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Creativity Works Newsletter February 2019
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This month we are launching another fantastic programme for artists, called 'Enterprise Works.' As alluded to in the title, it is an initiative with a focus on social enterprise, for socially engaged artists who are trying to make social impact with their work (that's a lot of social!) Having spent the last few years studying the principles of social enterprise myself, I am convinced that this model will be incredibly useful for artists working in the field of social practice, to ensure they are giving themselves the best possible chance of having sustainable and effective careers.

The programme is delivered by Creativity Works alongside business experts from the University of Bath, and other guest speakers and specialists. This unique offer is really one not to miss, especially as it is hugely subsidised, bringing down the price as much as possible to make it an affordable investment in your career. Far from being a 'stuffy' business course, it will be full of creative approaches, much discussion and peer-learning, and is designed to be as practical as possible.

I do hope that you will take the opportunity to join this new programme, and indeed to try the other complementary strands of co|Create that include Creative Inspiration and Safe Practice. More news regarding those programmes will be released soon. To find out more about Enterprise Works and to sign up, see the article in this newsletter.

On a very different topic, the theme of this years' Holocaust Memorial Day was 'Torn From Home'. Without getting too deep on the subject, I find this particular Memorial Day annually, very poignant. Amongst the many extraordinary stories and testimonies from this period in history, I found the documentary 'The Last Survivors', shown on BBC a couple of weeks ago, was especially inspirational, due to the incredible amount of creativity that the survivors still use today to make some sort of sense of their worlds. From painting, to sculpture, to poetry, for these last remaining survivors the arts remain central to their existence. It seemed to me that the only way they could express the horror that they had witnessed, as human beings, was through the arts. It was another reminder of how essential it is in our lives.

Director, Creativity Works 

NEW Enterprise Works for Artists Course

Enterprise Works is a unique and practical business programme with a focus on Social Enterprise aimed at socially engaged artists and creatives who are looking to make social impact within their practice.

Led by  Creativity Works  and the  University of Bath, it explores an array of ideas and tools that will enable you to be sustainable and effective as an artist, and to thrive as a social entrepreneur.

We believe that having a thorough grasp of business, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing and strategy can future proof your career and be the springboard for increasing your income, making more social impact, and establishing a network of employment opportunities.

If you want to prosper in this ever-increasingly competitive and complex world, then this programme is for you!

  • Tuesday 5th March 10am-4pm: An introduction to social enterprise and business planning
  • Tuesday 12th March 10am-1pm: Finance and budgeting
  • Tuesday 19th March 10am-1pm: Finding and maintaining work
  • Tuesday 26th March 10am-4pm: Presentation and communication
Venue: The Innovation Centre, Carpenter House, Broad Quay, Bath BA1 1UD
Cost: £130 for the entire programme (this is a subsidised rate and the course would usually cost £450)

To apply:  Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Book your place now to avoid disappointment.  Purchase  your course ticket through Eventbrite

Places are available for artists who are based in the West of England [Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire], or who carry out much of their work in the area. This must be evidenced by a relevant postcode.

Note: as this programme is co-funded by The European Regional Development Fund you will be required to fill out a simple form before starting
Enterprise Works animation

Voices of Creativity Works gets underway!

Group shot: De, Dom [Somer Valley 
FM], Justin, Philippa [Creativity Works] & Irene 
Members of our Peer-Led group, Writing Space, are the first to be part of our radio programme. Justin, one of the members has kindly shared his experience with us...
Earlier this month, myself, De & Irene attended the Somer Valley FM headquarters along with Philippa and Morwhenna to record an episode all about Writing Space, Creativity Works & Mental Health.

It was a excellent experience and Dom Chambers, Somer Valley FM's Radio Producer and Presenter was very professional and a great host!  De, Irene and I read some of our own pieces, as well as pieces from Liz & Greg who unfortunately were unable to attend.

We talked about why Writing Space is such a great place, how it helps, and shared some encouraging words to anyone who may like to come along in the future.  Philippa spoke in more detail about the funding aspect, the anthologies we've produced etc..  There may be some opportunities for training in editing and broadcasting at Somer Valley FM which would be awesome!

