lessons.
Source: Smithsonian online. "Social prescribing can help us combat over-medicalizing people...The medical benefits of engaging with the arts are well-recorded...We should value the arts because they're essential to our health and well0being...Access to the arts improves people's mental and physical health. It makes us happier and healthier." 
10. Diffusion of Adoption: Using the Creative Differences. Source: my blog, The Fertile Unknown. An article I wrote a few years ago I'm re-sharing here for the new subscribers to this newsletter, and because it plays into facilitating creative process. "Diffusion of Innovations is a theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures...From a facilitating co-creativity perspective, I've found it's much easier and quicker to recognize the differences, and let people join into the creative process wherever along the bell curve they are. Not only will their resistance go down, their contribution goes up. The adoption bell curve is at work whether a leader or facilitator wants it to be or not. We can learn to use the natural trajectory of this adoption process in co-creative work teams, instead of fighting it." 
Creative Facilitation Coaching
for Facilitators, Trainers, Educators, and Group/Team Leaders
Participants in my workshop at the Front End of Innovation Conference 
*  Generate novel ideas and activities  
*  Create compelling and engaging content  
*  Bring more of your creativity into your workshop
   design or delivery to meet the group's objectives
*  Bring out the creative best from your participants
*  Increase ease and confidence with facilitating 
   creative activities; reduce resistance
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Creative Emergence Coaching
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Creative Emergence Coaching is a whole-brain/whole-person coaching process for: 
*  Accelerating personal, professional  
   and business development   
*  Discovering and structuring your
   purpose, passion, and creativity into an
   income-generating business or work
*  Creating any new offering: your   
    signature approach/model/process/
    methodology, workshop, product, or
    service; workshop design and delivery
*  Cultivating your vision, moving past blocks, creating what's next...
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Creative Facilitation Train-the-Trainer Workshops
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In-house train-the-trainer workshops for leaders, managers, trainers, coaches, and facilitators; and HR, OD, Training and other organizational departments. All individually customized for your team or group. Contact me to find out more!
Yes And is one of the guiding principles of Improvisational Theater
(and nature) that allows anyone to create something out of nothing.
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