Creative Living

Daydreaming is the canvas on which to create our future 
and our life is the masterpiece. 

Excerpts from 
by Lauren Heistad

 Artwork and Photo by Makenna Heistad

June 6,  2018


Lately, I have been reminiscing about the summers of my youth. Whenever I was outside in nature, time seemed infinite and my worries virtually non-existent. I remember spending hours lying in the grass looking up at the clouds. Climbing trees and sitting under their soft canopy well after dark. Daydreaming for hours on end. Or, sitting by the creek starring deep into the water that seemed to echo the depths of my soul and calm the churning of my busy mind. Solitude at its best. Peaceful tranquility captured in time.

I find as we get older, we need to remind ourselves to continue with these creative living moments of just being. We have to slow down and make the time to connect to all things. My advise...don't just spend time out in the yard this year carefully manicuring its foliage, sit within its quiet strength and breathe. Don't just sit on your deck trying to capture a moment of zen, actually get down onto the grass in your bare feet and enjoy the scenery from a more grounded perspective. No matter how old we are, nature provides a soothing effect to our soul. In those moments, we are able to capture the beauty of all things and relax within a state of all knowing. 

Soulful experiences are around us each and every day. Do yourself a solid and remember to be present in those moments, guilt free and truly enjoying the experience. There is time. I promise. In fact, creating the time to live creatively in the present moment is how we actually manifest the future of our dreams.

Much love and blessings to you. 

Lauren Heistad

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Events and Workshops by Lauren Heistad

"Every person on this planet is evolving without exception. How gracefully that evolution is obtained is up to each individual on a very personal and unique basis. I suggest you embrace the change and learn how to handle the increase in energetic sensitivity, so that you may fully enjoy this miraculous and much needed transformation." Lauren Heistad

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"We are what eras to come will refer to as the Transformational Generation. We are consciously moving towards global awakening by facing one fear at a time." Lauren Heistad

MORE Letters for Change

I am having way to much fun with some Facebook correspondence reflecting the changes I see occurring in the world. I thought I would share a few more of the postings here. I hope you are enjoying the letters as much as I am enjoying writing them.


May 11, 2018
Dear Darkness (in myself and all others),
I realize I struck a chord with you a few posts back, well most of them really. But don't worry. Someday we will all learn how to manage our emotions of anger and resentment, while coming to terms with the fact we are all equal contributors to the collective conscious - ALWAYS. Not just when we put positive intentions out there. Not just when we want to manifest fun and exciting stuff. A L W A Y S.
Eventually each and every person on this planet will even learn how not to project built up rage, jealousy, fear, and insecurity towards another living soul. Of course, darkness will first need to grow beyond the need to always be the predominant force and in the spotlight. I get it though, ego NEEDS a spotlight. But, may I suggest utilizing the softer more radiant glow of naturally emitted love and authentic compassion? Energetically it looks much better on a person with the extra bonus of being more effective at creating global change. Throwing energetic darts around yet still insisting we are not all affecting each other and co-creating this reality really doesn't work anymore. Actually, it never did.
p.s. I have witnessed many two year olds learn how to overcome temper tantrums, so I know we can too.
Kindest Regards,
Bringers of the Light

May 12, 2018
Dear Darkness (in myself and all others),
I'm going to shout this out today, so I hope you hear me.
WE LOVE YOU!!!! We are not leaving you behind. You can kick and scream all you want and we will not fight back, you can try to be domineering, struggle through the changes of ego, take a few steps backwards from time to time, focus solely on yourself, be an overpowering jerk on occasion, or even send hate vibes until you are blue in the face, but we will still not abandon you. You matter to this world. Stubborn beyond belief, but one of our own none the less. That being said, we Lightworkers won't let society stay in this low of a vibration for very much longer. To be honest, it's a serious energy drain and downer for the collective.
Feel free to keep your spunky, cheeky attitude, and all things original that define your uniqueness. You can follow your dreams, live an adventurous life that may or may not include overindulging and some pretty impressive cuss words if that is your thing. You just have to drop the "It's all about ME" attitude, because that just doesn't work for us anymore.
Actually, it has never just been all about you. It was always about consciously co-creating this reality together.
Sorry, we should have probably brought that to your attention ages ago. OH WAIT, we did. This time, I will write it down in clear and concise steps so there is no confusion. After all, we all know how a message or teachings can become misconstrued.
Kindest Regards,
Bringers of the Light



May 18, 2018
Dear Darkness (in myself and all others),
Let's cut the crap, shall we? We did not come to this earth to experience darkness so that we may become more resilient and learn life lessons. We came here already strong and vibrant in our own inner knowing in an effort to rise above the current darkness of this world, eager to finally experience life to its fullest, without our spark or soul potential being lessened.
Perspective old friend. But then again, you always did see things ass backwards while insisting you know best.
While we're on the topic, there is most certainly a right and wrong way to exist in this realm and treat all others. Disrespect, non-compromise, aggression, manipulating other's realities, and sending out more hate vibes is not the answer.
The shadows of this earth may be rising to the surface in their selfish pursuits and narrow-minded thinking, but mark my words...this too shall pass.
Get a mitt and get in the game old friend. Enlightenment and heart-centred living is the new warrior in town.
Kindest Regards,
Bringers of the Light


May 19, 2018
Dear Bringers of the Light (in myself and all others),
I promise to write to you soon. But first, I must once again speak to Darkness my old friend, plant some seeds for a better vision, flash out a few warning signs of change, echo my words further down the line, and dare to disturb the silence.
Besides, I know you Lightworkers are growing in strength and clarity each and every day, talking light language without even speaking, hearing the truth without even listening, and writing new songs to finally be shared. All in an effort to disturb the silence.
From me to you with all my sincerity, keep up the good work.
Bringer of the Truth
p.s. This post was inspired by the wonderful lyrics of The Sound of Silence and I am in no way taking credit for the work of another brilliant mind. That's really not my style. Instead, I am utilizing the inspiration to find my own voice.



Lauren Heistad

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