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July 2016 
Director's Blog

We are very pleased this month, to welcome Sarah Gilmartin to the organisation in the role of Artists Training and Development Manager. Sarah joins us from Surrey Arts where she was Arts for Health and Dance Development Officer. Sarah's appointment completes our latest recruitment activity with the recent appointments of Stella Yates as Business Development Manager and Morwhenna Woolcock as Comms & Admin Co-coordinator. It is great to be back to a full complement, with fresh energy and a positive outlook for the future.

Sarah will be in charge of our co|Create programme of training, development and support for socially engaged artists. This programme has been quiet recently as we have been going through the process of recruitment, with the last workshop being a highly insightful session on social media, and previously a fully attended, practical and perceptive session on creative facilitation. 
We will continue to deliver these vital workshops and many others like them, but we also have new ideas about how we can best support artists working in this field in our region. This will include a revamped Artists Area on our website with astute, constructive, pragmatic resources and innovative ways of being connected to each other and to new opportunities. It will also include more in-depth support and opportunities for artists to join peer-support initiatives, action learning circles and mentoring. We are committed to sustaining and improving the quality of artistic practice in socially engaged arts and we welcome ideas on how we can do this and how we can genuinely support you as an artist, so please do get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts.

Philippa, myself and a few of our dazzling volunteers and peer-support group members kicked off our Community Matters project recently with a brilliant two days of research training facilitated by the South West Foundation. Community Matters is a community based participatory project, where we will be working with academics from The University of Bath to examine what works best in our peer-support groups and how we can make the experiences even better and more sustainable. The research will be undertaken by members of the community and will provide vital feedback on how we can improve our services and practice.

I am biting my lip regarding Brexit, but suffice to say, amongst the plethora of opinions and writings that have emerged since the result of the referendum, the most important sentiment for me is that the arts and creativity are needed now in our society more than ever. They can bring communities together and make us understand the world and ourselves better, in an encompassing and insightful manner. In essence, Creativity Works!


(Director, Creativity Works) 

Summer Wellbeing Challenge
We'll be exploring the 5 ways to wellbeing this August

Join us this August for a month of creative activity with our Summer Wellbeing Challenge #summerwellbeing
You may already be familiar with the proven Five Ways to Wellbeing - Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep learning and Give - but how often do you explore each of these as a way to stay mentally healthy?
Throughout August we will be digging into what each means, trying out new ideas, making merry, doing new and exciting things and we are inviting YOU to join us!
Full details will be posted on the Creativity Works website and on our social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - where we'll be posting each day throughout the month with a daily challenge, so keep your eyes peeled and stay connected with us.
To take part all you have to do is try some of the ideas - feel free to come up with your own, and share you experiences with us. We'd love as many people as possible to take part - so why not join with a friend? Or with your family? Or how about with work colleagues?
It'll be exciting, illuminating and uplifting and you'll learn new skills and discover new places along the way.
And it's FREE
Ready? #summerwellbeing


Connect |  Be active | Take notice | Keep learning | Give
Celebrating Our Volunteers
A 'Thank You' evening for our wonderful Volunteers

On Weds 1st June, Creativity Works held an evening of celebration for all our volunteers at The Roper Gallery in Bath Artists' Studios with the backdrop of all the beautiful work that had been produced as part of the Fresh Art@ project. We have had around 20 volunteers helping us deliver our projects and programmes over the last year and it was lovely to be able to thank so many in person. We also invited Creativity Works participants, whose lives had been touched by the work of our volunteers, to send through their comments on what having a volunteer meant to them. Jackie Mason, a Writing Space member, put together a special poem of thanks for us to read out at the event:
Thank You!
I'd like to say a 'thank you' to all our volunteers
The work you've done for groups you've run
To you we give three cheers.
Your giving hearts and caring hands of these you can be proud
The time you've spent, your skills impart
You help lift us above a cloud
So thank you for your hard work
We thank you from our hearts
For without your caring efforts
We would probably fall apart J
So thanks!
Several others turned up to deliver their thoughts in person, directly to their volunteer or in a short speech of thanks to everyone there. Hearing the ways in which volunteers' work affects the lives of those we work with is always incredibly powerful and many of us found ourselves on the edge of tears, such was the heartfelt warmth of the words they shared. As Volunteer Support Worker I gave a short speech thanking each volunteer individually for the time they donate to supporting our work to express our gratitude for all our volunteers do.

To read the full article please click HERE

Volunteers enjoying the Fresh Art@ Exhibition during the evening. Camilla Nelson, Volunteer Support Worker Expressing her thanks to our wonderful volunteers.
Arts & Health South West Prize 2016
Our successful and innovative creative arts project Fresh Art@ has won an award.

