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Holiday Business Gifts Strategy #3

When it comes to business gifts, what's on the outside can be almost as important as what's on the inside. If the packaging or presentation of a business gift is creative, it makes the initial impact and resulting memories that much more powerful.
Although gift cards are a popular choice, statistics show that about 25% of gift cards are never redeemed. When they are, it's usually to purchase necessities, or a gift for someone else. But what if you were to put that gift card in a wallet, nice sport bottle, or snow globe? The wow factor has just increased exponentially and you've given an additional item that will be used and enjoyed lon g after the gift card is spent.
Do you like to give a more "crafty" type of gift? Maybe give a cookie recipe and packaging the dry ingredients so that it's practically ready to bake? What if you dropped that
ingredients package into a cookie jar, or a mug? Your presentation impression just went way up and the packaging will be used long after the cookies are enjoyed. Imprint that mug or jar with the cookie recipe and you'll be remembered whenever a new batch of cookies is baked, too!
Need ideas to make this year's business gift giving so successful that they'll want to do business with you just to see what you come up with next year? We're here to help: 
We can help with packaging and even do the entire fulfillment for you - from gift choice and production to packaging to delivery.

You can check out a small sampling of holiday gift ideas and business-appropriate cards in our online catalog
located in the Themed Stores area of our website. 
Now is the time to start making your choices before inventory disappears or rush fees start to apply. 
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National Stress-Free Holidays Month
Adult Coloring Book
Adult Coloring Book
We all know that, along with the fun, excitement and joy that the holidays bring, a fair share of stress is also involved. Why not take this opportunity to help your employees fight this problem so they can continue to provide excellent customer service and top quality products to your customers? Stress Relieving Promotional Products.
Flashlight Day  (December 21, 2019)
Whether you're out camping or you've lost electricity, or just need a little light in the middle of the night, having a flashlight around is always a good thing. Take this opportunity to make sure you have plenty of these around the office, or gift them to your employees to have at home.   Promotional Flashlights

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