Dom talked about his very successful international podcast and gave us advice and tips. He talked about his background in broadcasting, from humble beginnings starting out just doing hospital radio to recording episodes with famous politicians (inc John Major when he was Prime Minister) to now touring the country giving talks & workshops to local radio stations, as well as running 3 radio station shows himself and his international podcast.
De gave a heartwarming talk all about her upbringing in Widecombe and her positive experiences with her local church etc which was lovely (she shared some beautiful memories).

Irene also did a wonderful talk all about her experiences in the war and with post traumatic stress, she touched on her volunteering work at the museum in Radstock and promoting her idea of Peter The Pit Pony for educating young children about local history in a fun and dynamic way.

It was rather nerve wrecking at times but we got through it and hope to do more with Somer Valley FM in the future.  Justin
Do you want to be part of our Voices of Creativity Works project?
Have you taken part in a Creativity Works Project and would like to share the positive impact it's had on your life? 

Working with Somer Valley FM's we're creating a radio programme to share the stories of past participants, 
volunteers and artists who have taken part in any of our projects over the years. Have you been part of FreshArt@, My Time My Space, Snap & Stroll....!

We are going to be creating an hour long radio programme called 'Voices of Creativity Works' for Somer Valley FM and we'd like to hear YOUR stories.

If you'd like to know more about this and get involved please tell us about a Creativity Works Project you've taken part in and how it has helped you. Email to Morwhenna -  

Keynsham Photowalkers Work Gets Great Western Treatment!

If you happen to be taking the train from Keynsham over the next few weeks, take a moment to pause and admire the new billboards featuring stunning images by local photography group the Keynsham Photowalkers!
Following on from the success of their recent exhibition in Keynsham, the group are excited to share their work with a much wider audience by being featured at the Keynsham train station. Their work will be on show until the beginning of April. Look out for an interview with the group in our next newsletter!

Who are the Keynsham Photowalkers? 

Come along to our friendly group where we combine our shared interest in photography with sociable walks.
It doesn't matter how much (or little) experience you have, or what camera you have (or don't have...a phone is fine!). We're sure you'll enjoy a couple of hours of good company, finding a fresh perspective and focussing on the positive.

We're planning various different wanders, ranging from woodland to urban, taking in opportunities to photograph a wide variety of subjects from wildlife and landscape to architecture and street photography.
We'll help each other develop our skills with using our cameras, techniques for taking photographs and simple ways of editing for maximum impact.
Even the dullest winter day can be brightened up!
For more info please contact Becky at Bath Mind 01225 316367  or Philippa 01761 438852 

Foxhill Happy Snappers Celebrate with a Private View

Local photographers who have been part of the Made in Foxhill project celebrated this month with the opening of their first exhibition at The Hub, Mulberry Park. The Exhibition showcases Foxhill through the eyes of residents and the journeys of exploration around the locality over the last year. The event was well attended and guests included the Mayor of Bath. The Mayor was impressed with how this project helped people explore local history and photography and the value that it's brought to the participants and the local community.

The exhibition will remain on display until Friday 5th April. 
The Hub is open from 08:30 am Mon-Sat and most evenings till 9pm Mon-Thurs.
Venue: The Hub at Mulberry Park,  Bath BA2 5BZ.
For more details contact 01761 438852
Artist Profile: Noe Warren
This month we've the pleasure to introduce Noe Warren, a performance artist who will be running an exciting workshop for us later on this year. We hope that you find it inspirational!

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself (and your artistic medium)

My name is Noe, and I am working across different artistic mediums. In my practice, I merge photography, writing and performance; most of my work includes my face, body or voice and I create different forms of self-portraiture.
I have a strong background in community projects and arts education; the majority of my workshops and projects involve queer identities & intersections, self-image and how self-portraiture can be used as a tool for self-care, resistance and resilience.
What project/s are you currently working on with Creativity Works?

I will be giving a workshop for Creativity Works later on in the year [date TBC] (to which you're very much invited!). In this 3-hour session we will be combining writing, performance and photography to create strong representations or our often complex identities. The workshop is part of Creativity Work's co/create-program, and I am looking very much forward to collaborate with the participants and get to know their creative practices.

Who inspires you? (and why)

Nicola Hunter's performative work is a constant source of inspiration for me since I had the pleasure of meeting her during an artist residency; her ability to communicate transformation through performance is mind-blowing and the workshop she gave still inspires me when I create my own workshop programs. Another inspiration is Cassils, and their performance work around bodies, gender and endurance and Zanele Muholi's self-portraiture, whose exhibition in the Photographer's Gallery in London first introduced me to the concept of self-portraiture as activism.

