We are wrapping up summer flower planting this week. We are proud to provide some of the most creative and successful designs and believe we have several this year that you will love like the previous years.  

We work hard to continue to experiment with new varieties and combinations. Seasonal color is expensive and we feel those who want that in their landscape deserve unique and creative combinations. Our goal is to provide good season long color with the least maintenance and chemical use. We work with our grower to make these decisions. We work close with Cedarglen Floral Company. They have grown outstanding seasonal color for us for nearly 3 years now. It is a small world: Bob originally met Cedar Glen owners, Cherie and Erik Siegmund when they all worked together at Drake's 7 Dees Nursery... in the 70's, gasp. 

As we have done every year, we are testing several new plants and combinations at our office in Hillsboro. Cherie helped us select some new varieties and we are excited to see which might be considered for inclusion in future programs.  
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