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August 3, 2017

Dear A-State Student,

Arkansas State University has traditionally accepted merchant cards (credit and debit) for student account payments and has absorbed the associated processing charges imposed by merchant card companies on these transactions. As the use of merchant cards for making payment has increased significantly, the cumulative cost of these transaction fees assessed has become prohibitively expensive for the University.

A-State will continue to accept merchant cards for payments on student’s accounts; however, effective August 8, 2017 a 2.75% service fee will be implemented and will apply to any payments towards student’s accounts made via a merchant card.

  • For example, a $1,000 payment towards your student account made by merchant card will result in a total charge to your card of $1,027.50 with the additional $27.50 going directly to the merchant card processor. You will see this as two separate transactions on your merchant card statement.  A-State does not receive any revenue from the application of this fee.

  • Merchant card payments towards student’s accounts must be processed through the online TouchNet myBill system. The A-State Treasurer’s Office/Cashier’s will no longer accept merchant card payments for student’s accounts in person or by telephone.

The University will continue to accept the following payment alternatives that do not incur service fees :

  • E-Checks – Payments processed directly from your bank account may be processed online through myCampus Self-Service or by selecting the myBill direct link.

  • Paper Checks via Mail– Check payments may be mailed to the Treasurer’s Office, P.O Box 2640, State University, AR 72467.

  • In-Person Payments – Treasurer’s Office will continue to accept paper checks, cash, money orders, cashier checks, traveler’s checks and business checks in person at the Cashier’s Window located on the second floor of the Student Union in room 2146.

If you have questions or require additional information about this change or any of our payment options, please visit the Treasurer’s Office website , or contact the Treasurer’s Office through or by telephone at 870-972-2285.


Russ Hannah, Ed.D., CPA, CGMA, CGFM

Associate Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance