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September 13, 2016

Short Creative Bits
Shimmer Gel, Hair Crayons & Eyelashes

Angela Kumpe grooms every day pets just like you. Ok - maybe she has a bit more color tossed in - but her clients are just like yours and mine! They are everyday folks who love their pets and many of them embrace Angela's creativity.
Angela is always discovering new ways to bring safe and fun color options to pets. Many of them are super easy to apply, like the three items we get to feature in this Learn2GroomDogs.com lesson.
You'll learn how to work with shimmer gel, colored hair crayons, and false eye lashes! Try our tricks to use them safely AND keep them in place. These fun accessories are perfect for any dog - big and small - they look charming on them all!
Click below for more details and to see the free preview!

From the Archives!  
Grooming a Maltese Shih Tzu Mix in a Plushy Guard Comb Trim    

Tracy Duncan says about 75% of the dogs at her shop get this trim. It's super popular. It's cute. It's easy to maintain. It's a good length for multiple seasons. It's a trim the pet can wear all year round. The goal with this trim style is to get the look of a stuffed animal, soft and plushy.

And the best part; it's a fast haircut to do. She says this trim should only take 20-25 minutes to do once the dog is bathed, dried and fluffed out.

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