Welcome to this week's Creativity Crate. This morning we're offering you a full care package of fun stuff to click on. Here we go!
Bust your writer's block with artificial intelligence
Things to draw when you're out of ideas
How to make flower fairy lights
A cartography nerd's guide to map-making
Create a mason jar aquarium for kids
Documentaries to spark your creativity
Understanding Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory"
The fascinating history of Petra
The invention of the smiley face
The forgotten female art dealer who championed Picasso and Modigliani
The unique history of chair design
A cartography nerd's guide to map-making
How music influences plant growth
10 reasons you didn't get the job (that has nothing to do with you)
How old masters art dealers are attracting a new generation of collectors
Wellness rituals to practice
How to get things done without motivation
Five key stages of the creative process
How much sleep do you actually need?
Top ten streaming films about artists
Poetry is an incredibly versatile art form. It can make you laugh, cry, think, reflect or just relax. This is the moment to embrace poetry, enjoy poetry or even create it. If you'd like to share a verse or poem of your own with us, please submit through the link below. Later, we'll share it back to our Creativity Crate community.
Thursdays, September 3 - 24 • Introduce yourself to the world of oil paints! This class is designed to give beginners and intermediate students a way to understand how to handle the medium of oil paint and how to mix color effectively. Students will work with and learn from paintings from old Masters like Gainsborough, Rembrandt and Zorn.
Exhibits September 11 - October 17 • Get mischievous and ignite your imagination with our September exhibit, Plays Well With OthersThis vibrant and immersive show will engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds through (socially distant!) public programming including a virtual opening receptiononline artists and curator talks and workshops.
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Deadline: November 6 • This new exhibition opportunity, in partnership with The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum, asks artists to dive into water - an essential component of life on our planet, environmentally, culturally and historically. Prizes will be awarded including $1,000 cash for Best In Show, $250 for 2nd place, $100 cash for 3rd place and Juror's Choice Award of $50.
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