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Holiday Business Gifts Strategy #1

While most people prefer to give holiday business gifts in December , there are several compelling reasons to choose Thanksgiving for business-related gift-giving.  
1) Many offices close for Christmas week, or people choose to take that week off. Your gift can't get to them in time if they are not there. If it's a food gift, it may even spoil before it's received, leaving a not-so-pleasant impression (and maybe some uninvited pests).
2 ) By giving your business gifts at Thanksgiving, you're guaranteed to avoid the holiday rush of gifts t hat become a jumble of packages and baskets with no one quite sure who sent what. Yours will be among the very first gifts to arrive (if not the first) making you stand out from the crowd.
3) Is there a better time to give a gift in thanks of new business, continued business, loyalty from employees, appreciation of referrals and/or great support and service from vendors than Thanksgiving - the holiday expressly created for giving thanks? The sentiment will be well appreciated at this most appropriate and American of holidays.  
Now is the time to start making your choices before inventory disappears or rush fees start to apply. 
Need ideas to make this year's business gift giving so successful that they'll want to do business with you just to see what you come up with next year? We're here to help: 
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3 Fun Excuses to Market
National Long-Term Care Awareness Month
Hot/Cold Pack
Long-term care is something that most of us don't think about. While it's most commonly thought about in relation to getting older, the fact is that a medical condition that requires long-term care can strike at any age. If you're in a profession that deals with long-term care in any capacity, this is a great time to educate your customers, patients and prospects about all aspects of this need. Long-Term Care Awareness Promotional Product Ideas.
Children's Book Week (November 4-10, 2019)
Encouraging a love of reading, or at least a reading proficiency in children is one way to help a child
Magnetic Bookmark
succeed and exceed at life. If you're involved in education, the book industry, or have a business that caters to children, plan something to help youconnect books and kids this week.  Children's Book Week Bookmarks   Children's Book Week
Thanksgiving  (November 28, 2019)
Igloo Lunch Cooler
Thanksgiving is the most American of holidays. Don't let this one pass by without taking time to thank everyone who helps make your business successful - clients, employees, vendors and referral sources. Thanksgiving Business Gifts & Cards

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