September 2019 Newsletter 
Hi there!

Hope you had a wonderful summer. I had a busy one, 
Wildflowers in Cville

but did get away for some time in the country. By request I will be offering another one-day Whole-Brain Creative Facilitation workshop on Sept. 28. This is one of the last chances to get this workshop in a one-day format (an expanded version is in the works). Scroll down for details on this workshop, along with an article, posters, and links.
Been focusing more on the power of presence lately, with my work in the creative process, and unleashing our creative ingenuity in the greater scheme of things. Thoughtful quote by Joanna Macy: "The biggest gift you can give is to be absolutely present...that you're showing up, that you're here and that you're finding ever more capacity to love this world because it will not be healed without that. That is going to unleash our intelligence and our ingenuity for the healing of our world..." 

Cheers to being present for your unique creative self and contribution! 
:-) Michelle
Whole-Brain Creative 
Facilitation Workshop
9/28 in DC!
Earlybird discount thru 9/18!
Empower your facilitation, and your participants! Bring your workshops, your participants (no matter how seemingly "boxed in" or resistant), and yourSELF to creative life! In this dynamic, fun, train-the-trainer workshop we'll explore and experience a variety of Applied Improvisation, Applied Storytelling, and other whole-brain Creative Thinking and Being (visual, somatic, reflective) approaches that will enliven your programs and deepen your presence, confidence, creativity, and flexibility as a facilitator. We'll experience awesome principles and practices in action; design hacks to get engagement; and the inner and outer "facilitation landscape" - focusing on both your own creativity as a facilitator, and bringing out the creativity of your participants applied toward their objectives. And turn resistance to the unfamiliar (yours and theirs) into joyful engagement! Details and registration at
A few participants from the June workshop in action

The Transformative Power of Applied Improvisation 

Improvisational theater changed my life.  
I truly believe it should be taught in every
school - from elementary to higher education. The transformation I have experienced in my life and work, as well as seeing it with countless others over the years, is huge. It helped me reach a new level of freedom, comfort, and ease with facilitating (and navigating the resistance that emerges when introducing non-conventional creative approaches), and helped me changed my relationship with mistakes. Instead of fearing them - and sometimes freezing to act because that fear was so great - I learned to more often experience them as discoveries, iterations toward what will eventually work, and invitations to create something new.
And I have seen powerful changes in groups - from gov't to for corporate to non-profit to arts-based - where they leave changed inside of themselves, and within their team interactions when they re-ignite the creative spirit already within and between them. Improvising and the tenants of improv (principles of engagement) are inherent in us - it's what was there before we got socialized, educated, judged, or traumatized out of our natural improvisational, yes-anding, exploratory natures and into pass-fail, right/wrong binary thinking. We actually have nature on our side when we improvise - and when we apply the improvisation principles and practices to our work.

Improv theater and Applied Improv (when the goal is not only performance but applications to other areas of life and work) gets us out of our evaluation-first minds and into the presence, spaciousness, and creativity (divergence) of the moment, where more options and choices open us (before we get into convergence). Because we're trained out of our playful exploratory natures, and the ways our workplaces are set up - away from the part of ourselves that trusts the unknown, likes discovery, feels free in not having everything planned out, and can hear and trust the inner voice - many of us have forgotten we are improvisational by nature...or we have limited it to only small siloed sections of our lives. If you have a chance, give your Creative Self the gift of taking an improv class in your city. Not only is it fun (if at times uncomfortable for some at first), it can change how you move through the world. If you lead others, it can change the quality of creative output you get out of your teams. There is an Applied Improvisation Network facebook group if the topic of of interest - - with a lot of generous people.  
    My latest posters :-) 
Creativity Links

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, quotes, and other creativity-related links of interest. Join me at @ CreatvEmergence.

1. Reinventing Organizational Learning - Towards Transformative Emergent Learning. "In transformative learning the emphasis shifts from information to imagination, from intended learning to emergent learning...Against this backdrop of incessant change, advent of the uber-technology era, climate crisis, and socio-political upheaval...organizations have to learn differently..."Transformative Learning." enfolds other forms of learning within itself but adds another dimension to the whole...Imagination, Sensing and Sensemaking, Holding of Paradox, Holding of space, Generative conversations..." Source: Network Weaver

2.  The Three Qualities Leaders Need in an Uncertain Future . "According to the World Economic Forum, creativity is among the top three skills needed to thrive in 2020, along with other capabilities infused with the human touch: complex problem solving and critical thinking. In a world where thorny challenges have no magic solution, leaders must get comfortable with not having an answer-leaning into the unknown and establishing a leadership style that incorporates many perspectives, sustains optimism, and perseveres through ambiguity. Creative leadership takes conditions that are anxiety-provoking for many, and turns them into opportunities..." Source: IDEO

3. Is our organisational OCD (Obsessive Certainty Disorder) is becoming life-threatening? "exploring the conditions that enable creativity and innovation in organisations to emerge. A counter-intuitive discovery has been that the very things organisations need in order to enable creativity are the things they typically work really hard to get rid of.For example; organisations value certainty and stability so they remove tension, paradox, risk. They want answers, not questions; compliance and conformity, not curiosity. They optimise for efficiency and thereby remove slack, boredom and play...creativity and innovation often lie on the other side of discomfort - in the midst of ambiguity, uncertainty, tension and risk. Or on the other side of the socalled 'inappropriate or silly' - in imagination, play and serendipity." Source: Medium 
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*  Increase ease and confidence with facilitating 
   creative activities; reduce resistance 
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Creative Emergence Coaching is a whole-brain/whole-person coaching process for: 
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   income-generating business or work
*  Creating any new offering: your   
    signature approach/model/process/
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*  Cultivating your vision, moving past
   blocks, creating what's next...
It starts with space, time and attention - your presence to your process. 
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