Dear friends,
I hope this email finds you healthy and well and adjusting to the surreal new world in which we live. In just a few short weeks, my new norm involves keeping a pair of latex gloves and wipes with me at all times and having a favorite new cloth mask that I wear regularly in public (and at Publix)!  

Everyone I speak with shares similar feelings. We are anxious about staying healthy. We are worried about our loved ones. We are stressed about the economic impacts of the pandemic. We feel deep empathy and concern for those who are suffering the most. We are uncertain about the future.

At Firefly, we are grateful to be busy helping clients who need us now more than ever. Work keeps our minds active and helps us feel a sense of routine and normality. For us, the chaos is an opportunity to harness our creativity, spark bold ideas, launch new ways of operating and forge even stronger connections with our clients and community.
In response to the pandemic, Firefly created two resource websites for Martin and St. Lucie counties:

Both contain information about health, government and small business resources as well as fun things to do while sheltering at home. Each site also has community–focused information about restaurants open for takeout & delivery and many other local resources that are frequently updated.

Speaking of resources, how much are we all loving Zoom? Will we ever go back to regular meetings in stuffy conference rooms? Things will likely never be the same.

Firefly has already embraced virtual gatherings and is working with our clients to reinvent and refresh their online presence. Now is the time for planning - so we can be ready for whatever the new normal looks like.
If we haven't connected in a while, I would love to hear from you. If this pandemic has taught us anything it's how important our relationships are - and that no physical distance can separate us. 

I do miss hugging people though. So, virtual hugs to you! 
Take good care,
Stacy Weller Ranieri
Founder, president and Chief Illuminator
Looking For Something To Do This Weekend?

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Let us know what you think, and how we can improve them.
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More Local Restaurants open for takeout and delivery!
Thank you to Tambone Companies and Visit St. Lucie for their support of the site and to the Palm City Chamber for helping to underwrite .

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