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  Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
One Plainfield.  One Future.
As we mourn the loss of Eric Garner in New York City, Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri, and Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina, the most recent  unarmed Black man shot and killed by a police officer, let's strongly commit ourselves to the cause of the Black Lives Matter Movement. This is a non-violent movement to end excessive force by a small percentage of law enforcement officers.

My administration and I recognize that the killing of unarmed Black and Brown youth is part of a larger problem within our communities. As you will determine from the updates, we are working to address pressing issues including high levels of unemployment and incarceration rates, and poor education.

Here are this week's updates:
  • The Whitehouse - Raise the Minimum Wage
  • Policy Day on the Hill: U.S. Department of Justice
  • ACA (Affordable Care Act) Update
  • Senator Booker - Assistance to Firefighters Grants
  • Union County - Fiscal Hearing #2
  • Public Affairs and Safety Update
  • Economic Development Update
  • Administration and Finance Update
  • Department of Public Works and Urban Development
  • Plainfield Education Update
  • Workforce Development
  • Plainfield Learning Center
  • Plainfield Road Closure Notice
  • Resources
  • Arts and Culture

Creating One Plainfield - One Future,

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield
WhiteHouse: Raise the Minimum Wage    
White House Whiteboard Shorts: #RaiseTheWage
White House Whiteboard Shorts: #RaiseTheWage


Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour is good for American businesses, American workers, and the American economy. Share your story at http://www.whitehouse.gov/Raise-The-Wage


Policy Day on the Hill : U.S. Department of Justice
I am doing my part in helping to acquire programs and
resources for the City of Plainfield by  collaborating with our Federal Government.  The New Jersey Urban Mayor's Association (NJUMA) organized a "Day on the Hill" event on March 18-19.  I sent my Chief of Staff, John Stewart, to this event. He joined the NJ Congressional Delegation, NJ Senators, members of both the Congressional Black caucus and the Congressional Hispanic caucus, as well as members of the Congressional Leadership.  This event consisted of roundtable discussions. I encourage you to keep abreast of the following initiatives of the Obama Administration: 
  • US Department of Labor
  • US Department of Justice
  • US Department of Education
  • US Department of Commerce
  • US Department of Transportation
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • other Whitehouse Initiatives

As an update from the Obama Administration, this week, we will continue with the US Department of Justice and discuss the My Brother's Keeper initiative. The foundation behind this initiative is that every child in our country should have the opportunity to grow, succeed, and contribute and be engaged to their respective communities.  Some kids, currently face the lack of opportunities that place them in circumstances where the odds are stacked against them. They are less likely to graduate from high school,  get employed, and are more likely to slip and get caught in a cycle of poverty, violence, abuse, and become involved in the criminal justice system.  

This initiative is designed to support the progress of individuals through stepping in and supporting the "career paths" of our youth.  Through mentoring, support networks and collaboration with public-private partnerships, our young people will be able to develop the skills they need to go to college, be employed, raise a family, and thrive.  Most importantly, My Brother's Keeper sends a message that young people matter to us and to their country.   


Over the last year, the Obama administration has made significant progress.  They have engaged our cities and towns, businesses, as they taken the initiative to connect young people to the resources they need to get a good education and to improve their lives.


Click on video below to watch President Obama speak on the My Brother's Keeper Initiative. 


President Obama Speaks on the My Brother's Keeper Initiative
President Obama Speaks on the My Brother's Keeper Initiative
ACA (Affordable Care Act)
The health and well being of every Plainfield resident is important to me and my administration.  During the last open enrollment period, a qualified ACA Navigator was available at the City Hall Annex to help all residents with questions regarding the marketplace and registering for healthcare coverage.  If you or anyone you know has not registered for healthcare, I am pleased to announce we will continue to have a qualified ACA Navigator at the City Hall Annex Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday  from 9am - 5pm.  

For those who have not enrolled in a healthcare plan, you can take advantage of the special enrollment period that expires on April 30, 2015.  Whether you are employed, unemployed, or have minimal income, there is a plan to suit your needs.  

For more information and to make an appointment call: 973-500-6031.

