Gifted Education Bulletin
April 2017

Welcome to the Rutgers Gifted Education Bulletin. This bulletin contains information to assist educators, counselors, administrators, and parents in meeting the needs of diverse gifted learners. For additional information, visit the Gifted Ed website or email us at

Special Topics Course on Creativity and Education
This introductory course in creativity addresses theories of creativity, the nature of creativity as evidenced in individuals, and recent neurobiological findings related to creativity.  Participants will explore the value of creative thinking in education, strategies for stimulating creative thinking in all students, including advanced learners, and methods for supporting creativity in every academic area. 

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Save the Date: 2017 Gifted Ed Conference

Save the date for the November 17, 2017 Gifted Education Conference.  This year's conference is designed with all K-12 educators in mind: classroom teachers, gifted ed specialists, principals, and superintendents. Whether they've been identified or not, every educator works with gifted students. Learn how to identify and address these students, keep current with gifted ed, and build a gifted ed program from scratch.

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Reminders & Other Announcements
Summer gifted ed courses Curriculum and Instruction for the Gifted and The  Gifted Child/Intro to Gifted Ed begin May 30. Registration for these online courses is taking place now. Learn more.
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