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Creativity Works Newsletter October 2018
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It is with sadness, frustration, anger and many other emotions that we heard the news of Bath and North East Somerset Council's decision to make a 100% cut to the arts. This will not only affect us hugely as we run two highly impactful arts development commissions, but it will greatly affect the health, wellbeing and happiness of every resident of every age in the authority. Is it not decidedly counter-intuitive that, with one-hand we are commissioned to run a creative support service for people with mental health challenges, with the overt outcomes of improving their mental health and wellbeing and thus saving the local authority thousands of pounds in GP visits and visits to other costly services, whilst on the other hand, our work that has very similar outcomes and, over a period of time, will also save the local authority a significant amount of money through improving health and wellbeing, people's progression to employment, and creating social connections, is being cut!  It is the most short-termist, uninformed ideology imaginable.

This decision, and many like it around the country will be devastating for the creative future of our communities, our places, and most importantly, our young people. The arts sector has been getting better and better at advocating the role of the arts for society, yet it is still ignored by those very, very few who still just do not get it. There is an apocryphal quote from Winston Churchill about how when asked if they should cut the arts budget at the beginning of World War 2, he answered, 'so what are we fighting for?' I understand that he never actually said that, but he did say this: "The arts are essential to any complete national life. The State owes it to itself to sustain and encourage them....Ill fares the race which fails to salute the arts with the reverence and delight which are their due."

I recently attended a consultation event in Bristol for the Arts Council's forthcoming 10 year strategy. There is much to like about it and much still to work on, but at the end, we were asked a question similar to: 'How do you feel about the state of the arts over the next ten years?' We were allowed three words, but one sufficed for me: Fearful.
But, and this is a big 'but', there is so much great work being done, within socially engaged art and across the sector as a whole. We must and will keep going as we are passionate about the change the arts can make in people's lives, and the joy, reflection and debate it can bring to them and their community. It feels like a constant struggle for recognition, for funding and for respect, but we know it is worth it.

Director, Creativity Works 

Music to our ears:
A special fundraising gig for World Mental Health Day

Top: Littlemen - who'd chosen us as their charity this year as part of World Mental Health Day.
Bottom l-r: Ed Prosek, Phililippa from Creativity Works with Ali Vowles from BBC Points West and headliners Wildwood Kin. Photos by M Woolcock
Creativity Works were delighted to be the chosen charity at a special fundraising gig at Chapel Arts, Bath on 10th October - World Mental Health Day. The gig was opened by Ali Vowles from BBC Points West.

"It was a unique event that touched the hearts and souls of everyone there. Such a very special evening. We are very grateful to Simon Allen of the band Littlemen for choosing us as their charity this year. 

The performances were outstanding. We were absolutely blown away by the music of the 3 bands,: Ed Prosek, Littlemen and Wildwood Kin. The atmosphere and empathy for creativity within mental health support was amazing." said Philippa Forsey, Creativity Works.

"Ali was so understanding of mental health and sharing her own experiences and confirming the importance of speaking to others when you are struggling. She was very supportive of all of our work and it was heart-warming to hear that," Philippa added.

The evening raised over £500 for Creativity Works which will be put towards a creative project in B&NES. We'd like to thank  everyone who was involved in the event and to everyone who came along to support us especially our wellbeing partners from VirginCare, St.Mungos & Avon & Wiltshire mental health partnership NHS trust.
An evening of readings & poetry by Writing Space
Writing Space our peer-led group, also hosted an event as part of World Mental Health Day and we asked Liz, one of the participants, to share her experience of the evening with us:
It was a wild and windy Friday night as friends old and new gathered in a comfortable candle lit room in Bath to share stories, creative writing and poetry.   Within the intimate space, crisps were crunched and cheese straws were devoured to aid in the drinking of various libations.  When the readers were suitably refreshed, they read their works to the audience who sat listening intently to poems and prose.  There were tales which told of life as a  'Kitchen porter in a busy restaurant',  the 'Delights of caring for a tortoise'.  'An interview with the sun' asking how the sun manages to shine everyday despite the changing weather conditions, who looks after the sun?  A metaphor which could pose the same questions to ourselves. 
More nature inspirations followed with poetry on 'The different faces of Autumn', and a plea for 'Wellbeing and nature'.  Prose pieces 'The white candle' and a story on turtles which echoed the theme around the natural world.  There were song like lyrical forms with repeated refrains, and the 'Ballad of Sinbad the seagull'
The readers read each other's poems and saw how their audience responded to different versions.  Life sometimes takes a difficult turn and this was captured in the poems 'Guts' and 'Guts II'.  There were stories where someone is not sure how their life will turn out at first only to find out that it comes out in ways they least expected in stories of 'How I found a place to stay in a Paris bookshop' and 'How I met my husband at fancy dress party'. 
Finally, the current Bard of Bath, Kirsten Bolwig read her story 'The Dishwasher Genie'.  We are very grateful to her for coming along to our special evening.  She brought along her books including 'The Spirit Kettle'. 
The friends left the glowing candle lit room full of inspiration, satiated by literature ready to create further works. 
' Good morning Sun!' by DH (© 2018)

As we rise from sleep early morning such a pleasure to see your bright face, along with the cheerful sound of the birds singing their chorus as they rise to your bright rays of warmth stretching across the gardens of now bright flowers and green grass.

