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Creativity Works Newsletter September 2019
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There are many misconceptions about 'the voluntary sector,' including the fact that those who work in it are all volunteers, or that because we love what we do so much and are dedicating our working lives to making social change of some kind, that we should be paid a pittance or indeed work for free. These ideas often also translate to artists. Why would artists, who love what they do so much, need to be paid? Are they not doing it for the love of the art itself? Well, obviously, and I do  realise  I am preaching to the converted here, artists, like everyone else, deserve to  be  paid for their hard work, dedication, skill, knowledge and compassion.  We  strive to  ensure that all the artists who are leading our projects and  programmes  and have a huge responsibility working within social practice, are paid a fair and competitive wage. My biggest frustration as the Director of such an  organi s ation  is that often we don't have the financial means to be able to pay permanent and freelance staff higher wages that are comparable to other industries and sectors.  I'm not sure this will ever  change,  however I am a huge advocate of our ' wealth ' not being evidenced in terms of how much money we have, but rather in terms of wellbeing, equal ity and our environmental impact. More on this nex t time!  

Some of you may be aware of 3SG, the new group for the 3 rd  sector in B&NES. I remember a meeting of many of the initial members of this group, about what it should be called.  For the same reasons I mention above, the 'B&NES Voluntary Sector Group' we thought may be misunderstood, and we decided that 'the third sector' was a much better catch-all for the many different  organisations  who make up this sector. 3SG is now a thriving membership  organi s ation  and I would thoroughly recommend you looking them up, especially for their training and networking events.  

Putting the 'voluntary' into the 'voluntary sector' are the thousands of trustees  nationally, and indeed globally,  who are responsible for the governance of the  3 rd  sector  organisations These generous folk  are invaluable, bringing their insight, time and diligence to the running of our enterprises, and in return gaining the knowledge that they are making a genuine and tangible contribution to the communities they are involved with. So, (can you see where I'm going with this?), have you ever wondered about becoming a trustee, or indeed the Chairperson? Here at Creativity Works, we are now searching not only for trustees, especially with experience of the arts, finance, law, and buildings, but also a Chairperson. Please do see the article in the newsletter from our current Chair ,  Louise, detailing her positive experience of working with us, and please do get in contact if you would like to join our dedicated and friendly board.  

If you don't feel ready to be a trustee but would like to volunteer with us or indeed anyone else, please do also check out the advert in this newsletter about our new Volunteer Training opportunity. This will give you the tools and confidence to start or continue your volunteer journey and is  absolutely free  to take part.  

Director, Creativity Works

Louise is stepping down as our Chair of the Board

Louise, third in from left [with glasses] at the Snap & Stroll Civic Reception hosted by the Chair of the Council, Cherry Beath in 2017. Louise is stepping down as our chair of the board, but will continue to be a trustee.
Louise Lappin-Cook, our Chair since 2016, is stepping down and we're seeking the right person to take on this exciting role. Louise shares her experience of being Chair below: 

Its been such a privilege being Chair of Creativity Works and working alongside such a progressive and dynamic team delivering socially engaged arts right across the heart of B&NES and the south west.

I have learnt a lot during my time as Chair. Creativity Works is not only working on the front line of services providing vital creative opportunities through the creative well being programme in NHS settings but it is also playing a vital role training and equipping artists, leading creative thinking on co-creation and community engagement, and helping to shape national and regional policy in this areas. It has been incredible to see how co|Create, the Creative Wellbeing Programmes and the Wellbeing Challenge have flourished and fantastic to see Creativity Works as part of the All Parliamentary Group for Arts Health and Wellbeing as well as a research programme for Bath University and Co-Creating Change at Battersea Arts Centre.

Highlights from my time as Chair include visiting many of the exhibitions such as @FreshArt, My Time My Space and Snap & Stroll - it's always so rewarding to hear first hand the impact of the work and how much Creativity Work's programmes are valued by those who participate and the vital difference our programmes make to mental health and wellbeing. 

