Welcome to Sunday's Creativity Crate. This morning we're offering you a full care package of fun stuff to click on. Here we go!
Books you should read, according to the New York Public Library
Discover the lost art of deep listening and fall in love with music again
Find out your creative personality with a quiz
Access 450+ philosophy lectures and classes
Actors turn their closet into a stage
Tame your wandering mind
How squids outsmart their predators
Seven women photographers redefining surrealism in the 21st century
Appreciate America's forgotten Post Office murals
Where to view some of the best filmed Broadway shows
Read books online for free
The world's roundest object
Watch all 403 episodes of Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting
Photos of April's pink supermoon
Deep dive into the Great Barrier Reef
Mind-bending photos of Jupiter
Tour Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House
Explore the hidden worlds of five national parks
Gardens you can virtually tour
Gerbils who visit a miniature art museum
Colorful maps of the oldest running businesses
Famous paintings re-imagined with cats
Learn the magic of minerals
Paint a watercolor moon
Make and play a personalized version of Guess Who
Give your alphabet magnets a makeover
Use your keyboard to create animations and sounds
Test your creativity with classic challenges
Analyze paper cutting artworks
16 coloring pages celebrating famous women
Film an artist statement video
Create a paper daisy backdrop
Marble a coffee mug using nail polish
Download a new embroidery pattern
People who are recreating famous artworks
Take a free Ivy League course
Help librarians and archivists from the comfort of your living room
How the world's longest underwater tunnel was built
An account dedicated to vintage paper crafts for printing and play
Tips for storing produce and wasting less
Learn about the human body through animated narrations
Memorize a monologue
An impossible, transparent jigsaw puzzle
Make a rainbow gelatin cake at home
Sword-shaped keys that make you feel like a warrior for opening a door
Art museums sending each other virtual bouquets
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