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Today, is powered by you and the songs you've submitted over the last month and the stories and sentiments behind them. Click the song title to listen!
Them Changes by Buddy Miles submitted by Jan Ackley Malecha "This was our Friday afternoon song when we were in college in the 70s. That era was a huge time of changes in music/arts, history, inclusion, politics, literature, fashion styles and philosophies."
After The Storm by Mumford & Sons submitted by Brianna Day "This has always been my favorite song, especially during hard moments when I feel like I won't get through it. It's such an accurate portrayal of what that experience is like."
Flying on Your Own by Rita MacNeil submitted by Sherrill Wright "She is a Canadian, which I am and an inspiration to all women and anyone who faces challenges and setbacks in their lives. She died too young, but I would like to see her memory and beautiful voice continue to inspire."
ArtParty Playlist submitted by Maria Collier "This playlist was inspired by the art class I just taught. These songs bring me joy and I knew they would make passing on the joy of creating art seamless. The beats help me explain the strokes I take in my work, but more importantly, they get everyone moving. These songs will definitely get your feet tapping. They help to bring forth happiness, create vibrancy and elevate the spirit. That is the feeling I hope everyone leaves with."
The Best of Brahms submitted by Sybil Tartaro "I love classical music, it's soothing and therapeutic. Especially Brahms!"
Outnumbered by Dermot Kennedy submitted by Shannon Kurzyniec "This just reminds me that we are not alone. Reminds me to reach out to others. Inspires me to do and be more."
Tie Me Up by Ezza Rose submitted by Vicki Baker "I like the vocals and the instrumentals on this piece."
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by The Postal Service submitted by Jessica Wisdom "This song brings back such a vivid memory for me of living in Washington, D.C. as a young professional and staying in the city for Thanksgiving. My roommates were gone and so, it seemed, was everyone else in DC. I bundled up and sat on the balcony listening to this album as I watched the silence of the streets, so very different from every other day in the city. I felt truly alone but that kind of alone that you find inspiring, not sad - that feeling of freedom that only comes with a feeling of true contentment. In that moment, with that song playing, on that balcony, I felt free. 

I recently heard the song again for the first time in a while and it bubbled up intense emotion and reopened memories of that time that I haven't thought about in almost 10 years. It's truly amazing what music can do."
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen submitted by Marilyn Mecca  "The greatest rock song of all times. Pure genius. Innovative & intense. Profane & poetic. It continues to “blow my mid” after forty years with its clash of chords and lyrics."
Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On by Jimmy Buffet submitted anonymously "This song centers me when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed and makes see the beauty of breathing in the really great moments."
The Universe Smiles Upon You by Khruangbin submitted by Desiree DeMolina  "This album was discovered by accident back in March. Also by accident, it became the soundtrack for my April. The music is mellow and undemanding and drifted in the background as if narrating what I was doing – from working at home at my dining room table to cooking dinner, sitting on my patio or putzing around the house. During such an uncertain time, it was constant and comforting, and, if I wished to pay attention, I was consumed by the incredible and warm soundscapes the album created."
Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka submitted anonymously "No matter where you go in this world, you’d realize most of us are fighting the same fight... there's pain in this song, but also there is strength."
I'll Be Around by The Spinners submitted by Mary Beth "Timeless music that will make you dance!"
O Sacred Head Surrounded submitted anonymously "I feel like 2020 is an ever-lasting Lent. This is sacred music sung with great beauty and grace, as is the entire album. It gives great peace and comfort in what are historically stressful times for all. This is timeless music that tells me that the ending of the story will be joyful - even if presently things are not so joyful."
Moonlight Serenade by Glen Miller Orchestra submitted by Marilyn Mecca The big band sound at its best. A love song to be shared on the dance floor."
Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog submitted Denise Weiner "This song is about hope and connection which we need desperately in today's crazy world. I pray that we find the rainbow connection Kermit sings about soon and come out the other side of the pandemic and social injustice in health and peace."
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