I've also been hugely proud that in a time of austerity Creativity Works has retained its NPO status and continues to build a dynamic relationship with so many partners, organisations and funders.

Creativity Works is at an exciting point in its development and we are looking for an inspiring leader to help drive through this change with our CEO Oliver Jones and Board. We are exploring taking on a new venue and premises and fundraising for a capital programme to support this. Creativity Works is also poised for organisational growth and developing our enterprise programme. Being Chair of Creativity Works offers a fantastic opportunity to work alongside a progressive and inspiring team and to lead change which will help future-proof the organisation and spark the next phase in its development. We look forward to hearing from you.
Could you be our next Chair of the Board?
Chair of the Board of Trustees, Creativity Works

Purpose of Role
  • To lead and direct the Board and the organisation through an exciting period of development and artistic vision
  • To ensure the Trustees fulfil their duties and responsibilities for the proper governance of Creativity Works  
  • To support the Director of Creativity Works and to ensure the Board works to support all staff and volunteers
Working with: The Director and Staff of Creativity Works, Members of the Board  
Contract type: Non-executive, voluntary. For a period of 2 yrs.
Commitment: Monthly meeting with Director, 6 x board meetings per annum, 1 x away day per annum, additional meetings and contact where necessary.

For the full job description please click here : FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

If you'd like to chat to Oliver Jones, our Director or to Louise Lappin-Cook, current Chair, about the role please email or call us on 01761 438852
Upcoming co|Create Courses

The Art of Creative Journaling with Jill Carter - Thursday 12 September

Join us for an inspirational day exploring  the Art of Creative Journaling with Jill Carter, Multi-Media Artist.

Creative Journaling is an open-ended process, which can be  expressive, intuitive, practical, poetic and playful!

This Artists' professional development workshop will offer space and time to explore ideas around how to use a journal to document thoughts and ideas in relation to the Self, people and place, journeys and everyday life happenings.

Discover inspiration for visualising ideas, exploring new ways of working, and reflecting on creative projects and possibilities. Experience collective/individual journaling, working outside/inside, using a diverse range of mixed media and methods, including inks and mark making, drawing into writing, textiles/stitch, and collaging curious collections of found and made objects and ephemera.

Enjoy making your own unique journal pages; outcomes can be private or public, or developed as a means of social engagement.

Workshop materials provided may include:
Inks, felt tip marker pens, pencils and crayons, paper, newspapers, old books, magazines, photographs and postcards, cardboard, textiles and sewing stuff plus machine.

What to bring:
Bring own journal, which can be a current personal or project notebook or smart new thing, an old found vintage book, your own favourite art materials - pens, inks, paints, brushes, etc. Plus photos, old drawings and/or paintings, ephemera, textiles, etc. Please bring apron and warm weatherproof outer layers (we may spend some time outside, weather permitting) with your own lunch.

When: 12 September 2019
Where: The Gardeners Lodge, The Holburne Museum, Sydney Gardens, Sydney Place, Bath BA2 4DB
There may be opportunities to go outside as part of this workshop
Time: Arrive to set up 9.30am (start at 10.00 am) close down at 4.00pm
Cost: Full price £50 / Student £25 / Pay what you can (for those in receipt of benefits)
Book [Eventbrite Link]: The Art of Journaling with Jill Carter

The Camouflaged Dynamics of Collaboration: Davis & Jones

This workshop will support you to review your own artistic practices, explore the social impact of your work and how you truly collaborate.

About this Event

As artists we are continually developing, exploring, tweaking, upending our own practices.
We are grappling with the current political, social and economic climate that we find ourselves in both locally and globally. And ask ourselves:
  • How do we step in and make work like it really matters?
  • How do we have the important conversations?
  • Can our work affect our and other people's situations?
Often, we are asked to work with communities and/or people described as, in some way, disadvantaged. How can we be an ally in this situation when there is a real danger we will perpetuate or contribute to maintaining existing systemic inequalities?
Some other questions that we ask ourselves are:
  • How honest am I?
  • Am I scared of messing in my own back yard?
To us, the camouflaged dynamics of collaboration include power, rank, gender, race, privilege, money, social and cultural capital amongst others and how these are acknowledged, or not within our practice as socially engaged artists.