'What do you find, on first waking to bring us the first light of our day to be so bright and warm about?'
'Who starts your day off for you in the truly special way you start our days for us?' It's always a mystery for me.
'How do you stay bright and warm for so long a stretch of our day time?' Before even you have to find rest and go off to sleep in the setting of your light, in the special warm colours you find to set for the night.
Clouds can sometimes appear to cover your glow, even causing water to flow, then a little while later you glow again, your warmth drying up the wetness that has fallen, for another time of brightness and warmth for all to enjoy!


The rainbow in the morning gives all fair warning of a wet day to follow, maybe!
Rainbow, bright shining many colours in the morning. Then a little time on, along comes cloud which gives you a shower to make the rainbow even brighter. Fair weather then appears as the clouds disappear.
Fair warning of more sun later on maybe.
To view the latest poems and writings by Writing Space, please visit their page on our website:
Works by Writing Space and if you'd like to join writing space please contact Philippa Forsey - Tel: 01761 438852.
Upcoming Creativity Works Exhibitions

Beyond The High Street
An exhibition of photographs taken in and around Keynsham 
by the Keynsham PhotoWalkers group

A new exhibition by the Keynsham Photowalkers will open on Friday 26th October, 4.30-5.30pm and will run until  November 29th.
Who are the Keynsham Photowalkers? 

Keynsham Photowalkers are a small, friendly group of local residents who meet once a week to enjoy mindful photography in a busy world. They have been working with photographer Sally Collister from In the Picture.

"We focus on the details often unnoticed in the hurried everyday rush down the High Street. We slow down and take another look.  We notice the light, colour and textures around us - it's photography for better mental health and wellbeing."

Location: Temple Street Canteen, Temple St, Keynsham, BS31 1EH
Exhibition opening times [after launch]: Daily 8.30am - 4pm
This project is supported by Bath College Community Learning Team and Creativity Works

Photograph: Owl - by Becky Grinter

Connect 5 Training - Level 2, 
Brief Wellbeing Interventions

Tues 23rd October 9.15am - 16.30, Somer Valley Campus.

*Still spaces available for this training*

Venue: Bath College Boardroom - Somer Valley Campus, Wells Road, Radstock, BA3 3RW - 

Build your skills and confidence to work with and improve the mental health and wellbeing of others. Including, how to support greater insight into experiences of stress & distress and how to help people take first steps to make themselves feel better. For those with the opportunity, through their working practice, to engage in brief interventions. To attend session 2 of Connect 5 participants must have completed the introductory session 1 course

What is Connect 5?

The Connect 5 Programme is an accessible, evidenced based training that is relevant to the whole of the public facing workforce including volunteers. It provides participants with skills and competencies that build confidence in having conversations about mental health and wellbeing. It presents tools to empower others to take proactive steps to build resilience and look after themselves.

The course is accredited by the Royal Society of Public Health and courses are delivered by a range of local accredited trainers. It is a modular course with up to 3 sessions available, how many sessions you cover will depend on your role.

Connect 5 complements other training including Making Every Contact Count (MECC)
Training for Volunteers

If you are working with or volunteering for Creativity Works, or would like to in the future,  we highly recommend taking part in the training provided by the Volunteer Network. These sessions are free and share valuable skill which can be used in local projects with Creativity Works. 

For a list of courses, please visit this website:  Volunteer Network Training
B&NES Creative Wellbeing Courses & Groups
A new series of creative workshops aimed at supporting your wellbeing through creativity.

These creative projects are an opportunity to develop new skills, meet new people, develop confidence and have fun whilst supporting your wellbeing.

Photography While You Walk, Keynsham

Would you like to know more about your local community by exploring it through a camera lens in a friendly photography group?

Yes? Then why not join the Keynsham PhotoWalkers and experiment with digital photography. You'll learn how to edit your images, take part in walks and discussions in a friendly group, share social history stories and express yourself creatively.

Cameras, smartphones, tablets all welcome! Cameras can be provided. No experience necessary.