Senator Booker: U.S. Department of Homeland Security Funding Opportunity Announcement - Assistance to Firefighters Grants 



Our men and women in uniform need crucial resources as they put their lives on the line while serving  the citizens of Plainfield.  To that end, I am pleased to inform you the City pf Plainfield will be applying for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) in an attempt to bring much needed resources to the city. The goal of this grant is to meet the firefighting and emergency response needs of fire departments and nonaffiliated emergency medical service organizations.  

Click Here For More Information 

 Union County:  Fiscal Hearing #2 
The Union County budget process is an important component of the management of county funds that impact residents of Plainfield.  I believe it is important for all of us to be up-to-date on this process.  Click on the video below to lean more about the Union County budget process and how the county is planning to allocate funds.
Union County - Fiscal Hearing 2015 #2 - Union County, NJ
Union County - Fiscal Hearing 2015 #2 - Union County, NJ

Administrative Services, Corrections, County Counsel Filmed March 12, 2015 At Union County Administration Building For more information visit: www.ucnj.org/budget-hearings 

Public Affairs and Safety Update

Plainfield saw a 67% reduction in homicides and a 33% reduction in aggravated assaults with firearms in 2014, compared to 2013 and the NATIONAL GUN CRIME REPORT REVEALS 28.8 PERCENT REDUCTION IN GUNFIRE IN CITIES FROM 2013 TO 2014


Through dedication and hard work, I am pleased to announce a 39.8 percent decrease in gunfire in the City of Plainfield. This percentage was derived from statistics of the SST National Gunfire Index which compared 2013 and 2014 gunshot statistics from the same coverage area. We credit the gun violence reduction to the team's strategic policing initiatives and the use of ShotSpotter technology.


The SST National Gunfire Index, from the maker of ShotSpotter, compares gunfire incidents from 2014 with incidents in 2013, in cities that have consistently used ShotSpotter during both years. In addition to a reduction in gunfire, Plainfield saw a 67% reduction in homicides and a 33% reduction in aggravated assaults with firearms in 2014, compared to 2013. The National Gunfire Index provides a summary of 2014 gunfire in 47 cities across the country. It also draws an "apples to apples" comparison of 28 cities, which includes Plainfield, that had ShotSpotter coverage over both years. 

In Honor of Officer Abigail J. Powlett

Economic Development Update

Another Business Opens in Downtown Plainfield!


Storm's Automotive

On April 8, 2015, a brisk Wednesday morning, Storm's Automotive had a ribbon cutting ceremony as part of their grand opening ceremony.  The new automotive center is located at: 230 East 3rd Street and their phone is: 908-205-0616.  Stay tuned for other grand opening news and events, as new businesses are opening in Plainfield!


The First African-American Woman to Head a Financing Agency

Planfield's own Leslie  Anderson, the first African American woman at the helm of a financing authority in the state, has spent over a decade as Executive Director of the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority.  The agency finances and supports "urban-focused, neighborhood-based and investment-driven" plans and projects.  



Community Clean Up Event





Credit Clinic Seminar 

The Office of Community Development, in partnership with New Jersey Small Business Development Center at Kean University, will present a Credit Clinic Seminar, a program addressing how critical credit issues impact the achievement of important and complex personal and business financial matters .  The seminar will be held from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Thursday, April 16, 2015, at the Plainfield Public Library.


Join us and learn more about your credit profile. Space is limited. To register, please contact the Office of Community Development, Elaine S. Dunn-Brown, Director, at 908-753-3610.


 Click Here for More Information  


Administration and Finance Update


The City of Plainfield Division of Health in collaboration with the Union County Office of Health Management  will present a Free Workshop on Mold.

WHEN: 10:00am to 12:00pm Saturday, April 18, 2015; WHERE: Plainfield Family Success Center,

209 Berckman Street, Plainfield, NJ


If you are still having mold issues from SUPERSTORM SANDY,
we can help!  


For More Information Click Here 

Plainfield Education Update

Black History Celebration to benefit the HAP/PCDC Youth Scholarship

Superintendent of Schools Anna Belin-Pyles extends an invitation to Plainfield Residents and to its students to participate this Saturday, April 11th from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Black History Celebration at Plainfield High School featuring comedian and Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory. The honorees are former housing commissioners Barbara Johnson and Joanne Hollis, posthumous. The event, sponsored by the Housing Authority of Plainfield, will include music and dance performances.  Free tickets for the first 200 Middle and High School students with a purchase of one adult ticket. Proceeds from the sale of tickets will benefit the AHA/PCDC Youth Scholarship Fund. For additional information call the Housing Authority at 908-769-6335.


