Early indications suggest that overall crime statistics have dipped somewhat during the time that Covid-19 has spread into the Memphis area, bringing to this community as everywhere inexact levels of social-distancing and orders that non-essential businesses close.

Some people follow the rules, wear masks and gloves, and venture out only to buy food and medicine. Others carry on as if the virus doesn’t exist.

But a dip in reported crime statistics gives little comfort to the many victims of felony crimes who yet require justice and help.

A seven-year-old boy is killed in north Memphis in an apparent drive-by shooting. Three men in a pickup truck near the University of Memphis encounter a white sedan. The occupants inside the car begin shooting. Two men in the truck are killed and the third is badly wounded. 

A gang of thieves lay siege to an auto dealership, driving several new cars off the lot. A liquor store owner finds his store has been broken into. Wares are stolen; the shop is left a mess by the burglars.

That’s just to name four recent crimes. The crooks mostly aren’t taking a holiday, you see.

This reality, plus the coronavirus, helps explain why police officers able to work are putting in long and weary hours. Why the Real Time Crime Center is as always busy monitoring the city. Why the work of CrimeStoppers never stops.

We continue to need our partnership with citizens — those who report what they know and those whose support through donations keeps our work going.

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