We feel that the camouflaged dynamics of collaboration are important as they act as a microcosm of issues that play out globally. We propose that by paying attention, taking care of, bringing awareness to these dynamics we learn about and affect the wider urgent issues.
Within the context of this workshop we would like to explore:
  • Person to person, what are the full possibilities of the improvised dynamic of being together?
  • How do I bring my whole self into collaboration and not just play the role of the artist?

When: Thursday 03 October
Where:  The Naturals Arts Workshop Building,  Widcombe Institute,  Widcombe Hill,  Bath  BA2 6AA
Cost:  Full price £20 / Students £10 / Pay what you can £ donation (for those on benefits)

About Davis & Jones

Davis & Jones are artists who interact with and gently interrupt the social and physical contexts they find themselves in. They create and run with situations that are both familiar and surprising, connecting with systems such as the justice system, housing, healthcare and social enterprise. On bridges, beaches and housing estates, in building sites, prisons and hospitals, Davis & Jones make art with people and relationships.
Recently, Davis & Jones have had a number of commissions situated at major construction sites, building sites and new builds in Bristol.

For more info about the artists read our Q&A with them in this month's newsletter and visit their website:
Creative Wellbeing News & Opportunities
*Places Available* on our Future's Bright Course
Cultivate a Positive Mind through Creativity starts 18th September

Would you like to create some positive change?

This empowering 12 week course is a mix of practical and creative skills aimed at helping you uncover your potential and learn new resources to support your wellbeing. During the course we'll explore positive thinking to help shift mood and cope with stress and challenge.This course is suitable for those experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues. 

Meet, socialise, make new friends. Learn about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing & self management tools. Identify skills and abilities. Work as part of a team. Set your own goals. Look to the future with greater confidence, motivation and hope. Create a tool-kit to take away. Develop creative skills.

When: Wednesdays 12.30pm - 3pm starting 18th September 
Format: [ 1 hour for creativity and 1 hour for self-help techniques]
Where: The Art Bank, 13 High Street, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5AD

Course dates: 18th, 25th September, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd October,
6th, 13th, 20th 27th November, 4th, 11th December 2019
To Book and for more details contact: Philippa 01761 438852
Creative Volunteer Training & Placement Opportunity
Do you have creative skills to share? Would you like to use them to make a difference?

Creativity Works and St. Mungo's are offering a new Creative Volunteer training programme with placements for anyone who would like to volunteer with community groups and support creative skills. You may already be part of a community group or you may wish to develop your skills to support a creative group.

The free training will give you the opportunity to develop facilitator skills and learn how to support groups creatively and safely and  will run on Thursday mornings in Bath over 6 half days starting 24th October 2019, with an optional training day on the 3rd October.

Placements include supporting creative activities within a group, supporting the set-up of new creative groups, helping people to attend community art groups,  supporting publicity, marketing and admin of groups through design and media skills etc.

For volunteers that complete the training and take up placements there will be further opportunities to take part in Creativity Works co|Create Artist training days with no charge.

Training Days:
  • Thu 3rd Oct Managing Challenging Situations - ½ day [optional]
  • Thu 24th Oct Facilitator skills - ½ day
  • Thu 31st Oct Facilitator skills & using the Facilitator toolkit - ½ day
  • Thu 7th Nov Creative Facilitation - ½ day
  • Thu 14th Nov Safeguarding - ½ day
  • Thu 21st Nov Boundaries - ½ day
Other optional free training:
For more information contact Philippa at Creativity Works 01761 438852


There is also a Peer Mentoring Training programme starting on Tuesday 27th August.  This is designed to enable volunteers to support individuals to access a group for the first time, support them to get the most out of going and to achieve their aspirations. If you'd like to know more about this please c ontact Claire Lawrence, Peer Mentoring Coordinator Tel:  07736457670 email:
My Time My Space
An ante-natal project for women experiencing low mood, anxiety or depression in pregnancy

My Time, My Space is a group for pregnant women to have time and space for themselves, gaining skills and coping strategies which may help to promote wellbeing, reduce anxiety and isolation and provide practical and emotional support during pregnancy and beyond. All sessions take place in a relaxed environment, with refreshments provided. 