What book or exhibition has inspired you recently? 

Hanna Perry's exhibition 'GUSH' in the Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne left a mark. The project explores mental health in our contemporary society and uses a variety of mediums, from sound to sculpture and virtual reality. I've experienced it as incredibly raw, and it communicated the artist's experience of trauma and grief carefully. Perry also devised and choreographed a dance performance for the opening of the exhibition, which was amazing to see for me as a visual artist with a dance background.

What's been your biggest professional, personal or creative achievement to date?

The past three years have been incredible for me; I think one of my most significant achievements has been to trust in my ideas and put my work out there. It's a scary thing to do; considering my time as a producer, I wouldn't have believed that I would be an artist myself one
day - because I did not believe in my ideas or that they would be relevant enough. I also just got married, which might sound like a very old-school achievement, but to me, it's been essential to put enough trust in a relationship to make this commitment.

What are your creative aspirations? 

I am working on putting on my first solo exhibition in 2019 - so that's exciting! Apart from that pretty big project I also want to invest more time in my writing and read as much as I can (that's an all-time goal). Currently, I am assisting on a 3-month-long course for LBTIQ teenagers with Photoworks UK, and I am looking forward to making the most out of this longer-term community project.

What advice would you give an emerging socially engaged artist?

As someone who is still very much figuring things out, it feels a bit bold to give others advice. If anything I'd like to say that vulnerability is a strength and that I would encourage every creative practitioner to find the spaces in which they can be vulnerable or work on creating those spaces for others; I believe that vulnerability can play a substantial part in developing resilience if we experience it in a supportive environment.

Other Opportunities & Events
Outside In Artist Support Day in Bristol - 28th March
Outside In, the arts charity who provide a platform for artists who face barriers to the art world, are running an artists support day on Thursday 28th March. The Artist Support Day aims to assist artists in signing up to Outside In. They will be at M-Shed, Princes Wharf, Wapping Road from 10:30am - 4:00pm. Artists can bring 5 pieces of work to photograph, [high quality images of their art work are taken] and support with how to write an artist statement.
Artists who feel they meet our criteria can create an online gallery showcasing their work and artist statement. This is a great way to show others their work and once they have joined Outside In, artists can get involved with the many opportunities Outside In provide, such as exhibitions, residencies, commissions and training.
Artists can book a one to one session with one of their staff for an hour. To book please email  Numbers are limited so places will be given on a first come first served basis. 
Please see attached for a flyer about the Support Day which we would be grateful if you would forward to your contacts. I have posted you some printed copies too which I would be grateful if you could distribute. 
You can find out more about us on our website

If you have any queries please contact 

Free Level 2 Certificate in Common Health Conditions Course from The Skills Network
Level 2 Certificate in Common Health Conditions will provide you and your staff with an increased awareness of a range of common health conditions including, cardiovascular disease, stroke, arthritis, physical disabilities and Parkinson's disease.
The course covers:
  • Understanding how to contribute to monitoring the health of individuals affected by health conditions
  • Understanding cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke awareness
  • Arthritis awareness
  • Understand physical disabilities
  • Parkinson's disease awareness.
This course is delivered via distance learning methods, meaning that you and your staff can study at a time and in a place that best suits you, without affecting your day-to-day roles.
If you are an individual and would like to apply for this course, please click here.
Please click HERE to register your interest and find out more

Need some more information?
If you have any questions, please The Skills Network on 01757 600 707 or email
Symposium: Why Museums Matter for Mental Health
Friday 5 April 2019
Holburne Museum, Bath.
Bringing together specialists from arts, heritage and health sectors, this cross sector learning event will talk about the benefits, challenges and outcomes of working together on Health and Heritage projects which use creativity to promote mental health and wellbeing.

