Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Happy New Year! We are so excited to start off this new year with you. IN this newsletter we will be focusing on our Self-Care 469Tip of the Month, Crime Stoppers Month, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, MLK Jr. Day, our Crime Stoppers Featured Story of the Month, and our usual information on training, contact info, print material, and social media links. Thanks for tuning in this month and HAPPY 2021!
To Our School Partners:

We are extremely excited to start this new semester with you! With so much going on these days we hope to continue to be an integral resource to you, your students, and your school each and every day. Please know that the Campus Crime Stoppers and Friends for Life programs are still here for you and your school this Spring semester and throughout the Summer.
Self-Care 469Tip of the Month
Self-Care as a Resolution and Sticking With It!
Every new year many of us make resolutions that are centered around making us a better, healthier, or happier person. However, each year many of those resolutions either do not happen or, at best, are partially accomplished. This month, we want to give you tips on how to fully accomplish your resolutions this year1:

  • Be honest with yourself. Pick a resolution that is actually meaningful and desirable to you, not something that you or others feel like you should do, usually out of guilt or fear.

  • Stick to one thing. The second biggest reason for failure at resolutions is individuals trying to accomplish too many resolutions at once. Pick one thing, master it, and then move on to the next. 

  • Make SMART goals. This means your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based. Click here to learn more about SMART goals.

  • Chart your progress. Being able to check or cross things off is a reward in itself.

  • Celebrate your successes and be compassionate with yourself when you slip. Usually we beat ourselves up more than others do. When you slip, remind yourself it’s okay and that you’ll try again tomorrow. For your successes, no matter how small, acknowledge it and congratulate yourself.

We hope these tips help and that you share them with those you work with and serve! Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County wishes you and those you work with the best on your New Year’s resolutions and/or goals that you set this year!
Crime Stoppers Month
January is Crime Stoppers Month in Texas! The month of January was first designated as Crime Stoppers Month in 2013 by then-Governor Rick Perry through a Governor's proclamation.1 Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County, like many other Crime Stoppers organizations in Texas, is a system that allows for our local community's citizens to provide anonymous reports on crime in exchange for a cash reward if the tip helps lead to an arrest.

Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County is here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. We have multiple programs in place that work to ensure that ALL of our community is heard and able to contribute to maintaining safety in Tarrant County. This includes the Crimes Stoppers, Campus Crime Stoppers, Friends for Life, and Gun & Gang Busters programs. Below is a look into how Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County has helped reduce crime and the fear of crime since our programs inception in 1982 through December 2020:

  • 103,021 Tips Received
  • 14,995 Arrests Made
  • 36,253 Cases Cleared
  • $38,456,955 Total Property & Narcotics Seized
  • 13,319 Rewards Paid
  • $3,231,761 Rewards Paid

ANNUAL CELEBRATION UPDATE: This month we would normally have our annual celebration & awards luncheon. However, like many things this past year we’ve had to cancel the luncheon this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to resume with the celebration in 2022 and we hope to see you there!

Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County takes tips on wanted fugitives and unsolved crimes involving narcotics, homicides, robberies, burglaries, theft, financial crimes, sexual assault, assault, arson, and much more.

Campus Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County takes tips on a variety of offenses, including drugs, assault, terroristic threats/potential school shootings, alcohol/tobacco, sex offenses, arson, theft, cybercrime, weapon possession, vandalism, gang activity, false alarms/bomb threats, and victimization issues. 

Submit anonymous tips by calling 817-469-8477, going to, or using our P3 Tips and CCS FFL mobile apps. 
Human Trafficking Awareness Month
January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. This awareness month was formally established by President Barack Obama in 2010 through a Presidential Proclamation under the title “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month”.1 This month is a time for us as individuals and communities to educate ourselves about Human Trafficking and communicate this message to those around us.2

Human Trafficking is legally defined as “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, (and in the case of sex trafficking, patronizing, soliciting, or advertising) of a person through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation or subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.”3 Another important thing to note: there is no such thing as child prostitution, this is automatically considered human trafficking.3 

Below are some important facts regarding human trafficking, both sex and labor:

  • There are 40.3 million victims worldwide with a minimum of 313,000 in Texas.3

  • Human trafficking is a lucrative industry that generates $150 billion annually.3

  • There are various forms of human trafficking including sexual exploitation, forced labor, domestic servitude, and organ harvesting.4

  • Most of the money generated is made through sex trafficking, however, sex trafficking is the least widespread form of human trafficking.5

  • Those who become victims of the labor trafficking industry are usually low-income individuals who have experienced some major financial setback they cannot overcome.5

  • Traffickers target vulnerable individuals who have no support network making it harder for these victims to find or see a way out of the trade.3

  • Victims often don't even see themselves as victims because of lies and manipulation by their trafficker.3

Please read our featured story below to learn more about Unbound’s The Underground @ One Safe Place, a 24/7 drop-in center for trafficked and exploited youth.

Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County is equipped to take tips on all forms of suspected human trafficking and human traffickers. To leave an anonymous tip, call 817-469-8477, go to, or use the “P3 Tips” or “CCS FFL”mobile apps.
Ways to Promote HTAM:

  • Wear blue in recognition of Human Trafficking Awareness during the month of January.

  • Educate yourself on the complexities of Human Trafficking.

  • Share resources, information, and knowledge about Human Trafficking with those in your community.

  • Share the graphic above on your social media.

  • 1100 Hemphill St., Fort Worth, TX 76104
  • 817-885-7735 (24/7 Line)

  • 2460 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76103
  • Call: 682-233-4283
  • Email:

  • Call: 1-888-373-7888
  • Text: 233733
  • Email:
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Monday, January 18th is MLK, Jr. Day! We want to take this time to recognize the great work MLK, Jr. was able to accomplish in his lifetime and the work that has continued to be done in honor of his legacy. While we still have much to do to ensure social justice and equity, there are so many admirable people and organizations who have taken up the mantle to continue pushing our society in a just direction.
Crime Stoppers
Featured Story of the Month
Unbound’s Underground @ One Safe Place

After months of planning and hard work, in the Fall of 2020, Unbound opened the Underground, Tarrant County’s first drop-in center for trafficked and exploited youth housed at One Safe Place. The collaboration and support of One Safe Place (OSP) played a critical role in making the Underground a reality. 

This drop-in center is a 24/7/365 facility for youth 22 years of age and under who have an immediate need for a safe place. The Underground also provides support to their clients in accessing housing, advocacy services and other resources. 

The Underground provides a place for these youth to rest, shower, do laundry, relax, and receive counseling and case management services from staff trained in trauma informed care. By providing an open door to these young people, the Underground has been able to generate a reputation on the street as a place that gives youth an entry point to needed services. Overall, Unbound’s Underground drop in center at OSP has established an innovative way to identify victims and intervene to help spare the youth from further victimization and trauma. If you would like to learn more about Unbound’s Underground Drop-in @ One Safe Place, please visit their website by clicking here.

Underground Contact Info
  • 24/7 Phone: 817-885-7735
  • Email:
Training Requests, Contact Info,
and Print Materials
While this school year looks different, the service provided by Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County to help you and your students, parents, and staff through the Campus Crime Stoppers and Friends for Life program remains the same. 

  • Print materials are available upon request and delivered to locations that are open for visitors.

  • Digital resources for this school year may be downloaded from our website here.
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