Dates: Wednesdays 
Time: 11am - 1pm
Venue: Community @ One, behind St. Johns Church, Keynsham

To Book contact: Bath College Adult Community Learning: 01225 328822  Or The Wellbeing College 01225 831820
Foxhill Happy Snappers

Do you live in Foxhill? Would you like to know more about your local community by exploring it through a camera lens in a friendly photography group?

You'll have the opportunity to experiment with digital photography, learn to edit your images, take part in walks and discussions whilst sharing social history stories. A chance to express yourself creatively.

Cameras, smartphones, tablets all welcome! Cameras can be provided. No experience necessary.

Times: 11am - 1pm
Dates: Thursdays 
Venue: St. Andrews Community Church, Hawthorn Grove, Foxhill, Bath.

To Book contact: Bath College Adult Community Learning: 01225 328822 Email:
Share your ideas
Are you looking for a creative course that we aren't running yet? 
Get in touch and let us know your ideas! Contact
We work in partnership with the B&NES Wellbeing College to offer a range of courses to support wellbeing, see what else is on offer:
Creativity Works Peer-led groups
Creative Perspectives

Creative Perspectives is a peer-led visual arts group in Bath. We offer an opportunity to meet others, learn and share creative ideas and skills, gain confidence in a safe and friendly environment and contribute to the planning and continuation of the group.
The group is planned and run by members for its members with occasional facilitation by visiting artists. It is suitable for those who would like to support their wellbeing through creativity.
There is no set tuition but a volunteer artist is available to assist when needed and all group members have a wide variety of skills and experience in many different mediums.
The group meet on Friday afternoons in central Bath.
This is not a drop-in group but if you are interested in becoming a member please contact: - 01761 438852

Writing Space

Keen to welcome new members, Writing Space is a creative peer-led support group for anyone who has some experience of writing and would like to meet with others in a friendly informal group to develop and share ideas. You don't have to be a published writer! This group is fun and welcoming to all and is suitable for anyone that would like to develop their writing skills. Bath: Tuesdays 1 - 4pm.

This is not a drop-in group but if you are interested in becoming a member please contact:

Want to make a real and lasting difference in B&NES? Join our board as a Trustee...

With exciting plans for 2018-22 we are looking for Trustees with a strong background in finance, law, HR, IT, business development/social enterprise or property acquisition.

The Board meets six times per year and is a friendly and committed team.

To apply please send a letter outlining your interest and a CV to our Director, Oliver Jones: by 30th November 2018.

"It's good to know that I'm a part of something that has such a huge positive impact for the participants we work with" - Existing Trustee

Creativity Works is a registered charity no.1075812
Other Opportunities & Events

Early Bird Tickets are available till 31st October, with a further discount on top, for AHSW members!

AHSW Annual Conference 2018: Diversity and Inclusion in Arts & Health 
Thursday 13th & Friday 14th December 2018 (8:30am - 5:00pm) at Trinity, Bristol.
Visit our eventbrite profile to view more information and to buy tickets: 
(you can also request to pay via invoice when you check out)

Tickets are available for either or both days and we have 60 FREE PLACES for day 1, which we are offering as bursaries to enable artists and health practitioners working in addiction and/or recovery and people in active recovery to attend the first day for FREE. To register for one of these free places, email with a brief description of your role and work. Then, you will be provided an invitation to register for one of the FREE places for the first day. You will need to book separately for the second day.

You can get  early-bird tickets from now until 31st October, after that ticket prices increase to a standard price. There are also concessions available for day 2. 

Please get in touch with Hannah at if you have any questions about the event.
Do you have an idea for an exhibition, a performance, intervention or event? Fringe Arts Bath want to hear from you!

Fringe Arts Bath [FaB] is offering aspiring Curators the opportunity to devise and organise a show as part of FaB Festival, 24 May - 9 June 2019.

FaB is totally open, anyone can apply, with any level of experience: students, graduates, artists, local, national, international.

Submit a proposal of up to 500 words detailing the underpinning themes with supporting images and your CV, all saved as a PDF. Email to   or post to Fringe Arts Bath, 103 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BW. Deadline to submit your proposal: 02 November 2018

Full details:
Articulate - Bath art & craft club

Articulate is a unique, vibrant and friendly club for 18+ which offers a wide range of different crafts and art, all under one roof. Articulate embraces all skill levels of artists and crafters in a creative & supportive community environment. The next meeting is on Friday 26th October.
  • We have a passion for learning new skills and sharing what we know. 
  • We believe cost should not limit your creativity so our volunteer-led club aims to keep costs as low as possible.  


So, whether you are an absolute beginner looking for somewhere to get started or experienced and highly skilled, our doors are open to you.


Meetings are fortnightly on a Friday evening and you can join us at any time from 6 pm through to 9 pm. Please see the Club Night tab  for the dates in 2018. Please note we don't take bookings for workshops via email; only in person on a club.

For more details visit:
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