Welcome to Wednesday's Creativity Crate. Today, we're celebrating Earth Day with an exclusive sneak peak of an exciting public art piece coming to a cultural center near you.
The piece is currently assembled in North Fort Myers waiting for an installation date - which we hope to announce soon!
The Alliance for the Arts ArtsPark & Water Wall inspires exploration, education and presents a space for neighbors and visitors to connect to each other, to the arts, and to Florida’s unique history while sharing the sunshine of southwest Florida at the gateway of Fort Myers.
Envisioned as a community space for discovery and creativity, connections and reunion, education and adventure, the ArtsPark is unified by wandering pathways and a peaceful pond bordered by lush, Florida native plants. At the center of the ArtsPark will stand a towering piece of public art, the Caloosahatchee Water Wall, by internationally acclaimed artist Michael Singer.
A rich, dazzling blue depiction of the Caloosahatchee River will allow one’s imagination to meander like the flow of water itself. Bursts of sunshine will pour over the 25-foot sculpture to illuminate blooming native vines that climb the Water Wall’s textured, gray lattice. With the Caloosahatchee River just ¼ mile away, it’s only fitting that art and nature harmoniously coincide.
Affording an array of environmental restoration, the design of the Water Wall sweeps up water from the ArtsPark pond and filters it before allowing the water to trickle back down. As the water rolls to the bottom of the sculpture, it drips, reels and lands onto plants and soil at the base of the Water Wall, allowing one more shining and slow-moving wash before eventually making its way out to the glittering openness of the Caloosahatchee.
As an outdoor classroom, the Alliance ArtsPark and Water Wall are free and open to the public to explore. The project champions the course of Florida's unique, ecological memoir while celebrating the warmth and energy of our local neighborhood.
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Now celebrating 45 years of transforming lives
and improving our community through the arts
This project would not be possible without our amazing members, donors and partners.
Ongoing campus improvements have been supported in part by
John E. & Aliese Price Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Frizzell Family Foundation
Deborah Meisenberg Family Foundation, L.A.T. Foundation, Rotary Club of Fort Myers South
a special gift in memory of Lucille Remler, Huffer Foundation
Keep Lee County Beautiful Foundation, LCEC, The Claiborne and Ned Foulds Foundation
and Alliance members like you. 
Project credits include Artist/Designer Michael Singer and the Michael Singer Studio Team
Barbara Hill, Jeffrey Mudgett, Jon Romine, Michael Sohn. 
Construction and in kind credits include Lombardo Landscaping, Tri-Circle Pavers
OAK Construction, Franco Pavers, Noel Painting, Total Electric and Juniper Landscaping.