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Because you signed up, you're receiving the first look at the 2020 Art Lives Here artworks! Our Art Lives Here campaign creates more art for more people by displaying artwork on billboards throughout southwest Florida, transforming advertising space into public art for and by our talented local artists. Observe the outdoor gallery from the inside of your car on your way home from the GreenMarket Drive-Thru!
Over the next few weeks, you can expect to see these pieces pop up on billboards around Lee County. Keep scrolling to learn a little more about each artwork. Let's get inspired by our local artists and their unique talents and perspectives.
Art Lives Here is made possible by Alliance season sponsor Carter-Pritchett Outdoor Advertising.
2020 Art Lives Here Artists and Artworks
Where the Heart Is by Tania Begg
Acrylic – 48x24in

With music playing in the background, my black ink pen dances across the canvas… the movement creating lines…and shapes…that interconnect…bright colors define each area and perform a Symphony. And within this Symphony…is my heart.
Touch by Donna Chase
Acrylic – 16x40in

A simple touch can calm a tortured soul, convey emotions… even heal. Our hands are an extension of our humanity, regardless of color, age, strength or ethnicity. In our new world of social distancing, we long for a real hug, a kiss or a simple handshake. Touch is part of the basic human experience.
You Never Know What You’re Going to Get by Stephen Hayford
Diorama and Photography - 25x15in

When I was in photojournalism, I frequently covered fishing tournaments off of Boca Grande, Florida. In every tournament, some unlucky angler would be reeling in a prize-contender only for it to be snatched by a shark before it got to the boat. I also would often witness casual anglers who let their rods sit while they took a nap. This is what I imagine when both those scenarios collide.
Jazz Dreamscape by Bruce MacKechnie
Acrylic - 20x16in

Going to jazz clubs and listening to recordings of various greats like Billy Holiday, Thelonious Monk, and many others I wanted to create an image that captured the dreamy rhythms, the varied and colorful abstract quality of the musical notes, and the range of feelings the music and the artists inspire. My composition is sort of a dream team of jazz greats who have given me, and millions of others, hours of pleasure and entertainment over the years.
Summer Practice by Nance Marsden
Oil and Pastel on Canvas – 30x40in

Some of my fondest memories of when I was young are of playing instruments and singing with my friends. It took practice to make beautiful music together. And now, it still takes a lot of practice to make beautiful music together, whatever kind of music we are making.
What Color is Your Sky by Leila Mesdaghi
Digital Collage – 12x24in

I asked my friends around the world to look up at the sky, capture it, and send it to me. There is a Persian proverb that says: wherever you go the sky is the same color! Through these photos I am able to see what they see, and by sharing it in an art form others can see it too.
Greening of Florida by Whit Robbins
Acrylic Painting – 30x40in

When I put my brush to the canvas to paint for this project about Florida, what came to mind was GREEN! Having grown up in snow-belt areas, that's what I hungered for during the long winters. Now, here I am in Florida which is a non-stop green paradise. Thank you, Florida!
Dive In by Myra Roberts
Acrylic on Canvas – 24x36in

Dive in was painted at a challenging transition time in my life. The diver represents that inner strength to take the leap of faith when life feels uncertain.
Bejeweled by Carolyn Steele
Acrylic – 30x22in

The combination of fascinating detail, texture, and color are what inspired me to paint this iguana portrait. I was especially intrigued by the beauty of the large sub tympanic shield on his lower jowl that reminded me of an Ethiopian opal, my favorite gemstone.
Water and Stone by Alyssa Stoff
Acrylic on Canvas – 72x42in

This painting comes from having artists block. At the time, I didn’t like anything I was making and really needed to do something fresh. It started out very different and I wasn't enjoying the process. Once I stopped overthinking it and just focused on my movements and feelings it really came forward on its own. For me, it's nice to know that even when I get stuck I can still find my way back. I think this painting represents that realization.
Orient Express by Barbara Weems
Mixed Media – 34x36in

This abstract painting began with mark making and my ubiquitous circles. I noticed what looked like olives and eggs on a plate and then followed tablecloths and the thought of luxurious dining on the Orient Express.
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