The Hub Stine Complex Project

There will be a public meeting to discuss the Hub Stine Sports Complex Project.  Architects will make a presentation and will be available to answer question.  The meeting will be held at Plainfield High School, Monday, April 13 at 7pm. The public is invited to attend.


PTO Roundtable

The Plainfield School District  PTO Roundtable will take place on Monday, April 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the District Office, 1200 Myrtle Avenue.  Superintendent Belin-Pyles will be conducting the meeting and making new announcements. Refreshments will be provided.

Workforce Development
USPS is Hiring - Save the Date! USPS (U.S. Postal Service) Job Fair
May 20, 2015    4pm-7pm
Plainfield City Hall

NJ State Department of Labor
The Department of Labor and Workforce Development has a listing of job fairs and resources for job seekers.

Career Beacon Job Search Readiness Workshops

Whether you are unemployed, underemployed, need to update your skills, or new to the job market, you can utilize our Career Beacon modules to fine-tune your job seeking skills at no cost. In the following Career Beacon groups, you will learn how and where to look for employment; what to say/ask during an interview and how to effectively network:

Self-Management Skills Workshop

Using interactive exercises, focus on the skills and talents developed throughout your life and job history. You'll discover skills you didn't know you had! Learn how to confidently convince employers how you can put your "transferable skills" to work for them.


Labor Market Information Research Workshop

Once you know what skills you have, learn how to find out which fields of work require your skills, and which organizations hire people with your skills. The most successful method of obtaining work is a planned, coordinated approach. Learn where to find valuable, free information that you can use to plan your career.


Effective Job Search Workshop

Technology has changed the rules of job hunting. The techniques you used to find your last job may be of little value now. Learn how to find job leads through networking, and the best, most current ways to use the Internet to speed your search for work. You'll also write a personal "one-minute commercial" that you can use to spotlight your unique job-related talents whenever you meet a person who might help you in your job search.


Marketing Yourself & Resume Writing Workshop

Your job application or resume is often an employer's first impression of you. It's your first opportunity to "sell" your skills and background to employers. Learn valuable tips on how to complete applications and write resumes that stand apart from the crowd. Interactive exercises will help you develop a resume that highlights your individual skills, knowledge and abilities - a resume designed to elicit a call for an interview.


Interviewing Workshop

Interviewing is your real opportunity to present yourself in a positive light to the potential employer. This is your chance to win a job! Learn the concepts and strategies of preparing for job interviews and you'll learn how to organize your thoughts, present yourself as a strong candidate, soften negative events in your work history, and answer difficult questions. This important workshop prepares you to interview with confidence and increase your chances of getting the job.


Training Workshop

Understand your skills and their relation to today's job market. Research training possibilities and determine what training will help you. Learn about government programs like the Workforce Development Partnership, the Workforce Investment Act, the Trade Act and financial aid programs that may help some job seekers.



To sign-up for one of these workshops, contact your local One-Stop Career Center.


Plainfield Learning Center

SBA: Local Assistance 
SBA Local Assistance
SBA Local Assistance

SBA has many offices and resource partners that counsel, mentor and train small business owners and entrepreneurs. With many offices located near you and assistance available online, this network can help you start a business, grow and succeed. Watch this short video to learn more.


A Journey and Perspective We Can All Appreciate

Carina Hoang was a refugee who eventually made it to the U.S.  Her achievements, perseverance, survival, learning the English language, graduating high school in just two years, and winning scholarships to college, followed by her journey back to Vietnam is a testament to the strength and beauty of the human spirit.   You can experience her story below by clicking on the video below.

Being a refugee is not a choice: Carina Hoang at TEDxPerth
Being a refugee is not a choice: Carina Hoang at TEDxPerth
Plainfield Road Closure Notice 
Please note the roadway closure schedule for Park Avenue and Watchung Avenue:
  • Park Avenue - March 30 through April 19 - open Park Avenue on April 20
  • Watchung Avenue - April 20 through July 20 (approximately 3 months)
  • There will be more closures after July 20, but that will be updated at a later date

 Autism: Early Detection Can Help

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that causes social, communication and behavioral difficulties that can often be diagnosed by age 2. ASD is diagnosed by observing a child's behavior and development.