Pregnancy can be a time of heightened emotions. For many women the dominant emotions are positive ones, but a number of pregnant women experience feelings of low mood including unhappiness, loneliness and anxiety. For some these feelings may be severe enough to be clinically diagnosed as antenatal depression or anxiety, for others it can be just a feeling that something isn't right.

Art-based sessions will be led by an experienced, socially-engaged artist from Creativity Works. Relaxation for Labour will be led by a qualified and experienced practitioner, Georgie Bassford Theraplay recognises that the relationship between mother and baby starts to develop long before birth, and aims to support the growth of this relationship.

This session will be delivered by a trained Theraplay® Practitioner. The course is classed as 'ante-natal care', if attending has been recommended by a doctor or midwife.

When: Tuesday 8th October - 3rd December 2019 (no session during half term) 
Where: St Martins' Garden Children's Centre, 150 Frome Road, Bath BA2 5RE
Time: 4.30 - 6.30 pm

For full details and how to self-refer please download the flyer here: My Time My Space 
Creative Peer Groups
Writing Space
Supporting wellbeing through creative writing
Would you like to develop Creative Writing Skills and connect with other writers and the world around you?

Writing Space, one of our peer-led groups, are currently exploring the theme of 'Looking Back' through exploring memories, events in our lives and how fiction styles use this to fire-up the imagination. They are working towards an anthology and attending some spoken word events and invite you to join their weekly sessions:

"Come and join us to learn simple practices to rebuild confidence in writing, draw on life experiences and kindle creativity through words. The focus is on enjoyment, sharing and connecting with others through creative writing"

Some sessions will be facilitated by writer Christina Sanders between now and October .

The group meet on Tuesday afternoons 1 pm - 4pm, central Bath

About Writing Space

Writing Space is a peer-led project for people of all writing skills who would like a safe place to develop and present their writing. The group is suitable for adults who would like to support their wellbeing and mental health through creativity. Please note that there is no specific mental health support, but safe, respectful space is a priority. 

Some practices will be outdoors, weather permitting. Wear clothing suitable for easy walking and weather protection.  To join in c ontact Philippa Forsey either on 01761 438852 or email
Get Creative
Exploring creativity and visual arts
Are you looking to experiment with different arts materials and techniques? Our Get Creative peer-led visual art group in Bath, could be just right for you. The small groups' aim is to support personal wellbeing through creativity. We'll let the group introduce themselves...

"We are a social group of people who like to explore art through new materials and mediums, learning new things and sharing new approaches. We meet weekly to create alongside others and bounce ideas about. It's a nice atmosphere, a safe, friendly, relaxing space to experiment and try out new techniques. It's  creative time for myself'" 

Tuesday afternoons 1.15pm - 3.15pm Odd Down

The weekly group offers an opportunity to meet others, learn and share creative ideas and gain confidence in a safe and friendly environment.   All members help plan further sessions and creative activity.

If you would like to join  please contact Philippa 01761 438852

One recent Get Creative session explored creating textures using different materials and techniques.
Foxhill / Combe Down Photography Group 
Would you like explore your local community through a lens?
An opportunity to experiment with photography, share stories about the social history of Foxhill / Combe Down whilst  learn new skills and creative ways to express yourself.  Take part in short walks and discussions. 

Thursdays 11am-1pm Foxhill Community Centre.
Bring a camera / smartphone / tablet if you can although n o previous experience is necessary. 

Contact Max for details and to register interest: 01225 316199 
or please contact Philippa 01761 438852
Keynsham Snap & Stroll Peer Support Group 
Starting in September, explore Keynsham through a lens
Photography group - walk and explore the local area - meet weekly on Wednesday mornings to take photographs and explore the local area. 