Creativity Works and AWP received a 'highly commended' award from Arts and Health Southwest for the Fresh Art@ project.

Fresh Art@, now in its third year, is a Creative Engagement Project designed to engage service users and their family and friends in developing creative art works to make wards and buildings more vibrant and appealing.

Old faded pictures and reproduction prints at Bath NHS House were replaced with fresh, original and stimulating works of art that promoted wellbeing, inspiration and conversation between service users and staff. The artwork was so good it was even displayed at the Fringe Arts Festival in Bath.

Nathaniel Burgess, Fresh Art@ Key worker said: "This award is a huge accomplishment for everyone involved in running the project. Fresh Art@ supports people to develop new creative transferable skills and gives them a sense of pride by exhibiting their work."

The project is a partnership between Creativity Works, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, Bath Museums and Sirona Care & Health.

To read more about the prize please visit the Arts & Health South West website here


(l-r) Steve Hedley, Creative Perspectives Volunteer and Nat Burgess, Fresh Art Key Worker, being presented with the award by Sibyl Fine King from the Fine Family Foundation during the awards ceremony in Bristol.

Snap & Stroll Exhibition
At the Guildhall, Bath 

Works from the May Snap & Stroll Group are to go on show at The Guildhall in Bath from the 17th August for a month.

Snap & Stroll is an 8 week course aimed at boosting confidence, getting some fresh air and learning basic digital photography skills within a small and supportive group.  

We hope you'll be able to come along and see the exhibition!
It is run in partnership with Creativity Works, Bath College, Julian House, Sirona, BANES, Wellbeing College. 

Philippa Forsey, our Creative Wellbeing Manager visited the House of Lords in May.
All Party Parliamentary Group
Social Prescribing update from Philippa Forsey, our Creative Wellbeing Manager

"Its been an exciting couple of months  - I was invited to speak about Social Prescribing at the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on 9th May at the House of Lords," said Philippa.

"A very interesting meeting where people from across the UK and from Denmark involved in arts and health projects or research gathered to discuss approaches. It was fascinating to hear about fantastic outcomes and also to compare how the social prescribing approach across BANES is already enabling quality participation in the arts."

The purpose of the round table meeting was to discuss the current context for commissioning by local authorities and clinical commissioning groups in order to inform the APPG's Inquiry into Arts, Health and Wellbeing and to develop policy recommendations. The i nvited audience of practitioners, academics and others interested in the field of arts, health and wellbeing, were asked to prepare a 3 minute contribution to consider how policy changes at a national level could help facilitate the commissioning of arts for health and wellbeing.

You can find out more about the round tables, and download notes from most of them (others will be available soon), on the APPG webpage:   APPG for Arts, Health & Wellbeing.
As part of an Inquiry into the role of the arts in health and social care, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Arts, Health and Wellbeing is seeking examples of the arts and culture influencing health and wellbeing outcomes. The APPG is interested in examples of practice from the past decade, where there is reasonably reliable evidence of outcomes or evidence that a pilot or new approach has promise.

Submissions are invited of up to 1,000 words, arranged according to headings outlined in the guidance. For the guidance, definitions and further information about the Inquiry, please go to: APPG Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry.  

The deadline for submissions is Friday 19 August 2016.
An Hour A Day
Overview of the 2-week project during FAB16

During FAB16 (Fringe Arts Bath 2016) Philippa Forsey, Creativity Works Wellbeing Manager, curated the 'An Hour A Day' project that ran from the 1st - 12th June with 13 free Creative Arts, Health and Wellbeing workshops. 

Over 100 people took part in an interesting  programme of engaging workshops that included working with local artists, singing and ukelele playing, the Holburne museum, Living Space Consultancy, AWP (Avon & Wiltshire NHS Mental Health partnership trust) and Food For thought.

The 'An Hour A Day' workshops took place within the  Fresh Art@ FAB16  exhibition which has recently created inspiring new art for the walls of Ward 4 dementia assessment ward at St Martins Hospital. Taking part in workshops surrounded by the inspiring artwork on show gave participants the chance to also learn about the Fresh Art @ projects, already established for 3 years across BANES, promote positive wellbeing by engaging with community and cultural settings and create artwork to enliven clinical environments. These projects are supported by Creativity Works, Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust (AWP), Bath Museums and Sirona Care and Health.

Here's just a few comments from participants:

"Its helped me rediscover my artist flare and I'd love to do more"

"It has helped me to relax and sit down to do something for me"

"I've learnt a new skill, thank you and enjoyed it and am pleased with the result :) Feeling more confident and less anxious"

We would like to thank everyone that contributed to this inspiring two weeks project, sharing and inspiring others and showing how creativity, health and wellbeing are linked and enable people to explore, develop and grow.

