Creative Excuses to Market Your Business:
Dates & Events to Make Marketing Fun
Throughout the Year
Planning for March 2021
Three Fun/Creative/Timely Excuses to
Market in March
Red Cross Month
While March is officially Red Cross Month, there is a dangerous shortage of blood right now. Whether you consider it for now, next month or want to wait for March, please consider organizing a blood drive sponsored by your business. You'll be doing a great thing for the community and can benefit from some great PR in the process.
Sleep Awareness Week - Mar.14-20, 2021
Getting a good night's sleep is vital to being and staying healthy. Encouraging good sleep habits for your employees can increase their productivity while keeping them safer at work and reducing sick days.
Puppy Day - March 23, 2021
There's no denying that puppies bring a smile to most people's faces. Whether you just want to play with one for a few minutes, or are looking to provide a good home for one, this is a great reason to plan a puppy party for your employees and/or customers - they can be done live or virtually!
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