Bring a camera / smartphone / tablet if you can although n o previous experience is necessary.

Contact Max for details and to register interest: 01225 316199 
or please contact Philippa 01761 438852
Artist Profile: Davis & Jones
Eleanor Wynne Davis [L] and Deborah Aguirre Jones [R] of Davis & Jones
These questions have been answered by Eleanor Wynne Davis on behalf of David & Jones:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your artistic medium:

Davis and Jones is a collaboration between Deborah Aguirre Jones and myself, Eleanor Wynne Davis, we are socially engaged artists interested in the everyday and the extraordinary and we interact with, and gently interrupt the social and physical contexts we find ourselves in.

On bridges, beaches and housing estates, in building sites, prisons, hospitals and in day to day life we make art with people, through interacting with and gently interrupting the social and physical contexts in which they find themselves. 

Our work is performative, relational and conversational, created in and around public and private spaces.

We collaborate with people not identifying as artists using metaphor, objects and the imagination to map stories, experiences and perspective: real and imagined. We allow space and acknowledge the intersection between the personal with the cultural, social, economic and political environment. We refer to this as 'the field'.
We feel that it is important to explore the way artists/facilitators work with a community in a way that is fun and creative, and to help artists to explore how they feel about all aspects of the collaboration. As socially engaged artists there isn't a set of rules of what and how you should do your work, so it's important to talk to each other about our practice.

What project/s are you currently working on with Creativity Works?

This workshop is one of Davis and Jones first projects with Creativity Works as a duo since since working with the If Group in Bristol, as part of the wider Golden Key project.

Who inspires you and why?

My Mum inspires me! She is 92, she's got the beginnings of Dementia and yet she is still managing to engage with the world and work out how she wants to be and what the right thing is to do. She has even changed to voting Green because she believes it will offer more and better chances for young people and people further afield affected my climate change.

What book or exhibition has inspired you recently?

The book I have read recently which most inspired me is Metaskills by Amy Mindell. It is about the qualities that you need when you are working in a situation to bring out the best within everyone involved. You as an artist facilitator don't need to solve all the problems, instead you work collectively to work out what you are going to do.

What's been your biggest professional, personal or creative achievement to date?

Collectively we are most proud of work where the people who take part have taken on the project and the work has become their own. Also, projects when it has developed into a true exchange between us as artists and the people taking part.

What are your creative aspirations? (with or without Creativity Works)?

To keep finding ways to work with people where together we are addressing problems and living creatively.

What advice would you give an emerging socially engaged artist?

To bring your creativity and to work with what emerges. When working with a community start from their interests, ideas and passions. Let the people you are working with guide what and how you are going to make with them. People will always surprise you!

Where do you hang out on social media?
We tend to avoid social media and prefer meeting and working IRL ( real life!!). 
Our website is

Other News 
Arts for Wellbeing Exhibition supporting Creativity Works.

Walcot Chapel, Walcot Street, Bath.
Wednesday 25th-Saturday 28th September, 10-6.

We are very grateful to 'Holding Space', a collective of ten individuals who have recently completed the Art Therapy Foundation Course at Bath College, for choosing to support us at their first exhibition.

"We hope that by sharing our stories we can create a platform for others to experience some of the benefits that Art can bring at a therapeutic level and in doing so raise funds and awareness for Creativity Works," said Alicia, Ali & Victoria, three of the artists.

"However artistic you may or may not consider yourself to be, whatever your experience of art and creativity in the past, we would like to illustrate how it has helped us process, unlock, understand and acknowledge aspects of ourselves and our lives," they added.

The ten artists involved are: Michelle, Alicia, Ali, Victoria, Jess, Jo, Vanessa, Briony, Polly and Katie. Find them on Instagram @holdingspaceuk.

We hope that you'll be able to go along to see their exhibition when it opens. 

