I have long believed hidden within layers of a perceived challenge or crisis is a shining silver lining! As I continue to tap into the opportunities of 2020, this truth is confirmed!
I encourage you to stop and reflect on the experiences and gifts the global Panademic has offered as we journey through the last few weeks of summer.
Positive Opportunities
-Awarenesses of creating new ways to work , creating variety of unique market venues and remote ways to work from home: showing us we do not have to leave home to drive to work.
-Working from home enables us to have opportunity to work at more than one income by working for more than one company.
-Being able to speak with your doctor and other practitioners over zoom or FaceTime
-Creating and participating in videoconferencing ways to interact with friends/family, attend classes, book clubs, and events within our respective home spaces.
-Spending more time in nature due to so many businesses, gyms, theatres, being closed.
-Having walk-tails by picking up your adult beverage at the door of your favorite hangout and walk around at social distancing in our cities.
-Creating a home exercise program at home with free weights, yoga mats, and resistance cords via YouTube
-New brilliant ideas for new app creations and technologies created and available to all of us
-Time to reflect on those subtle behaviors we have been too busy to notice or journal about that we really want to address so we can be the best version of ourself.