Welcome to this week's Creativity Crate. This morning we're offering you a full care package of fun stuff to click on. Here we go!
50 songs from a single year mixed together into one 3-minute song
Feel good animations that offer a break from reality
Photos of famous theatres from a performer's perspective
Greek myths that help you understand art history
Wavy walls using fewer bricks than straight walls
Dutch restaurant creates small greenhouse diners to maintain physical distancing
Artists have been celebrating the medical profession since the Renaissance
Banksy's powerful anti-racism artwork
The difference between champagne and prosecco
Tips from Ernest Hemingway on how to write fiction
An artist making fauna out of flora
Artists on self-care rituals that keep them creative
Draw a monarch butterfly in these easy steps
Homeowners create survey for neighborhood to help choose next house color
The British Museum puts artwork online for free, public use
The unique history of chair design
The difference between art and craft
Hidden doodles in Swiss maps
Animal illustrations made of pressed flowers
A history of art deco design
Illustrated floor plans of beloved films
Landscape photographers who capture more than nature's beauty
The power of puns
The intersection of art and ecology
A virtual tour of the world's only sourdough bread library
Art exhibits you can virtually visit
Art lessons you can watch online for free
How to centralize your tasks when you're using too many apps
How (and when) to prune garden roses
Take Hannah Arendt's final exam for her 1961 course "On Revolution"
A Google-Doc dedicated to anti-racism resources
How an underground kitchen funded the Civil Rights Movement
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Submission deadline: July 1 • In an attempt to process the multilayered issues facing our society and culture, this exhibition asks artists to submit traditional works of art in painting, drawing, mixed media, and sculpture but is also looking for proposals in a variety of installation or alternative mediums such a video, projection, memorials, and community based projects.
Saturday, June 13 • Grab the entire family and gather around your computer for an evening of virtual trivia with your friends from the Alliance! Play and answer in real time with our live host, the Alliance for the Arts’ very own Technical Director, brewmaster and trivia guru, Adam Trummel. Plus, there are prizes up for grabs!
Onsite: Thursdays, July 9 - 30 • This course is onsite and will focus on the development and improvement of basic drawing skills and concepts with an emphasis on observation and visual problem solving. Representation and expression will be explored through the use of black and while drawing media. Critiques will be used to develop student’s ability to formulate and verbalize knowledgeable responses to visual production.
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