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Planning for September 2020
3 Fun Excuses to Market in September
National Cholesterol Awareness Month
If you're a medically related business, this is your opportunity to educate your customers/patients about the importance of keeping their cholesterol in check. With COVID-19 still so prevalent in our lives, and knowing that it's even more dangerous for people with underlying medical issues, this is more timely than ever.
International Clean Hands Week - September 20 - 26, 2020
2020 has been the year for us to learn all over again just how important clean hands can be for our health. Encourage customers and employees to keep up one of the single most important strategies to to staying healthy by providing them with the tools to keep their hands clean!
National Cheese Pizza Day - September 5th
So while it may be Italian, pizza has become a beloved part of American cuisine. Whether your preference is New York style or Chicago style, a good slice is always a treat! Why not spring for a pizza lunch (or dinner) for your employees to celebrate the day? And, if your restaurant serves pizza, here's an opportunity to put a branded pizza-related product into your customer's hands so they always come back to you for their next slice!
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