Important Credit Industry Changes
Dear Valued Customer,

Two important industry changes are occurring which may impact your ability to process credit card payments. 

Security Protocols
Security protocols used to protect and encrypt data during IP-based (Internet) transactions have been improved.  Unitec customers with IP Tran modems programmed prior to July 2016 are affected and must upgrade their software.

MasterCard is adding another series of Bank Identification Numbers to its credit cards.  This mean that in addition to cards beginning with the number 5, in 2017 newly-issued MasterCard credit cards may begin with the number 2.

Possible Impact on Your Business
Your payment system will likely need to be updated to support these new changes.

Action You Should Take
Unitec is ready to help support you with this transition.  In order to determine if your equipment needs to be updated, please click below:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

The Unitec Customer Service Team
443-561-1200 x154