Early diagnosis and intervention could make a difference in helping him or her. Learn about the signs and common symptoms of ASD and the developmental milestones to look for to determine a child's progress as they age. Meeting these milestones might include: pointing at things, using simple gestures like clapping and waving "bye-bye," or talking, for example.

If you're concerned that your child is not meeting certain milestones for their age, talk to their pediatrician to discuss some possible next steps.


Free Passport Photos Are Available at Union County Clerk's Offices in Westfield & Elizabeth for New Applicants & Renewals during Passport Week, April 13-18

For a limited time only, the Union County Clerk's offices in Westfield and Elizabeth are offering free passport photographs as a special incentive for residents to apply for a passport or a passport renewal. From Monday, April 13, through Saturday, April 18, the normal $10 cost of a passport photograph will be waived when a resident applies for a new passport or a passport renewal.

"With summer vacations rapidly approaching, now is the time to make sure your passport is up-to-date," said Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi. "My offices are helping travelers save on their vacation expenses by providing free photographs for those who apply for a passport while still providing a full range of passport services with no need for an appointment."

Travelers to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, countries in the Caribbean or anywhere overseas must have a valid passport to enter or depart from the United States. Due to a current backlog of applications at the National Passport Center, it can take six weeks for a regular passport application to be processed and returned to the customer. Even the more expensive expedited delivery option can take three weeks for delivery.

"Now is the time to make sure your passport is valid. Don't wait until the last minute to get your passport," Rajoppi said. "If your passport expires within six months of your planned visit, many countries will not permit you to enter. You will need to renew your passport."

Passport application forms may be obtained at the County Clerk's main office in the Union County Courthouse at 2 Broad Street in Elizabeth or at the County Clerk's office annex in the Colleen Fraser Building at 300 North Avenue East in Westfield. Applications for passports and related information also can be found online athttp://www.ucnj.org/Passports.

"No appointment is necessary. Our Elizabeth office opens at 7:30 a.m. and it has experienced, helpful, English and Spanish-speaking staff ready to assist you in any way we can," Rajoppi said. "Our Westfield office has convenient evening and Saturday hours and also is fully staffed."

The Westfield Annex is the only County Clerk's office in the state that is open during evening hours. The Westfield Annex is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays; from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The phone number at the Westfield Annex is 908-654-9859.

The Elizabeth office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number in Elizabeth is 908-527-4966. Clients are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to closing time to allow for staff assistance with the passport process.

For more information about obtaining a U.S. passport, please call 908-527-4966.


Free Early Developmental Screenings    

April 16, 2015


9am to 5pm


Plainfield Public Library 
13% of children in the United States have a developmental delay and many are not identified by the time they enter kindergarten.

Join the experts from Children's Specialized Hospital for a FREE, quick developmental screening for children ages 1 to 5 years old, valuable resources for parents curious about early childhood development will be available.

For more information, or to schedule a free screening please call 908-301-5498 or visit www.childrens-specialized.org/screening. Registration is encouraged.


Click Here for More Information

Arts and Culture

Plainfield, NJ - Author, Roy Lee "Simon" Jarmon: 

The author will be reciting his poetry from his 2nd book at the Plainfield Library April 18, 2015 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. For more details, contact Yolanda McIntosh (his Publicist) at MizMacMarketing, LLC at (732)510-9078. The Poems in Circle of Life are in dedication to and inspired by his first wife, Vershelle Cato, who lost her long battle with breast cancer in 2005. Having served in the Vietnam War and diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder only a few years before losing his wife, Roy turned to Poetry as his therapeutic medicine. He uses it as a means of pulling himself out of his "foxhole". Roy describes each piece within the book as a collection of steps which gives him small victories while walking on the road of life.

Frontiers International Westry Horne Cultural and Heritage Series Schedule 

The purpose of this series is to educate and provide space for intergenerational dialogues on topics of African American history and culture.


Click Here for Complete Schedule
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