Special thanks go to the volunteers who helped supported these events and the facilitators: Sarah Dennis, Louise Campion, Steve Hedley, Nat Burgess, Judith Green, Antonia Clews, Karen George, Phoebe Kitchner, the Early Intervention Team, Katie O'Brien, Jen Leggo and Liz from the Community Learning Service. 

If you would like information or would like to dicsuss the Creative Wellbeing programme further please contact Philippa 01761 438852 or

My Outside In Experience
By Jackie Mason

Jackie Mason from our Writing Space group, shares her experience with us of attending one of the Outside In Surgery Days last month in Bath. 
"I learnt about the outside in project through an email sent to our group 'writing space' from a volunteer at creativity works.  I was somewhat nervous, but I prepared five of my paintings for photographing and took them along to the surgery. There I met Hannah and her assistant, whom I found to be friendly and with a genuine caring attitude. 

I learnt a lot that day; I learnt how to up-load photographs or scans of my paintings on to my Gallery page. How to edit and add my artists statement. And how to change, add to or delete my page content.  
I also learnt that I'm capable of more than I thought.

I really enjoyed my experience. I am hoping for some positive responses to my work that is now on line and can be seen HERE It has been a real confidence booster and a project I would recommend any artist to get involved with.  I now have the opportunity to submit two pieces of art work for selection to the 'Alternative Visions' exhibition. I hope I am successful. (I'll keep you all Posted)."

Outside In provides a platform for artists who see themselves as facing barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation.  It was founded by Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, in 2006. The goal of the project is to create a fairer art world which rejects traditional values and institutional judgements about whose work can and should be displayed.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Outside In project or want to get involved, go to their website: or email:

Other Creativity Works Artists who have work online:
(click on their name to see their work)

The Next Surgery Day is in Bristol on 20 July


Date: Wednesday 20 July 

Time: 10:00-4:30pm 

Venue: M Shed 

Address: Wapping Rd, Bristol BS1 4RN 

Life's Blossom by Jackie Mason
The Euros - A Different Perspective

If you aren't a sports fan you might well have let the whole football mania of The Euros pass you by. Here at Creativity Works we thought it would be a fun opportunity to look at the Euros from a different perspective - the culture, the artists and the creativity of the different countries playing.
We didn't manage to cover every single match, but created our own versions for quite a few. We've put them all on our Pinterest  page for you to view and enjoy.   It broadened our horizons as we discovered different artists and creatives from different countries.  

Why not try something like this yourself - perhaps with the upcoming Olympics? See what new artists (painting, sculpture, dance, architecture, ceramics, music, food...) you can learn about. See where it takes you!
Westonbirt Arboretum Wellbeing
Visit 6th July 2016

This month saw the first visit to Westonbirt Arboretum, a new venture that has linked participants from the Creativity Works wellbeing programmes alongside their family and friends, with Westonbirt.
The sessions are therapeutic nature-based programmes of hands-on activities for mental health and wellbeing. Aimed to restore a sense of calm throughout the day, individuals share quality time with others in the group whilst being in nature. Discovering the beauty of Westonbirt, learning new facts, skills and mindfulness techniques are all part of the experience.
The day was a huge success and Philippa Forsey, Creative Wellbeing Manager, collected some highlights from the participants;
"The whole day has been fantastic"
"Bird watching, printing, the whole day has been wonderful"
"Walking in the fresh air - almost emotional the beauty of it"
"Seeing woodpeckers close up, nice pace, will sleep well"

The Next session is August 10. (FULLY BOOKED)
We hope to be able to offer more Wellbeing days like this in the future, so please do get in touch or keep a look out on our website and newsletter.

Profile: An Insight into Working with Creativity Workslouise
A Focus on: Louise Lappin-Cook, Creativity Works Trustee

What is your connection with Creativity Works?
I'm a trustee

How did you first come across Creativity Works?
Creativity Works has been on my radar for several years - I've been really interested in your work in wellbeing and keeping up-to-date with the organisation from afar, so it's a real privilege to be directly involved this past year.

What made you want to work with this organisation?
Without a doubt: the responsive approach to local communities, the genuine nurturing of creativity to enhance personal and social wellbeing; and above all the non-hierarchical approach to community development and facilitation.


