A clerk’s calm presence of mind and a surveillance camera helped dissuade and then capture a bank robber in November.

The woman walked into the Paragon Bank on Mendenhall Road November 7, 2019. At a window she announced that this was a robbery.

“Give me $1 million,” she demanded. Then she added, with flare, that there was a bomb in the building.

“Just a minute, ma’am. I’ll have to get my manager,” the clerk responded, walking away.

The would-be bank robber, chagrinned, quickly left the building. But the video footage, once released, brought a CrimeStoppers tip identifying her as.Tiffany Stewart . She was arrested for criminal attempted robbery.

To make matters worse, as Stewart was being booked into the jail, guards found she was allegedly attempting to sneak in some heroin. A second charge of moving contraband into a penal facility was added to the woman’s legal woes.

The case was one of 25 brought before the CrimeStoppers Awards Committee for awards determination. All 25 tipsters received payments ranging from $150 to $500 for the month of November.