Texas Summer is in Full Effect!
We hope your summer is going well and you’re staying cool. This month’s newsletter is short and sweet. We have the return of our Self Care 469Tip of the Month, the full agenda for the Stop Violence Conference, and information on the FWPD Narcotics Tiplines merger with Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County. We’ll see you in August!
Self-Care 469Tip of the Month
Sunlight as Self-Care

Many times we think of the sun exposure as a bad thing, yet it’s important to remember that the sun is vital to our survival and well-being. Plus, here in Texas it’s HOT! However, this month’s tip is focused on sunlight exposure in a way that is both helpful to your self-care but also mindful of potential harms. Below are some of the most important reasons to be in the sun more often1:

  • Increased Vitamin D - It’s tough to get enough Vitamin D just from dietary sources, luckily 5-15 mins of sun exposure can help make up the difference. 
  • Improved Mood - Research has continued to suggest that sunlight exposure helps promote a positive mood because of increased serotonin production. 
  • Higher Quality Sleep - Sunlight exposure can help stabilize our sleep rhythms with the increase of serotonin and its partner melatonin, the chemical that helps promote healthy sleep patterns.
  • Stronger Bones - Remember that increase in Vitamin D? Well here’s why it matters! More Vitamin D = Stronger Bones.
  • Lower Blood Pressure - When sunlight hits the skin, nitric oxide is released which helps lower blood pressure and helps to reduce adverse cardiovascular events.

Obviously, the sun and the corresponding heat can also be harmful if you’re exposed too much and/or you don’t take the right precautions. As always, wear sunscreen when appropriate, reduce your time to direct sunlight from 10am-4pm, and always stay hydrated! Visit the American Cancer Society’s article about safe sun exposure by clicking here.
Stop Violence Conference
This year we are excited to virtually host the 2021 Stop Violence Conference! This conference is a unique opportunity to learn about current trends on violent crimes, interpersonal victimization, juvenile issues, and innovative approaches to address these issues.

Innovative topics covered will be progressive and applicable to those working in re-entry, social service providers, law enforcement, corrections, educators, counselors, government agencies, faith-based and community organizations, and health professions.

A maximum of 12 hours can be provided for TCOLE and 9.75 hours can be provided to all licensed mental health professionals (e.g., LMFT, LPC, Social Work, etc).

Conference Agenda

The conference will take place virtually over 3 days!

Monday, July 26th (9am-1pm): Violent Crime

  • Gangs and Pimping: It's All About the Money

  • Current Drug Trends

  • The Landscape of Hate 2021: Understanding White Supremacy and Domestic Extremism

Tuesday, July 27th (9am-1pm): Interpersonal Violence & Victimization

  • Clinical Presentations in Pediatrics: Indicators of Child Abuse and Neglect

  • The Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence and the LGBTQ Community

  • Understanding Hate Against Asian Americans

Wednesday, July 28th (9am-1pm): Juvenile Issues & Re-Entry

  • Youth Suicide Trends: A Community Effort

  • School/PD Partnership in Response to Unjustified Violence

  • Coming Home: Reintegration After Incarceration

Attend ALL 3 DAYS for only $85!

Click HERE for the fully detailed agenda
Registration is OPEN NOW!

For more info:

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Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County's
Featured Story of the Month
Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County and Fort Worth PD Narcotics Tiplines Merger

Starting in early 2021, the Fort Worth Police Department began transitioning the internal Narcotics Tip Line and Database over to Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County. Previously, there were two ways for narcotics tips within the City of Fort Worth to be taken and assigned: Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County would take tips and the city also utilized a narcotics tip line. Both of these sources were then fed into a single narcotics database maintained by the Narcotics Unit with entries into said database occurring by one specific person, who worked neither the Narcotics nor the Crime Stoppers Units. Additionally, the Narcotics Unit was tasked with keeping up with information in two different databases, updating them both to ensure tip closure and the accuracy of future searches for information.

After reviewing previous years’ call numbers between the two lines, it was discovered that very few calls actually came into the city tip line. Most of the tips in the Narcotics Database were Crime Stoppers tips from the P3 system. It was proposed that the Narcotics line be routed toward the Crime Stoppers system and entry and assignment control be placed under the duties of the Crime Stoppers unit with input into assignment policy from the Narcotics Unit. The goal of this merger was the simplification of multiple positions, simplification of the systems used to this end, relief of extra duties placed on multiple persons working within the department, and a reduction in un-actionable tips for the Narcotics unit with less repeated work.

In February of 2021, Fort Worth Crime Stoppers personnel met with Narcotics Unit personnel and hammered out an assignment schedule and plan. The Narcotics teams were given team email addresses through the City of Fort Worth and those emails were added to the P3 system. New incoming tips, after being vetted by Crime Stoppers personnel, are now forwarded to the 3 Narcotics teams on a rotational basis. Those teams respond and update tips in the P3 system ensuring that all involved parties are kept up to date on the status of the tips.

Over the last 5 months, this new system of assignment has seen more tips and information reaching the appropriate officers in time to be actionable, more dispositions being set more regularly, and has lessened extra duties on others outside the Narcotics and Crime Stoppers units. We continue to work out kinks as they come up and we have built a closer relationship between the units.
Training, Contact Info,
and Print & Media Material
Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County is committed to providing you with appropriate resources, training, and information. Please feel free to contact our team with any questions, requests, or concerns. Below are a few things that your school, department, or organization can do to begin utilizing our various resources.

  • If you would like program training for staff, please contact Rachel at rgilbert@onesafeplace.org.

  • If you have new contact information for the 2021-2022 school year, please complete the Campus Crime Stoppers or Friends for Life Contact Information Forms by clicking HERE.

  • Print materials are available upon request and can be picked up at One Safe Place or delivered to your location by appointment.
  • Digital resources may be downloaded from our website HERE.
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