As well as keynote speakers from the heritage and health fields, the Holburne and its Bath museum partners will be sharing learning from our 3 year 
Pathways to Wellbeing  programme and will focus on how Museums can act as inclusive, therapeutic spaces, inspiring creativity to promote mental health and wellbeing.
This event is programmed to complement our new exhibition Why Museums Matter (7 Feb - 22 April, 2019) which celebrates the artwork of over 20 people with lived experience of mental health issues, social isolation or homelessness who have engaged with our  Pathways to Wellbeing  programme  over the last 3 years. The programme offers free, supported, museum-based art groups for vulnerable adults who are referred through mental health and support organisations. This exhibition shows how objects from the Holburne's collection have provided creative inspiration for a wide range of people, giving an insight into the connection between creativity and wellbeing. 
For your information our 'In conversation' event on Thursday 11 April (7-8pm) may also be of interest as Tristram Hunt (Director, V&A), Maria Balshaw (Director of Tate) Sonia Boyce, (Artist and Professor of Black Art & Design at University of the Arts London) and Chris Stephens (Director, Holburne)  will be discussing the big question: Why do museums matter?

Community Mental Health Services Review

Consultation is underway on a proposed new approach to delivering 
community mental health services   in B&NES.  The proposals, put forward by Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) Council and Bath and North East Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (BaNES CCG), aim to make sure that people get the right support, in the right place, at the right time.

Since May 2017, the Council and CCG have been looking at the way community mental health services are delivered locally to decide what improvements need to be made. This work has built on the priorities identified in the 
your care, your way  review of community health and care services in 2015-17.

Using face-to-face interviews, online surveys and workshops, more than 600 people, including professionals, service users, carers and voluntary sector representatives, have already given their views on the current services and how they could be improved.

Based on this feedback, the Council and CCG are proposing a new approach to delivering these vital services and are consulting with the public to get your views. Full information about the new approach is detailed in the consultation pack. [CLICK FOR PACK]

Deadline for comments: 22nd February 2019.

What's Going On Event

You are invited to a free BANES event collaboratively set up by KS2 Bath, AWP and St Mungos for carers and service users of mental health services in BANES. This is a chance to consider, discuss and ask questions on how support and services work for people affected by mental health. 3rd Sector groups in BANES are working with us scribing and supporting what should be a great event.

Wed 27th Feb 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm, Salvation Army, Green Park Road, Bath, BA1 1XE 
Food Supplied by Food for Thought (6.00 - 6.30 pm) 

Who will be there? 
Commissioners and Directors from:
BANES Council
Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP)
Virgin care

To book your place: Email: Lee Rawlings at or text Ralph Lillywhite on: 07825115775, with your name and role (carer, lived experience, staff). Please specify dietary requirements or access issues.

This is an event aimed at service users and carers, however representatives from teams in B&NES are encouraged to attend.

The Programme for the evening includes: 

6.00pm Food & Refreshments
6.40pm Short presentations
7.20 pm Small group speed dating, decide what you want to ask & discuss.  Six different commissioners/providers take it in turns to come to your table
8.40pm Round up of what we heard and discussed
9.00pm Finish

Themes for small group discussions: 

1. Client and carer involvement: Shaping, delivery and evaluation of services
2. Crisis and Risk Management: Support when someone is in crisis
3. Positive Transitions: Services working together to achieve seamless support (discharge from services)
4. Joined up support: For people not at the threshold to access AWP but require more time & support
5. Working together: Staff & carers/supporters working together to provide the best possible support
6. Prevention: Working proactively together to keep people well

All groups are facilitated by a carer or service user.
Consultation on Veterans' Mental Health and Wellbeing
The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust is asking veterans, Armed Forces Charities and anyone else with a view to help shape a £10M Fund to improve veterans' mental health and wellbeing.
The Positive Pathways Programme will have a budget of up to £9M to fund projects that will develop and run activities which are supportive to ex- forces mental health and wellbeing.
The consultation will run until the 15th March 2019, and the Positive Pathways Funding Programme will open in May 2019.
For further information and to access the link to the consultation click 
here .
Do you have experience of using maternity services in Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon or Wiltshire? 
Do you have an interest in these services?
B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire Local Maternity System are proposing to make some changes to our maternity services, and we want to know what you think.
What are we proposing to change and why?

We need to make better use of our resources, such as our staff, our finances and our environments, in order to make our services better and to help more women and their families have more choice. 
To find out about our proposal please visit:

Tell us what you think 

We would like to know what you think of our proposal before we make any final decisions. To share your views with us, please f ill in our survey: Transforming Maternity Survey
The closing date for filling in this survey is Sunday 24 February 2019. 

If you have any questions about this survey or need the survey in an alternative format, such as an audio file, on CD, in large print or in another language, please contact Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group Communications Team at  or by calling 01380 736026. 
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