Which projects have you been involved with / how have you helped support Creativity Works?
As well as sitting on the board of trustees responsible for steering the organisation strategically and financially, I've been particularly involved in looking at communications and supporting Creativity Works in ensuring its message and approach is widely shared.
What have you enjoyed the most about working with Creativity Works?
Seeing the energy and dynamism of the staff and being part of an organisation that genuinely appreciates creativity and that allows it to seep into discussions, meetings and onto the walls freely! It's lovely to be part of an organisation that allows creativity into the conversation without feeling like it's a threat to business.
What have you found surprising about Creativity Works? 
Not so much surprising, but I've really appreciated the organisation's fluid and interchangeable understanding of the roles of participant and artist, facilitator and student.
In what way has Creativity Works been of value or support to you?
As my own work is quite far from home it's been wonderful to meet some creative and inspiring individuals working in the fields of arts and wellbeing closer to home. I've also found it very valuable to gain an insight into how other boards operate and to understand more about socially engaged art.
What has been your biggest professional, personal or creative achievement to date?
Often it's probably the smaller things that tend to have the biggest impact. Professionally, I'd probably say the thing that resonates with me daily is seeing the profound impact that doing something creative can have on confidence and self-esteem.  
Personally, my two children are a constant life-affirming source of wonder!
Do you have any creative aspirations for the future (with or without Creativity Works)?
I hope to do all I can to ensure our children get to grow up in a world where the arts thrive and are valued as integral to our being and wellbeing . On a more local level I would dearly love to see Shepton Mallet as more of a creative and cultural hub in the region and for the town centre to have a bit more TLC.     
Other News...
Some top news items from our partner organisations or those that have jumped out at us.

More Surgery days with Outside In
Would you like to create an online gallery with Outside In, or know someone who would, but who does not have the skills or facilities to do it themselves? 

Founded by Pallant House Gallery in 2006, Outside In provides a platform for artists who define themselves as facing barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation. 
Artists who fit the Outside In criteria can create an online gallery, showcasing their artwork. 

At the Surgery Day we can support you to photograph and upload your artwork, help you to write your artist statement, sign you up for  your online gallery and submit up to two pieces of your work, via the website, for selection to the 'Alternative Visions' exhibition.  

To book your 1 hour one-to-one session please contact Hannah Whitlock Call: 01243 770 845 or Email: Places are limited. Please bring support with you if required and please tell us of any access requirements 

Creativity Works & The South West Poetry Tour 
A New 5 Day Event

  I mage by Camilla Nelson
The South West Poetry Tour is a new 5 day collaborative poetry initiative consisting of 5 nights of collaborative poetic performance by poets from Somerset (Bruton & Bath), Devon (Dartington) and Cornwall (St Ives & Falmouth).  

The Tour will involve over 60 poets connected to the region, commissioning over 50 new works during the course of the project.

Alongside 6 core touring poets - JR CarpenterJohn HallMatti SpenceAnnabel BanksCamilla Nelson and SJ Fowler - the project features a large number of emerging and well-known poets local to each area. 

Camilla Neslon, Creativity Works Volunteer Support Worker says:  

"The aim of the tour is to forge creative links between poets, artists, arts organisations and audiences locally and regionally. My work with Creativity Works has helped me expand these networks both on a professional and creative level and I am proud to be showcasing the work of several poets whose work I have come across as a direct result of my Creativity Works role. These poets are a mixture of Creativity Works' facilitators, volunteers and peer group participants."

The South West Poetry Tour offers a platform for emerging poets, who may only just be beginning to publish and perform their work, to collaborate with more established writers and performers, to help build creative connections between different levels of experience. 

The Tour will be visiting St. Ives, Falmouth, Dartington, Bath & Somerset in August.

For the Full article and tour dates please Click Here
Useful Websites & Articles

StoryCamp is an annual event run by Time to Change to empower people with lived experience of mental illness to tell their stories. This year, StoryCamp will feature sessions on blogging, video and working with the press, giving the next generation of mental health storytellers the skills they need to challenge stigma.
For more information and to apply, click on the link here.

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Trustees Required

We are always looking to widen our Board of Trustees for Creativity Works and would welcome any expressions of interest. We are particularly looking for those with skills in the following areas:  

- Human Resources;
- Legal Services;
- Fundraising;
- Accounting;
- or the Visual Arts. 


You will be helping to lead a hard working, creative and dedicated team of staff, steering the way in the effective growth and promotion of this expanding organisation.

Trustees meet at least 6 times a year and we encourage engagement in particular areas of work and ongoing projects.


Further detail about our work is available on our website


For more information please contact our Director, Oliver Jones ( If you would like to apply for a position as a Trustee, please send Oliver your CV and written application. Consideration of applications will be ongoing.

Please feel free to spread the word - you can download the advert here.OtherNews
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