Creative Wellbeing Challenge 2019 
Round up & We need you feedback!
The Creative Wellbeing Challenge has been great fun and really inspiring this year and we hope that those of you who took part really enjoyed it. If you've not given us your feedback yet - please do as it'll help us with next year's challenge : Link to Feedback Survey

Here's just a snapshot of some of the creativity we saw during August! For more inspiring posts visit us on Instagram @creativityworksuk 

@sallydove experimented with making some natural paintbrushes on Day 18. We think they look like works of art in their own right.

@carolynsavidge celebrating the simple things that bring you joy on Day 6

''A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.'' Sir Winston Churchill
By  @ravsheecharan via twitter inspired by Day 9 Prompt
The Radstock Hub Grand Opening!

We were pleased to have been part of the grand opening of Radstock's new community Hub last week and Artists Kim from High Seas Theatre,dressed as a Deck Chair, inspired all ages to create stories from constellations and Angela from Curositree  encouraged visitors to share their stories of Radstock and weave them into a massive story web. Items from the Radstock Museum proved a great talking point and focus for the stories shared.

The event was well attended and West of England Mayor, Tim Bowles, said: "It was great to attend the opening of this new community 
hub and library. It's good to see our region's communities working together creating spaces which will be enjoyed by our residents. Having taken a good look around, I am sure that this library and hub will be a real asset for Radstock and the surrounding villages."

If you've not been to check out the new facility, do go along and support it as we think it's really important to keep libraries open in whatever guise they may exist. 
Workshop Reviews by participants

photo taken during the workshop by Morwhenna Woolcock
Care and practice with Ania Bas, by Sara Firman
It was learning more about using walking as a creative practice that attracted me to this workshop. The Gardener's Lodge and our walk circumnavigating the river that runs through Bath made an inspiring setting. Ania warmed us up with a wide-ranging and personalized exploration of the intellectual, creative and practical aspects of doing creative work, communicating and building community. 

In the preamble before walking, we each developed a menu of conversation subjects relating to our creative practices. I was especially intrigued by the idea of self-commissioning, of holding myself accountable to my creative projects. We were to chat in pairs, changing partners as we went along. Ania noted that when you're walking and talking, you're in step, side-by-side, going in the same direction, moving on, and all these experiences could be reflected in the conversation that is had. 

When we returned from our dynamic exchanges, each of us was full of ideas and energy. Instead of letting that dissipate, Ania had us capture it in self-commitments: what do I want to do now to develop myself as an artist in ways that stretch me and include self-care? We wrote down what we'd be doing in a week, a month, three and six months, and a year's time. And then we popped the first and last notes in self-addressed envelopes that Ania promised to send. My prompt for the week arrived: put at least two weekly dates in my calendar that are devoted to my own creative work. Moving right along!
Creativity Works Courses by Adrian Wyatt 
I knew about Creativity Works courses but until I'd attended two in the space of a few days, I never knew how good they were or what an impact they would have. Care and Practice and later Creative Resilience for Artists could have been designed as two dovetail courses just for me.

The first course, Care and Practice was an eye opener to what should have been obvious, but so often is not

Reflecting on the pressures we feel to perform or create, how I seek affirmation in how others see my work, rather than remaining authentic, the struggles I have giving myself space for my mind to see and feel and take in my world with no agenda were all powerful.
Space was given to acknowledge these. 

We then strolled the streets, alleyways and canals of Bath talking, listening and gaining insights from each other while supported by our own little verbal maps to help as we talked and listened. 

This course had me asking questions I never knew I even needed to ask! If Care and Practice opened question for me to ask not least of my own need for resilience Creative Resilience was the natural next step. 

From its opening quotes I knew this was for me. Using lego, writing, plasticine, talking, listening and even upturned tables and chairs we reflected upon how we saw things. We discovered the skills, strengths and experiences we all have that we often don't recognise but can draw upon when we know they are there. We were helped to reframe our worries and doubts to reimagine or reframe them. The course together have had a significant impact on the way I think and the pathways I may take. If not total answers, at least I know the questions and have confidence in seeking answers.

Photo: Adrian Wyatt. This image is one taken during the Creativity Works Wellbeing Challenge and represents how I am trying to re-frame my photography work, as re-framing was a significant part of the two days for me.
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